Jeunesse proves that age doesn’t have to slow you down

Generation Young is the moniker health and beauty giant Jeunesse has used to describe its distributors and customers. Far more than merely a health and beauty company, Jeunesse is a firm that is on a mission to transform the lives of an entire generation, staving off the adverse effects of aging for longer than has ever before been dreamed possible.

Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, both long-time industry veterans within the health and beauty space. It was the couple’s third attempt at retirement. But as in previous tries and pursuing the traditional life of leisure and sedentary pleasure that awaits the typical retiree, both Ray and Lewis quickly became restless.

To pass the time, they founded a small startup in their garage. Called Jeunesse, the company was started as a way to bring all of the wonderful advancements in health and beauty to those across the globe that may not have otherwise had access to these cutting-edge products. In their usual fashion, the couple had quickly grown the business into a success. By the end of its first year in operation, Jeunesse counted more than 1,000 distributors within its ranks and was selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in product. Read the article at

Today, Jeunesse is creating some of the most innovative and effective healthcare and beauty products on the market. Due to both Ray and Lewis’ longstanding relationships with some of the best research and development engineers in the business, they have been able to create a number of unique and totally proprietary cremes, lotions and supplements.

One example of the company’s product lineup is the M1nd brain-enhancing drink. M1nd is specially formulated to allow for an increased attention span and superior mental functioning, especially in the areas of memory and computation. M1nd has been clinically proven to increase the ability of users to concentrate, making it a 100-percent natural alternative to some of the controversial drugs used for the same end. Follow Jeunesse Global on Twitter.

Jeunesse has also developed a line of youth-enhancing cremes. Products such as NV are able to restore youthful glow and reduce wrinkles in users faces with just a single application.


USHEALTH Advisors insurance and salaries

If you need a family friend, then you are at the right place. At USHEALTH Group, you will find all types of services you need so that your health is covered. This is where you will get a full portfolio that is designed in a way that will help you in solving your problems. USHEALTH Group has more than 50 years of working experience in helping people with the health insurance. It is also an innovator company that gives flexible, and affordable insurance plans for your family members.

USHEALTH Advisors insurance covers many conditions. Some of the covers given by USHEALTH Advisors insurance include accident, some specific sickness, life and dental caps and much more. With a mission of Hope, USHEALTH Advisors has the best staff that ready to manage to give that to the community. In all their work, they are prepared to give positive results to better the lives of the people involved.

If you want to join the USHEALTH group, you will have fat Salaries waiting for you. The salaries are divided into three categories, Popular Jobs, Sales and Other Popular Jobs. Each type has several jobs under it. Some of the posts under popular jobs include, the first position is an Insurance Agent this has 81 salaries reported, and it pays $97,393 per year. The second one is the Sales Representative with about 92 wages reported and those working under it earn $95,095 per year. Read articles at to know more USHealth Advisors.

If you happen to like Sales Executive, at USHEALTH Group there are 52 salaries reported, and at the end of the year, $98,223 is given out. USHEALTH Group also has another post called Outside Sales Representative in which 14 salaries reported in this post, $100,000 are given out per year. The last position in this category id the Licensed Agent. In this category, 18 salaries have been reported. Each year, $70,341 always goes out.

As mentioned, USHEALTH Advisors also have a sales department which hires many people. Under this category, you will get posts like Sales Representative which pays $95,095 per year. A Sales Executive of this company earns $98,223 in just one per year. This shows that the company gives best salaries to their employee thus best services.

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Dr. David Samadi Is Using Technology and Positivity To Make The World A Better Place

Dr. David Samadi is a special physician who has taken care of and operated on patients all over the world. His advanced surgical methods focus on the use of robotics, which help him to treat prostate cancer while reducing side effects that could be harmful to patients. As a boy, he longed to become a doctor so he could make people’s lives easier, and it was the advancement of technology in his area of expertise that eventually got him excited enough to make it his life’s work.

Dr. David Samadi began his career by using many of the same methods that other doctors were using to treat prostate cancer. When he found out that French urologists were using laparoscopic technologies to get the operations done more efficiently, he went to France learn more. This ended up changing his life, because he was beginning to feel burned out by the inefficiency and slow processes that occur at regular hospitals. Since then he has learned how to prevent burnout and that is by relaxing while playing tennis or the board game, backgammon.

Dr. David Samadi has always believed in the power of positivity, and he does his best to make others feel good about themselves. He also treats his staff like family members and prefers tp focus on the good in people rather than the negative. It is this attitude that has won over the hearts of so many people who have come into contact with Dr. Samadi.

Dr. David Samadi was born in Iran and grew up in a Persian Jewish community there. He left the country in 1979 and went to London where he studied until making his way to the United States. In New York, he studied at Stony Brook University after receiving a scholarship, and he worked hard there until he earned a biochemistry degree. While continuing his studies at Stony Brook School of Medicine, he received an M.D. He then attended Montefiore Medical Center where he finished up his postgraduate work in urology and also studied at Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he focused on proctology.

Dr. David Samadi is known as a celebrity doctor, and this is due to, both, his popularity and the fact that he has made many appearances on television. During 2011 until 2016, he hosted the Sunday Housecall, which is a television program on Fox News Channel. There he enlightened millions of viewers on different medical topics. To this day, Dr. Samadi hopes to change the lives of others for the better through his practice.

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Freedom Life insurance tips

Settling on an appropriate type of life insurance coverage may be challenging. However, this decision is crucial. The guidelines below can be instrumental in helping you understand the life insurance options offered by Freedom Life Insurance.

Term life insurance

If you are looking for a life insurance that covers a particular period, then term life insurance should be your preferred choice. The insurance allows you to match the length of the need to the duration of the term policy. For instance, term life insurance may be ideal if you require a large amount of life insurance yet your budget is limited. This form of insurance compensates when one dies during the policy period. However, if you are still alive after the expiry of the term, you will have to renew the policy or purchase a new one.

If you foresee a change in your financial needs, you may consider ‘convertible’ term plans from Freedom Life Insurance. Under these policies, you are allowed to switch to permanent insurance in exchange for higher premiums. This is possible even without a medical examination. Notably, premiums increase upon renewal as you age. To qualify for low rates, some policies will require you to undergo a medical examination.

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Permanent life insurance

Life insurance is necessary for as long as you are alive. Whether you die the next day or after 100 years, permanent life policy will still pay a death benefit. This form of insurance is also ideal for policyholders who seek to accumulate an element of savings that grows on a tax-deferred basis. It can also be a source of borrowed funds to serve different purposes. The savings element in permanent insurance can be used in paying premiums if you are unable to do so. This form of borrowing can be an ideal choice for those with bad credit scores.

Note that premiums for term insurance are relatively lower than for permanent policies. Permanent policy premiums, however, remain constant regardless of your age and the term can increase substantially upon periodic renewals. Freedom Life Insurance offers different permanent insurance policies including universal life, variable life, whole (ordinary) life and variable life.

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The Historic Career of Lori Senecal

Some professionals have spectacular careers. Lori Senecal is no different. Her career is filled with accommodations, recognitions, awards, and promotions. Some of her greatest achievements happened at CP+B, where she currently serves as Global CEO. When she joined CP+B, they created that position just for her.

Though most people don’t know her name, she’s the greatest worker anyone in the advertising industry could want. She specializes in growing companies on a more global scale. She turned CP+B into an international ad agency with some of the biggest clients. She’s the most valuable team member Chuck Porter, founder and Chairman of CP+B, ever hired.

According to GC Report, Lori Senecal is the greatest partner Porter’s worked with. She changed the company in all the right places while maintaining its family like atmosphere. All of her colleagues love working with her, and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye.

Since she joined the company, she’s landed numerous accounts for CP+B. She even stole American Airlines away from TM Advertising. TM and American Airlines worked together for more than two decades. Yet, Lori Senecal impressed American Airlines enough to snag them for CP+B. She managed to bring a lot of new clients in her first year. Check out to know more.

Senecal plans on leaving more behind than just a huge client list. She’s worked at CP+B for a few years, and she’s planning on retiring at the end of this year. The announcement came as a shock, but she’s working with Porter to ensure a smooth transition.

Their primary focus is developing the next leadership team. To pick the right team leaders, they’re going over every candidate carefully. It’s about more than just filling Lori Senecal’s shoes. It’s about getting the right people who will continue to move the company forward without undoing all the great things that Senecal created.

One name that continues to pop up is Danielle Aldrich. She’s an amazing person who’s earned the respect of Senecal and Porter. She helped Senecal with many of her high-profile accounts.

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George Soros is a Hero

George Soros is known as one of the wealthiest men in the world. However, he is also known as one of the greatest contributors to charity in the world, and indeed in history. Take a look at his recent donation to the Open Society Foundations if you want a taste of his great philanthropy. He has just moved eighteen billion dollars of his own money to the Open Society Foundations. That is not a typo. He did not move eighteen million dollars to charity, but he moved eighteen billion dollars to charity.

Even before this massive donation, George has been donating hundreds of millions of dollars each year to charity. He does not only donate to the Open Society Foundations, though he does plan on leaving most of his estate for them.

George Soros is the one who started the Open Society Foundations after becoming successful on Wall Street. The man who was born in Hungary and fled the communists became a wealthy Wall Street investor and one of the world’s leading philanthropists.

George Soros has done so much good in the world. The problem lies with those people who are demonizing the giving of charity. These people should be ashamed of themselves. According to The Atlantic, right wing conspiracy theorists have been blaming George for a lot of things. They are saying that he is the one behind Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They are saying that he orchestrated the white nationalist rally in North Carolina as a false flag event. They say that he is the one behind the NFL protests and the Women’s March. They say he paid women to falsely accuse Roy Moore. The problem lies with conspiracy theories who make up stories about his philanthropy, because they want to demonize it for no reason. Their only reason is that they do not like the causes that he donates to, because they do not fit their political agendas.

George Soros has donated a lot of money to progressive causes and to pro democracy forces around the world. He is the leading philanthropist to do so. Right wing conspiracy theorists can not stomach this, because they know that freedom will reign supreme with George’s help. For example, the extremist right wing website Breitbart said that the Open Society Foundations is the death star. Extremists became even more frustrated after George Soros donated the eighteen billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations. They know that the Open Society Foundations will now be the second largest charitable organization in the world. This is something they do not want. They oppose the good causes that George Soros wants to donate money to. This is a problem with our society. We can not start demonizing people who donate money to charity just because we do not like their political agenda. That is wrong. George Soros is a hero who is to be admired for not buckling to the pressure put on him.

Troy McQuagge Enhances Excellence and Professionalism of USHealth Group for Business Award

Each year the distinguished One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards gives out to one the CEO of the year award. This award is given to individuals in competition with one another across the globe for the work and recent achievements within the company within the past year. Whether the company is a brand new startup or operates to generate income or freely gives services, any company is up for the running. So for 2016 CEO of the year went to CEO of USHealth Group, Troy McQuagge.

Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group in the year 2010. With over 30 years of a myriad of sales positions, Troy began his career journey as a health insurance salesman. He began working with Allstate in 1983 and later UICI Health Market both as a salesman. He obtained his education from the University of Central Florida and now lives with his family in Texas.

Troy McQuagge took two strategies to enhance the profitability and efficiency of healthcare insurance solutions for USHealth Group. Troy McQuagge aligned USHealth Group to focus more on the benefits of those under the age of 65. This demographic is widely unreached due to those younger in age believe they have a less likely chance of dying. USHealth Group was able to market and obtain clients that would normally not be as interested in insurance. The second strategy Troy used was focusing on the enlargement of USHealth Groups captive risk distribution agency. The captive distribution agency looks at how the premiums coming in from consumers would inevitably pay the loss of the few that need their insurance when necessary. With a larger focus on the captive distribution, Troy took the companies ability to service and provide options for consumers to another level.

While the ideas came from Troy, he quickly attributed much the success of USHealth Group to the team as a whole. He attests to their persistence to innovate and commitment to solving problems helping provide quality solutions to consumer coverage needs. As healthcare needs grow in complexity, businesses must grow at an even faster rate to make a change. Visit:

What Makes USHEALTH Advisors Better than Other Health Insurance Providers

There is nothing that is more stressful than having to deal with an illness, and realizing that you do not have adequate health cover for the same. It is a situation that many Americans find themselves in, primarily when they rely too much on the employer for health insurance, or when they choose an insurance company without learning about the quality and reliability of their services. The USHEALTH Advisors have been in business for the past two decades, and during this time, they have managed to carve out a name for themselves as the best health insurance providers in Texas and beyond. Visit to know more about UShealth Advisor

One of the greatest things about the services offered by this company is the competence of the top leadership. The team that heads the group has over 50 years of combined experience in Health insurance. They, therefore, have been in the industry long enough to understand the unique needs of each one of their different client’s needs, the common challenges in the business and how these challenges can be dealt with. As a result, therefore, they have created products which address each one of these needs accurately, and this ultimately ensures that their clients are getting top-notch health coverage regardless of their needs.’

The other great thing about USHEALTH Advisors is that they have been in long enough to figure out the services which set apart great insurers from the rest. They base their services on the motto of HOPE; this stands for helping other people every day. It means that their primary concern is to make life easy for all their clientele. Their services include accident insurance, cover for illnesses, critical illnesses cover and compensation for workplace disabilities. They have premiums which work well with both white collar and blue collar employees. The company has set up a website in a move which is supposed to bring their services closer to their customers. It is now possible to register on the website and get guidance on the services which are available. The USHEALTH Group has for a long time been dedicated to the delivery of superior quality health insurance to Americans, and they will be making their services better each day.

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Why Everyone Should Choose Sussex Health

When the elderly people in the society are getting older and weaker, they mostly need special care so that they can live a better and longer life. With the busy schedules, people have nowadays meant that they do not have adequate time to take care of their parents and other relatives who are already sick and weak. There are companies that have emerged in the modern society, and they are focusing on offering the elderly a new hope in life. These institutions have become extremely popular in the modern times, and they are slowly changing the lives of the persons who depend on them. One of these institutions is called Sussex Healthcare.

Many people know Sussex Health as an independent and modern company that is found in Sussex. At the moment, the modern facility has at least twenty homes, and they were all founded so that they can offer the clients personalized treatment and care. The company has clients from all over the globe, and it is believed to be among the best care providers in the entire world. Most of the people visiting the facility are the elderly and those who suffer from diseases such as dementia and other mental disabilities. Without specialized care, these individuals are not able to live good lives, and this is why the private company has been doing its best to ensure that the customer gets only the best. Thanks to the quality of services in the healthcare company, the institution has earned the trust of the society, and many people have been referred there in the recent times.

Most of the elderly people who find their way in special homes need some care that can only be offered by trained professionals. Sussex Health understands this concept too well, and this is why they have chosen to offer their clients only the best. The professionals in the institution have gone to the best schools in the entire globe, and they have all the expertise required to support the needy customers. These professionals work day and night with the main aim of ensuring that the clients do not miss anything they need.

The management of the successful institution has also been paramount to the great success the company has been enjoying in the recent times. The people elected in these positions have already been in the management and leadership positions in the past, and they have been making sure that the company has all the facilities and equipment needed so that the elderly can live the best life.

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A Light on Aesthetics Medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna was born in New Orleans. He went to school and progressed on to Tulane University where he studied medicine. Graduating from this university with a degree sent him seeking for more field experience, which he acquired while he worked with his father. He began a firm that was aimed at obtaining development in the real estate industry. This business, he called McKenna Venture Investments. It became just the beginning of his growth in entrepreneurial desires as he started several other companies in the later years that blossomed.

Mark McKenna then acquired a medical license, with his specialized field and area of practice being surgery and medicine. He worked well with the people of New Orleans. Dr. McKenna was seen as a person who ensured that patients received the treatment they deserved. Mark was also one to always support the community through his services, expertise, and medical skills. However, in 2007 Mark decided that it was time for him to move, and he shifted to Atlanta.

He is the author of the idea that sprouted and blossomed into a great practice, ShapeMed. He started the medical aesthetic practice in Atlanta. Later, Dr. McKenna decided to sell ShapeMed to a fitness company that goes by the name Life Time Fitness Inc. With this arrangement in place, Dr. McKenna was made the director of the very firm, Life Time Fitness Inc.

OVME is the great medical company that Dr. Mark started in 2017. He has been noted as a successful entrepreneur who is a doctor at the same time. He uses business in a way to help people through medical practices. The doctor has been invited to shows and talks about how he got to where he is, and how he helps people through his medical practices and companies.

ShapeMed has been awarded the Black Diamond certification, which is usually presented to firms that top when it comes to medical aesthetics. Furthermore, the Black Diamond certification is given to companies and individuals that show a high level of medical care to patients, and also show consistency when it comes to great innovations and medical practices.