A Light on Aesthetics Medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna was born in New Orleans. He went to school and progressed on to Tulane University where he studied medicine. Graduating from this university with a degree sent him seeking for more field experience, which he acquired while he worked with his father. He began a firm that was aimed at obtaining development in the real estate industry. This business, he called McKenna Venture Investments. It became just the beginning of his growth in entrepreneurial desires as he started several other companies in the later years that blossomed.

Mark McKenna then acquired a medical license, with his specialized field and area of practice being surgery and medicine. He worked well with the people of New Orleans. Dr. McKenna was seen as a person who ensured that patients received the treatment they deserved. Mark was also one to always support the community through his services, expertise, and medical skills. However, in 2007 Mark decided that it was time for him to move, and he shifted to Atlanta.

He is the author of the idea that sprouted and blossomed into a great practice, ShapeMed. He started the medical aesthetic practice in Atlanta. Later, Dr. McKenna decided to sell ShapeMed to a fitness company that goes by the name Life Time Fitness Inc. With this arrangement in place, Dr. McKenna was made the director of the very firm, Life Time Fitness Inc.

OVME is the great medical company that Dr. Mark started in 2017. He has been noted as a successful entrepreneur who is a doctor at the same time. He uses business in a way to help people through medical practices. The doctor has been invited to shows and talks about how he got to where he is, and how he helps people through his medical practices and companies.

ShapeMed has been awarded the Black Diamond certification, which is usually presented to firms that top when it comes to medical aesthetics. Furthermore, the Black Diamond certification is given to companies and individuals that show a high level of medical care to patients, and also show consistency when it comes to great innovations and medical practices.

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