Troy McQuagge Enhances Excellence and Professionalism of USHealth Group for Business Award

Each year the distinguished One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards gives out to one the CEO of the year award. This award is given to individuals in competition with one another across the globe for the work and recent achievements within the company within the past year. Whether the company is a brand new startup or operates to generate income or freely gives services, any company is up for the running. So for 2016 CEO of the year went to CEO of USHealth Group, Troy McQuagge.

Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group in the year 2010. With over 30 years of a myriad of sales positions, Troy began his career journey as a health insurance salesman. He began working with Allstate in 1983 and later UICI Health Market both as a salesman. He obtained his education from the University of Central Florida and now lives with his family in Texas.

Troy McQuagge took two strategies to enhance the profitability and efficiency of healthcare insurance solutions for USHealth Group. Troy McQuagge aligned USHealth Group to focus more on the benefits of those under the age of 65. This demographic is widely unreached due to those younger in age believe they have a less likely chance of dying. USHealth Group was able to market and obtain clients that would normally not be as interested in insurance. The second strategy Troy used was focusing on the enlargement of USHealth Groups captive risk distribution agency. The captive distribution agency looks at how the premiums coming in from consumers would inevitably pay the loss of the few that need their insurance when necessary. With a larger focus on the captive distribution, Troy took the companies ability to service and provide options for consumers to another level.

While the ideas came from Troy, he quickly attributed much the success of USHealth Group to the team as a whole. He attests to their persistence to innovate and commitment to solving problems helping provide quality solutions to consumer coverage needs. As healthcare needs grow in complexity, businesses must grow at an even faster rate to make a change. Visit:

Oncotarget Penetrates High Profile Indexes and Archives

New research findings are released every other day with aim of creating a positive impact in the society. However, for this knowledge to be useful to the humanity, it is necessary to ensure the information is well disseminated. This is an area that Oncotarget has managed to capitalize on. This is basically a journal that focuses on releasing two issues per week in publications. These issues are well researched and also reviewed by peers in the respective fields. This has therefore made Oncotarget a great knowledge base where people can tap from.

The journal is majorly focused on publications of scientific bio-medical research papers. They are very rich in editorial practices which people in the field find very useful. In addition, it also outlines the ethical guidelines that ought to be followed to ensure seamless and uniform operations. Oncotarget has majorly featured articles on oncology inclusive of cardiology, cell biology, and neuroscience, among others.

In a bid to expand its scope, it is now accepting a wide range of articles outside this study. It has proved to be very useful especially to persons working on cancer researches. This is because its contribution is quite rich making it more of a team effort. It is thus very crucial to ensure Oncotarget gets massive support from investigators in this field to keep this great work alive. Follow Oncotarget on Linkedin.

The bio- medical journal has been in operation since 2010. To date, it has released 7 volumes with a total of 324 articles. At the moment, the journal has opened the 8th volume which is anticipated to be quite informatory. Oncotarget makes these articles available for access in various key indexes and archives. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at

For instance, you can access the research from PubMed and also Pub Med Central. The most amazing thing is that for the first time, Oncotarget is now able to release these articles for access at PubMed in just a couple of days from the time it’s published online. This has also been made possible by the liaison of National Library Medicine.

The journal is living to its mission to see to it that the bio-medical research is well disseminated to all stakeholders. This is also geared towards fighting the challenges being experienced in the modern world through research work.

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What Makes USHEALTH Advisors Better than Other Health Insurance Providers

There is nothing that is more stressful than having to deal with an illness, and realizing that you do not have adequate health cover for the same. It is a situation that many Americans find themselves in, primarily when they rely too much on the employer for health insurance, or when they choose an insurance company without learning about the quality and reliability of their services. The USHEALTH Advisors have been in business for the past two decades, and during this time, they have managed to carve out a name for themselves as the best health insurance providers in Texas and beyond. Visit to know more about UShealth Advisor

One of the greatest things about the services offered by this company is the competence of the top leadership. The team that heads the group has over 50 years of combined experience in Health insurance. They, therefore, have been in the industry long enough to understand the unique needs of each one of their different client’s needs, the common challenges in the business and how these challenges can be dealt with. As a result, therefore, they have created products which address each one of these needs accurately, and this ultimately ensures that their clients are getting top-notch health coverage regardless of their needs.’

The other great thing about USHEALTH Advisors is that they have been in long enough to figure out the services which set apart great insurers from the rest. They base their services on the motto of HOPE; this stands for helping other people every day. It means that their primary concern is to make life easy for all their clientele. Their services include accident insurance, cover for illnesses, critical illnesses cover and compensation for workplace disabilities. They have premiums which work well with both white collar and blue collar employees. The company has set up a website in a move which is supposed to bring their services closer to their customers. It is now possible to register on the website and get guidance on the services which are available. The USHEALTH Group has for a long time been dedicated to the delivery of superior quality health insurance to Americans, and they will be making their services better each day.

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Why Everyone Should Choose Sussex Health

When the elderly people in the society are getting older and weaker, they mostly need special care so that they can live a better and longer life. With the busy schedules, people have nowadays meant that they do not have adequate time to take care of their parents and other relatives who are already sick and weak. There are companies that have emerged in the modern society, and they are focusing on offering the elderly a new hope in life. These institutions have become extremely popular in the modern times, and they are slowly changing the lives of the persons who depend on them. One of these institutions is called Sussex Healthcare.

Many people know Sussex Health as an independent and modern company that is found in Sussex. At the moment, the modern facility has at least twenty homes, and they were all founded so that they can offer the clients personalized treatment and care. The company has clients from all over the globe, and it is believed to be among the best care providers in the entire world. Most of the people visiting the facility are the elderly and those who suffer from diseases such as dementia and other mental disabilities. Without specialized care, these individuals are not able to live good lives, and this is why the private company has been doing its best to ensure that the customer gets only the best. Thanks to the quality of services in the healthcare company, the institution has earned the trust of the society, and many people have been referred there in the recent times.

Most of the elderly people who find their way in special homes need some care that can only be offered by trained professionals. Sussex Health understands this concept too well, and this is why they have chosen to offer their clients only the best. The professionals in the institution have gone to the best schools in the entire globe, and they have all the expertise required to support the needy customers. These professionals work day and night with the main aim of ensuring that the clients do not miss anything they need.

The management of the successful institution has also been paramount to the great success the company has been enjoying in the recent times. The people elected in these positions have already been in the management and leadership positions in the past, and they have been making sure that the company has all the facilities and equipment needed so that the elderly can live the best life.

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A Light on Aesthetics Medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna was born in New Orleans. He went to school and progressed on to Tulane University where he studied medicine. Graduating from this university with a degree sent him seeking for more field experience, which he acquired while he worked with his father. He began a firm that was aimed at obtaining development in the real estate industry. This business, he called McKenna Venture Investments. It became just the beginning of his growth in entrepreneurial desires as he started several other companies in the later years that blossomed.

Mark McKenna then acquired a medical license, with his specialized field and area of practice being surgery and medicine. He worked well with the people of New Orleans. Dr. McKenna was seen as a person who ensured that patients received the treatment they deserved. Mark was also one to always support the community through his services, expertise, and medical skills. However, in 2007 Mark decided that it was time for him to move, and he shifted to Atlanta.

He is the author of the idea that sprouted and blossomed into a great practice, ShapeMed. He started the medical aesthetic practice in Atlanta. Later, Dr. McKenna decided to sell ShapeMed to a fitness company that goes by the name Life Time Fitness Inc. With this arrangement in place, Dr. McKenna was made the director of the very firm, Life Time Fitness Inc.

OVME is the great medical company that Dr. Mark started in 2017. He has been noted as a successful entrepreneur who is a doctor at the same time. He uses business in a way to help people through medical practices. The doctor has been invited to shows and talks about how he got to where he is, and how he helps people through his medical practices and companies.

ShapeMed has been awarded the Black Diamond certification, which is usually presented to firms that top when it comes to medical aesthetics. Furthermore, the Black Diamond certification is given to companies and individuals that show a high level of medical care to patients, and also show consistency when it comes to great innovations and medical practices.


Going into Health Insurance with the Right Foot

In a world where there are countless providers of health insurance to pick from, even in the United States and in small neighborhoods of small cities, you can get harassed by the amount of options you have and how many of them come with benefits and extreme drawbacks to your plan for the future.

In Fort Worth, Texas, U.S., The USHEALTH Group Inc, one of the biggest and most reliable health insurance companies in Texas, founded in 1982, is gathering more and more followers. It is one of the most searched-for insurance providers in the vicinity.

But… Why?

“We are the USHEALTH Group: Protect Your Family… Now, and Later.” The introductory phrase of the group is already one of the most appealing ones among insurance providers in the market… If what the sentence is stating is completely correct.

By looking at the overwhelmingly positive feedback that the USHEALTH Group has acquired during their years in the industry, it is evident that the staff of the company is providing something that the rest of the insurance companies are not.

Would it be the pricing?

No, that is not the most significant differential of the USHEALTH Group. It lies in their personal mission and business philosophy instead.

The USHEALTH Group Insurance was built with the intention of providing health insurance plans for all types of pockets, necessities and all sorts of people in general. Be it an entire family making an insurance plan with cost reduction or singular individuals that want to make an occasional check-in with the USHEALTH staff; there is something for everyone in the insurance plans provided.

The biggest focus of the staff of the USHEALTH Group is the user experience, where everyone has to be attended with the best professionals in the local market, and be offered quality treatments and therapies, as well as quick attendance. In core, the creators of the insurance group known as USHEALTH Group, which have also created the USHEALTH GROUP Family Insurance package and the USHEALTH Group PRO, are true innovators, and it can be confirmed by the overwhelmingly high number of new clients every consecutive month.

The company can be reached through the internet. You can check their LinkedIn page on the web for additional information on the history of the company and how it was founded, as well as check their CrunchBase profile, where they have highlighted some of their most significant achievements in the past and how the company has changed overtime to challenge themselves and provide for a wider audience.

Although the company was effectively registered and founded in 1982, the entrepreneurs who created the USHEALTH Group and turned their work into a business had been working in the field for more than fifteen years. Know more: