The Sharp Brains Behind Business Transformations of Mike Baur

Every serious businessman and entrepreneur has the life of Mike Baur as a blueprint to making it in their career life. With his commitment to bring changes in business and to help in actualizing the entrepreneurial efforts of many upcoming entrepreneurs, Mike, Oliver Walze, and Max Meister are the brains behind Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). The firm was founded in 2014 and focuses on innovations into the business world by killing the status quo mentality and coming up with brandy business models, services and variety of products.

As the Co-Founder of SSUF, they have helped various companies like Beaconsmind, WeaVR, Avanco, Joineer, GOWAGO, Snowcookie, IDUN, and GetLocal etc. SSUF helps these companies through coaching and mentorship programs which take 3 months. Their connections to huge networks of investor and various entrepreneurs enable them to give a hand to early-stage companies. Mike Baur’s major advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs is to always expect a rough and intense start when starting a business. In order to increase their productivity, they have to focus on the most urgent and those important things.

Mr. Mike advises upcoming investors to always test an innovative idea that is in their mind, measure their market response and make a conclusion from both positive and negative feedbacks which helps them adjust their strategies accordingly. But prior to joining SSUF, Mike Baur worked in the banking industry for more than two decades and gained a vast experience in the field of banking and finance where he was serving as a client service provider and also as a manager. He has received a variety of honorary awards in the banking industry where he has used the investment opportunities available.

From the original team of 3 people, SSUF has grown to have a population of more than 1,000 upcoming entrepreneurs who are focused on having very stable businesses. This Company always has a plan for building various products that fit the expectations of their clients through working with the most modern software technology.

This successful entrepreneur was brought up in Freiburg, Switzerland and later earned business degrees from Bern University and from the University of Rochester. He had his apprenticeship program at the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) where he turned out to be a young finance expert. Mike Baur was promoted several times while in UBS making him be part of the advisory team before he reached 30 years. He later joined Zurich office of Clariden Leu where he held top position for 6 years and resigned to help upcoming entrepreneurs.


The Booming Inspiration of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has boosted the OSI Group from a small family-owned business to a global enterprise during his more than four decades with the worldwide supplier of food products.

Making the most of his background in finance and accounting, Lavin became involved with the family owned company, known at the time as Otto & Sons, when it was looking to expand its business. Lavin ran his own financial consulting business before joining the company which later changed its name to the OSI Group.

Lavin attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern University where he majored in finance and accounting. He graduated from Roosevelt University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

The OSI Group provides a variety of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and more in the private label, restaurant, industrial, retail and food service areas. Under his leadership, the company has grown to supply worldwide food products in 17 countries with more than 60 facilities and revenues of more than $6 billion.

Lavin has attained more than a few awards in his position as the leader of the OSI Group. For example, he was honored for his superior loyalty to businesses in Chicago with the Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP.

As a mark of respect, Lavin was praised for his work with the OSI Group and for his charitable work as well.

For more than two decades, Lavin has supported Ronald McDonald House Charities and is a trustee and chairman of its capital campaign. He is also president and director of a family charitable foundation called The Sheba Foundation.

His philanthropic activities also include the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago and more. He is a board member of Rush University Medical Center and the Goodman Theatre.

Lavin also received the Global Visionary Award, which acknowledges outstanding individual contributions to humanity, from India’s Vision World Academy.

And the North American Meat Institute honored Lavin with the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award for his active participation in charitable organizations both in the Chicago area and on a worldwide basis.

OSI Food Solutions UK received the 2016 Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council for its excellent management of environmental risks.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Takes Over As The Chairman Of Bradesco bank

Recently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the current chairman of the second largest lender in Brazil bagged the title of the Entrepreneur of the year after leading the institution to close one of the largest business deals in the Brazilian banking history.

For a long time, Bradesco has been in the lead in the Brazilian banking sector, beating their competitors in the number of branches, customers, asset base and even profits. However, from around 2009, their main competitors gained momentum and managed to take the lead. Bradesco has been able to keep up the pace by entering into exclusive contracts with key players.

The HSBC mega deal
The acquisition of the HSBC bank by Bradesco completely changed the landscape in the Brazilian banking sector giving Bradesco bank an upper hand over their opponents. The total cost of the transaction was to the tune of 5.2 billion dollars. Luiz Carlos Trabuco spearheaded the acquisition of the HSBC, but the deal was closed when the former chairman appended his signature. The acquisition of this bank was a significant deal in Brazil, considering the current competition between Bradesco and other banks. Investors and experts were all keen to see how the events unfold after the acquisition.

Just as it had been speculated, Bradesco managed to regain its leadership position in the Brazilian market. The institution managed to increase their asset base, the number of branches and most importantly investor confidence. Bradesco became number two after their competitors, Itau Unibanco re-strategized and managed to pull masses to their side.

The acquisition of the HSBC put the Bradesco bank at par with Itau Unibanco regarding the number of account holders, number of branches, loans granted, assets, deposits and total investment funds. In a statement read by the current chairman, he noted that the acquisition catapulted Bradesco six times ahead of its organic growth.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco
Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in Marilla, the same town where Bradesco founded its first branch. He then spent his early childhood in Marilla where he completed his high school studies. Carlos Trabuco then joined the prestigious University of Sao Paulo to undertake a degree in Sociology and political science. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the only top executive in Bradesco who did not study a business related course.

Immediately after he completed his degree, Luiz Carlos applied for an internship which was open in the bank at the time. Fortunately, the management gave him an opportunity to intern and later on a job as a bank teller. Right from the start of his career, Luiz put in a lot of effort that saw him rise through the ranks to the top.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has held a wide range of positions in Bradesco, including the Executive Vice President of the Insurance division of the bank, the Executive Director of the marketing department and also the Vice Chairman of the board just to mention a few.

Over the years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco portrayed exemplary leadership skills. For instance, when he served as the President of the Institution, Bradesco almost doubled in size to become the largest lender in Latin America.

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How David McDonald Brought Sustainable Growth To OSI Group

OSI International Foods is among the leading food processing companies in the world today. With David McDonald as its CEO and President, the company has grown from one level of strength to another. The company does food processing in a more specialized way. Pennsylvania happens to be the birthplace of David although he later migrated to Welsh. Catholic Parochial School was the school he attended before he proceeded to Iowa State University for his Animal Science degree. He didn’t come to the OSI Group as the president since he started as the project manager for the company. David was also once the Director of a company known as Marfrig Global Foods and another Australian company called International Foods Pty Ltd.

Most people know OSI Group because of the many desirable products it processes. Most of the value-added proteins in the market today are from this group. Such protein products include pizza, beef patties, and also sandwiches. The kind of retail brands and food services OSI Group offers are exceptional. OSI Group is known to have well-doing branches in China, Europe, and the United States. In 2016, the company launched its accurate plans intended to expand its production and processing plants across the world. The company managed to acquire a Dutch private company called Baho Food, which is known to process world-class food and meat services.

In both Netherlands and Germany, Baho Food is said to have 5 subsidiary companies. Customers who like their processed products are found in every country among the 18 Europe countries. David says that the OSI group has gained exceptional entries in Europe since the acquisition of Baho Food and serving Europe’s customers according to their requirements has not been a problem. Most of the best companies obtain environment certification and this is what David helped OSI Group to achieve when it achieved ISO14001 certification. Through David’s leadership skills, the company’s branch in North America was able to donate food to Feeding America.

To ensure that OSI Group was properly governed, David came up with a competent management team. The team ensures that different tastes and cultures have been properly integrated into the company. David decided to take most of the company’s operations in China because the country has a large population. The company has improved the China’s economy after serving there for over 20 years. David who chairs the American Meat Institute board of directors has also been generous to Wheaton St. Michael Parish. In 2004, David received the ISU Young Alumni Award.

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American Institute Of Architects – Designing Buildings For Healthy Living

Robert Ivy career includes being the Executive Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at American Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy became the American Institute of America’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice-President February 1, 2011.

CEO Robert Ivy is a dreamer who dreams big and has fulfilled his dreams. He believes that Architects should look into the future when it comes to the construction field. He focuses his career in designing and constructing masterpieces in the construction business. Robert Ivy is an expert architect who believes that Architects should make use of the technologies available today and should interact with software programmers, and brainstorming ideas with them.

It is the belief of Robert Ivy that those in the Architectural field can have a positive impact in many areas such as health improvement and solutions for disaster relief. On SmartPlanet, Sun Joo Kim believes that American Institute of America’s Architecture Building Index, published monthly, that conducts surveys, allow Architects to see the accomplishments of the building industry in the United States, as a correct indicator of the economy.

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In September, many leaders from different professions, such as political, cultural and business, from countries worldwide, attended the Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting. A ten-year pledge by AIA was announced to establish an agenda that focused on programs geared towards the health of the public, feasibility and combating natural calamity in urban municipalities.

According to American Institute of America, they will be giving grants to support research at the university. This includes creating applications for phones and other projects that include software development.

When asked about improving the health of the public using architecture, Robert Ivy stated that throughout the United States history, public health has been positively impacted by architectural design. This history includes New York’s Central Park designed by Olmsted. (Frederick Law Olmsted was a Landscape Architect who designed many famous parks.)

When Central Park was constructed, the intent was to help in enhancing the health of the public. The city was not in the greatest condition when the project was formulated, and the housing in that area was substandard. Central Park was built to alleviate the conditions in that part of New York City and to make it a normal place to visit.

When you think about diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and other diseases that are non-communicable, architecture plays a part in helping people with their health. Buildings that have stairs, encourage exercise. People will have to use the stairs to go in and out of the buildings.

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Better Funding Options: Equities First Holding

Lending Company from Indianapolis that specializes in providing excess capital to businesses. Mainly focusing their services to individuals that demonstrate a high net worth. With many capital solutions this company provides opportunity for additional cash and solve short time liquidity problems. This lending company was formed in 2002. Equities first holdings has a very huge presence in the lending community. EFH has a successful track record with offering additional cash options to businesses that are in need of liquid capital to boost their sales. Equities first holdings only lend too the wealth or businesses with high creditably. Client that choose to receive lending from equity first holdings mostly use the funding for expanding business practice, research and development, or manufacturing products. With this type Financial assistance this company will grow exponentially faster.