Betsy DeVos Leads Conservative Movement Toward Education Reform

Fifty years ago Milton Friedman penned one of his most influential works, ‘The Role of Government in Education’. The paper would end up detailing how important it was for parents to have the chance to choose the schooling that made the most sense for their child without the interference of the government in that decision. While Friedman’s work didn’t immediately catch on, current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has helped his words become magnified by carrying the torch onward. Betsy DeVos is the newest Secretary of Education in the United States and she is serving at the behest of President Trump who has given her his full mandate to pursue reform in a principled and conservative manner.


For Betsy DeVos, the idea of school choice spreading throughout the nation has never looked more possible and it is due in large part to her own hard work in the field. For more than 30 years, Betsy DeVos worked as a private citizen in order to make known the impact that school choice could have on children throughout the nation. Not only did she spread the word of the system, she got involved in a variety of political capacities by serving as the chairman on six different committees and even establishing several of her own foundations including the American Federation for Children as well as the Alliance for School Choice.


Betsy DeVos’s optimism over the years would help to spread school choice to 17 different states, 30+ different institutions, and more than 250,000 individual students. To say that Betsy DeVos was effective in her work would be an understatement. DeVos absolutely crushed it at touting conservative education reform. With that kind of success as a private citizen, we can only imagine what Betsy DeVos has for us with her newest role in the federal government.


Betsy DeVos’s faith in school choice hasn’t been secluded to just papers written by supporters who came before her. In fact, Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos have been absolutely hands-on in their support of school choice. Betsy DeVos cites visiting the Potter’s House Christian School as one of the most inspiring moments for her faith in school choice. The Potter’s House Christian School is located in Grand Rapids and it is a school choice environment aimed at helping children from low-income families. DeVos described the facility as ‘electric with curiosity’ and ‘love for one another’. The DeVos’s have since been hands-on in their support of the facility, donating both time and money in order to keep it up and running. With that kind of emotional investment into the topic, it is only a matter of time until Betsy DeVos gets school choice to spread throughout the nation.


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Alex Hern Introduces New Tech Company Tsunami VR

Alex Hern understands how to introduce new companies. In the 2000s, he produced some of the most innovative startups. We take our fast and convenient apps for granted, but the work behind that innovation took effort. Recently, Alex Hern introduced Tsunami VR to the world. This new tech startup wants to market virtual reality to businesses. Hern is taking a different approach to marketing Tsunami VR. Business professionals don’t buy new technology because it excites them. Business leaders want innovation that can help them compete. Groundbreaking technology helps businesses stay ahead of the competition, and Tsunami VR is developing cutting-edge tech.

Tsunami VR isn’t trying to entertain people with its software applications. The current tools available to VR developers can create something more practical. There are some VR developers offering precedents to Tsunami VR. Engineering firms are using virtual reality to develop product designs, and some stores use VR apps to help customers test products before buying them. Alex Hern’s startup is part of the growing trend of professional VR reshaping attitudes towards this technology. Business communication provides opportunities for entrepreneurs like him, and he knows how to market them. The future of the workplace will be shaped by Hern’s software.

Tech startups need to appeal to their clientele, but investors need to take an interest too. Innovation can’t start market trends without significant support. Alex Hern has made efforts to appeal to investors, and those investors like the concept behind Tsunami VR. Business communication needs to express ideas with clarity. When we communicate with each other, much of our message is expressed non-verbally. With traditional communication methods, we can only deliver an incomplete message. This is where virtual reality is going to make a difference. Tsunami VR is creating a more complete form of business communication. In the coming years, other developers will follow Hern’s example.

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Fortress Investment Group Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is an executive who currently works in the financial services industry. For many years he has served as a leading executive for two main investment firms. As an executive, Peter demonstrated his leadership and expertise to help these two firms reach their goals of becoming leading organizations in the finance industry. His efforts have brought him high rewards as he was able to amass a billion dollar fortune. As a result, he was named to the Forbes list of billionaires.

After finishing up business school, Peter Briger joined Goldman Sachs. As a member of Goldman Sachs, Briger would hold a key role in the firms’ expansion and operations. During his time working at Goldman Sachs, the firm wanted to expand to Asia. Therefore, Briger was assigned to numerous committees that specialize in the Asian markets. Peter would supervise investment professionals who work directly with the Asian clients. He would also help the firm expand to Asia and enable Goldman Sachs to establish a presence in this region of the world. With his ability to expand the firm, Briger was awarded a top management position of the firm.

His career at Goldman Sachs was very successful. However, Peter Briger was looking to move on and pursue other opportunities. The next opportunity for Peter came in 2002 when he joined the firm Fortress Investment Group. Once joining this firm, Briger became a member of the firm’s management committee. He would also eventually become a co chief executive officer and principal of the firm as well. Similar to his experiences at Goldman Sachs, Briger would supervise investment professionals and manage a number of tasks pertaining to client service. With his leadership, Peter was able to help Fortress Investment Group emerge as a leading firm in the financial sector.

Prior to getting involved in the financial services sector, Peter Briger completed a couple of important educational programs. He would first complete a bachelor’s degree at Princeton University. While studying at Princeton, he was a member of the investment club. His next educational endeavor was at the University of Pennsylvania. He attended its renowned business school and completed a master’s degree in business administration.

David McDonald From A Farm Boy To The President Of OSI And Contributions To The Iowa Community.

OSI is a diverse conglomerate that has not only reached the global market but also changed the lives of thousands of people. Led by David McDonald, OSI has offered employment opportunities and has stuck on its agenda for sustainability by producing quality meat products. Under David’s leadership, OSI has made several acquisitions including Baho foods, which has contributed significantly to their market growth.

McDonald is the president and Chief Operating Officer at OSI group. His rise to these top positions has been gradual and a sign of brilliance. From a project manager to the president, David has exercised his duties with a lot of dedication.

His journey started in Northeast Iowa, where he was born and raised. David McDonald is more than qualified to run this huge company. From the experience academic background, David has acquired knowledge to take OSI to great heights. David graduated in 1987 with animal science bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University upon which he managed to secure a position at OSI. Since then, he has picked up the skills and knowledge to run the company. David was also recognized for his outstanding achievements at the university and was honored with the Outstanding Senior Award Wallace E. Barron.

As an alumnus of the Iowa State University and part of the Iowa State community, David McDonald has extended a hand to help transform the society. He is actively involved in one of the university’s initiatives, Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. He also supports the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity financially in their scholarship funding. As the president of OSI group, David McDonald has played an essential role in the company’s initiative to offer students with internship opportunities.

Besides being involved with the Iowa State University, David is associated with St. Michael Parish, and The American Meat Institute as well. He is the chairman of the American Meat Institute board of directors. His involvement to make a change to the community has led him to receive ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award, 2004 and Iowa State University Foundation’s Emerging Philanthropist Award, 2014.

David McDonald OSI roles have not barred him from having a family. David and his wife, Malinda have been blessed with six children. Two of them are part of the Iowa State University. McDonald in partnership with other executives has helped OSI group establish its presence in 17 different countries and have been the recipients of several awards. David continues to be involved in Iowa State Community development without compromising his leadership roles.

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Juan OG Perez Knows Business

If you’ve ever listened closely to Jay Z’s lyrics, you’ve likely heard him reference Juan “OG” Perez. On The Black Album, he says, “OG Juan, Whattup? What’s up, Dez?” On The Blueprint 3, he raps, “Catch me at the X with OG at a Yankee game.” Then again on American Gangster, Jay Z references him once again saying, “OG, tell these boys!” They may seem like mindless lyrics, but Jay Z rarely puts lines into his raps that don’t actually mean something. What many people likely don’t know is that Jay Z is talking about his longtime friend and best business partner, Juan “OG” Perez who he has known and worked with for decades. His trusted associate, OG Perez has been by Jay’s side and in his songs for years.

First meeting in 1996, the two shared a bond over growing up in New York and a love of all things sports. OG Perez proved his business sense early by managing Jay’s many studios and soon the two wanted to do something bigger together. Opening up the 40/40 Club in New York, OG Perez guided the club to becoming a popular night spot for celebrities and athletes. Mingling with athletes naturally led to business conversations and both OG and Jay found themselves counseling both young and seasoned athletes alike. Both Jay Z and OG Perez felt the next natural step was to establish Roc Nation Sports and officially sign a prestigious group of talented athletes to their agency. OG Perez and Jay Z continue to excel alongside each other, bringing success to the next level.

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Dr. Rod J. Rohrich And Cosemetic Surgery

So many people would love to enhance their appearance with plastic surgery. What stops them is doing their homework on finding the right doctor. If you live in the Dallas area, you do not have that problem. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is your guy for all of your cosmetic plastic surgery needs.

Having plastic surgery done can be a nervous experience. However, with the right doctor that will explain everything to you thoroughly, will help ease some of that anxiety. Dr. Rohrich is a crafty expert in field and teaches it at a university. So, you will feel very comfortable talking over all of your concerns and what you are expecting as a result of the surgery. He will be glad to give a realistic picture of what you can expect with the results you will receive. That is why communication is so important. Dr. Rohrich wants to address every concern and question before the surgery takes place. It is best to know how a procedure will be done and what treatments if any, you would have to do.

Facelifts happen to be a specialty of Dr. Rohrich. It involves tightening face and then filling in the cheeks. You may also have to get a neck lift done. If you want your facelift to look right then your neck must be void of loose skin. You want a young and youthful appearance. That means that both may need to be done in order for that to happen. Once the surgery is done, however, you will probably have to come back for several treatments. This is just to make sure that the results you have will hold up. The wrinkles and bags under your eyes will not be able to stay there thanks to the techniques used by Dr. Rohrich.

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Structuring The Fortress Investment To Achieve Results.

When three partners came together to establish the Fortress Investment Group they chose to focus on a number of areas. This focus would evolve into their core competencies that include.


In this kind of investing the Fortress Investment Group uses private equity funds and credit to invest in many areas. They have subdivisions within the group that analysis and make decisions on assets in real estate company, media, transport & infrastructure, capital assets, and other diverse investments. This asset-based investing can be either fully owned, managed or shareholding.

Industry Knowledge

The Fortress investment group has a number of experts in various fields. These are responsible for establishing expertise in specific areas to ensure that the company makes merit-based decisions on any investment they make. Industry knowledge is also important when it comes to distressed assets as they can work out the chances of revival based on the industry the asset falls under. Their professionals are also part of the team that advises other divisions on the relations they have with different firms and companies.

Operations Management

By developing tools for structural, operational and strategic assessment, the Fortress investment group has been able to streamline operations in various assets they manage. This also helps them determine the value that can be extracted from every investment even before its made.

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Fortress is able to work with boards management teams to organize mergers and acquisitions. They ensure that every party can achieve what they set out to get as apart of the deal while executing the deal in a structured and professional manner.

Capital Markets

By securing debt and equity from the capital market, they are able to secure low- cost low-risk financing for investment.

The group today continues to focus on asset management and has grown the portfolio under the following segments Private Equity has 3 billion under management, Permanent Capital Vehicles has 7.5 billion under management, Credit Private Equity this has the biggest portfolio of the four, and it has 17.9 billion dollars in assets under management. Finally, there are Credit Hedge Funds, which constitute 8 billion dollars. The success of Fortress is expected to continue following its recent acquisition by SoftBank for 3.3 billion dollars. They agreed to offer a forty percent premium on share price. This showed their determination to make the acquisition success given they had been trying to do the same for the last two years.

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Stream Energy’s Commitment To Give Back To Its Customers

Stream Energy is one of the largest direct selling energy companies in the world. It was founded in 2005 and has used word of mouth to sell energy. The unique tactic helped to position Stream energy in an already crowded industry. The company provides energy plans such as the Stream Budget Power Plan, which has a standard low payment for the customer all year, the smart 30 thermostat plan that comes with a free Lyric thermostat. The program allows users to control their home temperature remotely using a smartphone or a tablet. Apart from offering options effective for saving cost, Stream energy is also committed to preserving the environment. They provide an opportunity for customers to purchase green and clean services sourced from renewable energy.

Stream Energy takes corporate philanthropy very seriously and has set up a robust corporate social responsibility section. The company recently launched a charity foundation known as Stream Cares to formalize its generosity and make it available countrywide. During the hurricane Harvey disaster, Stream was at the forefront of helping its customers through recovery and easing their financial burden. Their business model helps to build a secure network of customers.

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Through direct selling, they can pay more associates and deliver an array of products to individuals as well as corporates. They earn commission on their sales and also choose a charitable cause, particularly homelessness. The company has kept track of the homelessness rates in Dallas and noted that it is at an increased rate of 24%; this has motivated the company to expand its efforts toward the cause.

Stream Energy has partnered with the Dallas-based Hope Supply Co. to provide a worthwhile experience to homeless children at the annual splash. The event allows homeless children into the water park and allows the employees to involve themselves in this experience as well as providing funding and supplies. The company was also at the forefront in helping the Texas Tornado victims and has also been actively involved in giving moral and financial support to its veterans and their families. The company has committed itself to give back, and it is continuously looking for new and strategic ways to give back especially on causes that combine their efforts with their associates.

Neurcore Seeks To Treat Depression

Scientists have found many different ways to use neurofeedback over the years but could it also be used as a surefire treatment for patients suffering from depression? Neurocore certainly thinks so. Back in the mid-1930’s, Frederick Lemere was the first scientist to begin studying the effects of neurofeedback on patients with depression. Over 80 years later, Neurocore is now using the research he published to attempt to treat clinical depression using neurofeedback and they seem to be having much success. Of the 292 patients they’ve already treated, over three-fourths of them have reported a significant alleviation in the severity of their symptoms while over half of the patients no longer meet the requirements necessary to be considered a patient with depression.

As a result of these successes, they have now created a medication-free depression treatment program wherein they use Qeeg technology to monitor the brainwaves of their patients in an effort to determine the inherent cause of clinical depression. In addition to this, they’re also using a particular scale that is called the Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment. With over 10 million adults in the US alone suffering from some form of depression, this research is becoming all the more paramount with each passing day. Many scientists currently believe that an increase in alpha activity is one of the key factors in helping cure depression.

Neurocore was founded back in 2004 as a brain training company to help people better focus where they’re at work and school and to help them become better students and employees. In the 14 years since they were first founded, Neurocore has become one of the leading authorities in the field of applied neurosciences and they’ve even attracted some well-renowned sports franchises and athletes such as the Portland Trailblazers.

They currently have locations in two different states, Michigan and Florida, and this includes eight different performance centers to help anyone suffering from a neurological disorder. They’re not sure what the future holds for them but they have exciting plans for the next few years. So we wish them the best of luck and success.

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Sage and Seer of the Fiscal Realm, Investment Guru, Ted Bauman, Examines Some Bullish Trends and Incites Investors to Steer Cautiously Ahead

A prolific and well-respected financial writer and businessman, with three decades of experience working with investment circles abroad and in the U.S., Ted Bauman understands the stock market. As he explains it, the financial service reports he edits use several algorithms that other agencies do not. In fact, his Banyan Hill Publishing reports have trumped findings generated by Standard and Poors 500 Index numerous times.

The recent bullish market inspired Bauman to use his analytical prowess to come up with some fiscal prognostications for his readership, using the Cape Ratio, Bauman’s preferred analytical tool. The Cape Ratio adjusts company earnings according to inflationary rates to create a clear view of stock market affordability for a specific window of time. Using it in this case showed a numerical value of 32, almost twice its average historical ratio. To revert to a normalized ratio would incite a 35% market drop. Although Ted Bauman also noted that this could play out over many months.

Another potential scenario as Ted Bauman saw it, though based on an assumption of overall economic stability, was one where a quick drop was followed by a partial recovery. A drop of 18%, for example, would constitute a significant crash. But, a relatively speedy recovery could ensue. Reference the 1987 Dow Jones Industrial Average drop, which was its biggest. But, as Ted Bauman also pointed out, stocks had rallied by 10% at year’s end.

A mere few months away from these crystal ball musings, it’s unclear yet which Ted Bauman scenario could play out on the market stage, or whether some hybrid might emerge. Bauman, credits his financial writing with providing him with a means to assist others, while also affording him the greatest sense of fulfillment he’s found throughout a long and satisfying career. He takes pleasure in giving wealth seekers a heads up whenever he can and cautions investors to not act with rash haste should a crash come. And for those planning to invest, he suggests implementing investment strategies with a view of dealing with an incipient plummet.