An Academy of Art University Degree

Earning a liberal arts degree from the Academy of Art University is one of the best ways you can get your education. The school has been in operation since 1929 and has graduated many professionals as well as many famous people. They offer students entertainment and fine arts degrees as well. The Academy of Arts University is located in California and its base is in San Francisco. They offer online classes as well.

Recently, a number of the students who attend Academy of Art University came up with an App that is going to be used in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. This area is known for its high crime rate and is considered to be one of the most undesirable places to visit or live. Using Augmented Reality, the App will be gathering information for area residents on how they feel while being there. The emotions will then be gathered together in order for local officials to see what is happening around them.

The government feels that this can help them to increase the areas positive aspects. The Tenderloin district has a unique culture and officials would like to promote this in order to increase visitors to the area. The first line of defense would be to rid it of its current negative mood. Tenderfeels is the App that will be used in order to put this into action.

Academy of Art University faculty is encouraging the use of this App as it will help them to promote the Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality programs. In augmented reality, users are taken to the actual place of their investigation and they are able to see exactly what is going on there. This allows law enforcement to act upon any potential problems quickly and easily. It is a new concept for them.