A Preview Into The Events Leading To The Lovaganza Global Celebrations

Many people are looking forward to the Lovaganza celebrations that should rock the airwaves in 2020. The event is an attempt by the company to share love and show to the world the rich cultures available in different communities and what each means. Before the celebrations, there will be other events that will work as eye openers for people to understand what to expect. Lovaganza has announced the official dates and it is expected the whole world will take part in the celebrations.

If you have been wondering why of all dates they chose 2020, the company explains that they want to offer an experience that no other company has ever offered and so there is need to prepare adequately before 2020. There are many assumptions but a clear message and preview will be shared to show what the celebrations will look like. Modern technological appliances will be used to boost the quality of the event and create a lasting impression.

Lovaganza is an event that is unique and designed to cover different topics that interest humans. Although entertainment will be a key aspect about the event, the main purpose will be to share about the cultures available in the world and show how blessed we are. It will unify different communities and individuals of all walks of life will get a chance to feel the joy.

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Awareness creation
Before the main event, there will be shows to help create awareness about the celebrations. It cannot be assumed that the whole world already knows about the celebrations because a big number of people have not received the details yet. However, through the Traveling Show that will kick off in 2017, many people will get to learn about the Lovaganza celebrations.

The Traveling Show will tour several places and should highlight the cultures of the world and offer a preview to what people will enjoy in 2020. To make it a success, trilogies have been prepared for the purpose and Lovaganza has adopted the latest technological features that will be applied while showcasing the event to the world.

The Foundation
Apart from pushing for togetherness through the entertainment franchise, Lovaganza is also working with the Lovaganza Foundation, which is established to offer services meant to help small children access basic amenities and the rights that can promote their growth and development. The foundation will be established in 2018 and is set to fight to ensure all children in the world receive the needed items for their lives.

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Nathaniel Ru Does Something Amazing for Healthy Eaters

For some people the names Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel Ru do not mean much. For venture capitalists that are interested in the next big thing in the restaurant world, these names are very significant. This is the team that has presented America with Sweetgreen. This may also be the team that takes things even further than America with more than $98 million in venture capitalist money. This is a sweet deal for a sweet expansion that is based on a daring concept that these Georgetown students cooked up.


These restaurants are currently in 10 metropolitan areas, but that is just the beginning of the awesome expansion that is about to take place. People are visiting cities like New York and Los Angeles. They are finding out about Sweetgreen and they are coming back home to tell family and friends about it. This buzz has started to make people curious about this natural of food that is on the market. People have started to praise this company and demand more of these restaurant chains. That is what Nathaniel Ru has to the power to do. He knows how to make people crave something that most people have avoided all of their lives. Nathaniel has made people consider the benefits of healthy food. The ability to keep customers coming back for more is something that Nathaniel has mastered. He knows that this casual restaurant atmosphere is catching the eye of young adults. He knows that the warm bowls are favored by parents that want their children to try healthy foods. Nathaniel has it all figured out, and people want to know what his next move will be.


Right now it is obvious that someone like Nathaniel Ru is planning something big, but he doesn’t do it alone. He lives with partners Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. They put a lot of time into brainstorming at home together. This has made it evident that these co-founders are willing to go the extra mile to take their company to the next level. This is dedication. This is innovation. It is evidence that the growth of Sweetgreen is not an accident. This is a destiny that is fulfilled by innovative buddies that have decided that America needs an alternative. It is a shift in consciousness for the consumers that did not believe that healthy eating could also be satisfying and reasonably priced.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and His Contributions to the Brazilian Legal System

Brazil is a home to many lawyers thanks to the numerous law schools present in the country. As of 2010, the country had 621,885 lawyers. Out of this total, São Paulo had the largest number of lawyers – 222,807 lawyers, followed by Rio de Janeiro – 112,515 lawyers, then Minas Gerais – 63,978 lawyers. In 2007, the country had 1,024 courses of law with 197,664 law students.

Bar examination

The OAB examination takes place nationally in March, August, and December. The bar exam is unified and organized by the OAB. After five years in a law school, students take the Bar examination consisting of 2 sections: the 80 multiple choice test and the written test. For the student to be approved for the next section, they must answer at least 40 questions correctly.

After passing the first part of the exam, the student can choose to specialize in civil law, administrative law, criminal law, constitutional law, corporate law, labor law, or tax law. The Bachelors are required to answer five essay questions as well as a drafting project, scoring not less than 60%. The bar exam is quite complex and requires adequate preparation from the students.

The Order of Attorneys of Brazil(OAB) has some public powers even though it is not a governmental entity. Perhaps one of its notable powers is its ability to take disciplinary action on errant lawyers in the country.

Ricardo Tosto

Mr. Ricardo Tosto (born 11th of March of 1963) is a renowned lawyer in Brazil. He is a co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. For more than 22 years, Mr. Ricardo has dedicated his life to the practice of business law. His main areas of practice are credit recovery, international law, corporate restructuring, M&A, electoral law, banking, commercial and civil litigation.
Mr. Tosto is an alumnus of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and has an extension course in Business Administration (BA) from FAAP. Tosto is a member of the Brazilian Bar Association, International Bar Association, and the Law Firms and Partnerships Research Centre. Ricardo is also an established author and has written several reviews and articles for specialized magazines. He co-authored the O Processo de Tiradentes.

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