Billy McFarland creates an exclusive Magnises social network

Magnises is a platform that has become popular among many young people. The mastermind of the club is a young businessman called Billy McFarland. He grew the company in just five months and has changed the way millennials view credit cards. Members of the exclusive club receive an exclusive Black Card.

Billy McFarland came up with the idea when he was out for dinner with his friends. They were discussing the benefits of the American Express Card. They listed how the card transformed the marketing and business world.

However, they realized that the card was somewhat irrelevant to millennials and people under the age of thirty-five. According to Billy, he discovered that the card did not have a network or community. He decided to build such a card.

McFarland knows that his card is a must-have for every millennial. Millennials that are seeking a social status or professional growth should consider acquiring the card.

The card comes with a mounted platform that assists millennials to network through a three-dimensional stage for relationships. The black card has become so infectious that critics and fans love it. Billy McFarland creatively created a card that focuses on both community and credit card interests.

According to several news reports, Billy McFarland is a competent person with a proper eye for the business market. He has a good business sense to known what is coming up and if a business venture can be successful. From subtle beginnings, the card has grown and now has 30,000 members.

Today, Billy McFarland focuses on revolutionizing the card to a members-only program. Members of the card receive premium perks and offers from selected brands.

McFarland’s success with business started at the early age of 13. He then attended Becknell University before dropping out and creating Magnises in 2013. He is creative enough and can think outside the box. His creativity has earned him a reputation for innovation.

According to Crunchabse, through the guidance of Billy McFarland, Magnises is gaining rapid popularity. Magnises success has been because it is more about the community aspect and less about the card. Individuals that would like to network should access the card and get to experience the best private clubs.


The Non-Conformist Unicorn Queen: Doe Deere

Most of us know her as the Unicorn Queen, with bright colored hair and luminous makeup on her face. However, Doe Deere is way more than that, she is a woman who has defied the usual and sets herself to do the extraordinary. She believes in freedom and revolutionizing the make-up industry. In her interview with the Galore magazine, Doe Deere takes us through her journey from a passionate ambitious child to world known entrepreneur.

Doe Deere’s love for color began way back when she was a child. She was always fascinated with bright colors. This was a source of her inspiration to begin her company, Lime Crime. In school, she would look for temporary tattoos from shops and sell them to students. These are some of the most adorable traits in a child. Even as she grew up she did not lose her way. From her story, we can conclude that ambition is priceless. You should use what you have and what you are interested in to make a change into the world.

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To be in the makeup industry, one has to be very creative. Copying the bigwigs in the company with their products is not the way forward. Customers are smart people and they know when a company is copying the other. With this in mind, Doe Deere developed her bran and products for her target market, who share her passion to be free with the colors that they use on their bodies. Doe’s bravery and uniqueness is what makes her one of the best make up entrepreneurs in the world, a leaf that so many entrepreneurs should borrow.

Began out of sheer passion and a necessity, Lime Crime gives the users an opportunity to be themselves. To embrace their love for colors and to show the world how free it feels to wear what one loves. The company main inspiration is colors and thus provides lipsticks, toppers and make up products that are colorful. The company targets the bold and people who defies the norm. It encourages the users of their products to be free and to enjoy their freedom by using their luminous products.

Doe Deere is a true Unicorn Queen. She does not conform to the conventional ways. From her business name to the products that they produce, shows that the entrepreneur is bold and innovative. There is nothing more satisfying to the consumers than having a producer who wears what they produce and enjoy every moment of it. These are some of the things that most people in the industry should learn. Customers want to feel as though they are part of the company. Producing products is not enough anymore. Coming up with ways to relate to the consumers is the most important thing now.

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George Soros and His Funding to Defeat The Politically Incorrect Joe Arpaio

Ever had an itch to spend some money on doing good for the world? While, that was the case for George Soros when he made the decision to give $2 million in order to fund a group that has been putting all their efforts into beating the Maricopa County Sheriff from Arizona know by the name of Joe Arpaio. Why would George Soros want to do this? He wants to make sure that we only have the best when it comes to law enforcement. Which is why this time is not the only time he has spent a good amount of money on campaigns to do with law enforcement over this past year.

George Soros is a big spender when it comes to protecting all that is good about justice reform measures. However, the spending that he has done when it comes to Arpaio has been the most he has spent during this year when it comes to the local race. His passion for immigration reform and criminal justice reform are the two biggest things that are motivating him with all of the spending he has been doing.

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George Soros Is Donating $10 Million to Combat the Recent Rise in Hate Crimes
George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system

What are The Big Issues With The Polls?

This politically incorrect Sheriff (Arpaio) has made it known to the public that he is against illegal immigration. What does this mean? It means that he has pushed aside any actual good decisions in order to do things like going against the discriminatory policing practices and has been charged in the matter of doing so. Some of the TV ads that have been produced by the campaign against Arpaio have even spoken out about how while there have been horrifying cases of assault, rape and also child molestation going Apraio has continued to look the other way in order to keep the main focus of his attention on the illegal immigration agenda that has become so personal to him.

However, the campaign against Arpaio is now being attacked by the campaign of people that like him for being a “far-left globalist”. They have said that all George Soros is doing is trying to do is buy the race going on locally and that they are breaking the rules that have been set by the Arizona Republic. However, nobody really cares that they are saying all of this because everyone knows that Arpaio and his campaign are bad people just trying to push their personal agenda onto everybody and in turn are corrupting the systems that have been set in place.

The system needs a change and that change needs to start with making sure that Arpaio never becomes the Sheriff again. George Soros is a great man with many great concepts that are going to make huge head way in the justice system making him a hero to many who have come to know him. With funding from other contributors and the funding from George Soros it looks like they could actually beat Arpaio and in doing so make at least one part of the world a little better again.

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Spiritual Tools for Change at the Kabbalah Centre

Change is perhaps the hardest thing to do in the world. Many people are aware of the need for change in their lives. However, they are not always sure where to begin the process of change. Fortunately, there are many tools that people can use in order to change their lives for the better. One such tool can be found at a place called the Kabbalah Centre. The Kabbalah Centre is staffed with experts who understand the power of true change and how best to harness it well. They know that it is possible to look inside and find the spiritual strength that may otherwise elude someone in other ways. Spiritual change is perhaps the hardest form of change and yet people here know that they can work with this idea and learn to emerge as a better person for it. Even just a few short steps can offer something that is very special as those who decide to enter into this ideal can find strength they did not know they had.

Studying The Soul
One of the most important ways to tap into the power of soul is to study things that will help it expand. At the Kabbalah Centre, they offer many tools that people can use as they decide to look at ways they can expand the world of the soul. Studying texts that are all about morality is one of the best ways to exercise the soul and help it truly grow in new ways. Those who teach here have developed varied exercises that allow for the expansion of spirit within. Under their supervision, students can choose to embark on a course that will ultimately end in a world that helps to open mind and soul. When each one has been changed, it is possible for any given person to discover how they can begin the path of change in all aspects of their lives. Change in this way is change that is for the good and one that allows people to discover how easy it is to become a better person.

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James Dondero Receives an Esteemed Appointment

Highland Capital Management cofounder and president, James Dondero was recently appointed an executive board member of the Cox School of Business, which is part of the South Methodist University. Jim’s role at the board expands the strong commitment that Highland Capital Management already has to SMU. This includes the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars, which is an academic program that recognizes and promotes academic and professional excellence in the area of public policy. In addition, HCM supports the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum at SMU.

Creation of a Vibrant Business Community

According to Dondero, SMU’s Cox Business School is important to the business community in Dallas since it nurtures the skills of upcoming business executives. In addition, Highland Capital Management is among the most notable beneficiaries of programs offered at Cox. The executive board is made up of nearly 100 members, who are mostly appointed from outside the academic world.

The role of the board is to offer advice concerning strategy at the institution. The board meets thrice every year to review gains made by the institution, and to offer advice accordingly. The business school has a history of excellence since being established in 1920. It offers an array of business programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The institution has established itself as a center of academic excellence. It boasts an active alumni across the globe.

About James Dondero

The Dallas entrepreneur has served as Highland Capital Management’s president for more than 20 years. His experience in the equity and credit market spans more than three decades. During his career, Jim’s area of focus has been distressed and high yield investing. His grasp of market dynamics has seen HCM become a forerunner in Collateralized Loan Obligation transactions.

Before starting HCM, James was a successful corporate executive. He worked at American Express as a portfolio manager and corporate bond analyst. He also has a productive stint at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary where he was the Chief Investment Officer. Mr. Dondero graduated with a finance and accounting degree from the University of Virginia. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Management Accountant, and a Certified Public Accountant. His success in the money markets is largely attributed to his solid academic background.

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Jason Halpern Preserving History Through Development

JMH Development is a New York-based development company with a unique approach to land development. Unlike other development companies, which develop properties simply because they are available for development, JMH likes to develop properties that have historical meaning. JMH and its founder Jason Halpern turn these often little-known examples of early American commerce into luxury apartments, condominiums, and shopping areas. A good example of their approach is the now open 184 KENT project in BROOKLYN, NY. Jason Halpern and his company JMH Development converted a 1913 building on the Brooklyn waterfront, which once housed the largest grocery store in America, into 340 luxury apartments.


Jason Halpern and his team of professionals are experts in every phase of the development process. From early due diligence studies, building design, and construction JMH have the expertise to guide a development project to a successful conclusion. Combining extensive knowledge of residential, hospitality and mixed use property has made it possible for JMH to develop award-winning properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach.


One of the more note-worthy projects JMH has completed is the Starwood Aloft hotel in Miami’s South Beach. This hotel is on the site of the old Ankara motel, located in the center of Miami’s South Beach area. In keeping with his philosophy of offering luxury residential and commercial properties the Aloft South Beach has larger than typical rooms, several art galleries, a roof deck lounge, 24-hour fitness center, nightclubs, and restaurants offering the finest cuisine. Jason is excited about the opening of the Aloft South Beach and his affiliation with Starwood Aloft hotels.


Starwood Hotels & Resorts has over 1200 properties in 100 countries and is one of the leading luxury hotel and leisure companies in the world. Other franchises besides Aloft hotels includes St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, Westin Luxury Hotels, Four Points by Sheraton, and several others. The Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program offers members a world-class vacation experience in villa-style resorts or any one of the Starwood brand hotels.


Jason Halpern gained experience working at Halpern Enterprises, a real estate firm founded by his father; Jason founded JMH in the late 1990s. Real estate knowledge was not the only thing Jason learned from his father. His dad was a lover of speed, and so was Jason. Jason’s father was a national champion offshore powerboat racer tragically killed in a boating accident in 1981. Jason loves auto racing, going so far as to start training for this very demanding sport, forced to devote more time to business he has temporally given it up but hopes to resume racing as soon as time allows. Jason is also an avid New York Giants football fan and enjoys traveling to games with his 13-year-old son.


Kenneth Goodgame’s Professional Trajectory as a Sales and Retail Merchandising Specialist

Kenneth Goodgame is notable for serving as the chief marketing officer and senior vice president of True Value Hardware Corporation. He acquired his marketing skills from Tennessee University after graduating with a BS in Marketing. From 1995 to 1999, he assisted Hardlines D28 with developing and implementing merchandising solutions, serving as the company’s product merchant. During his tenure, Hardlines D28 registered a tremendous increase in sale. Proprietary Brands also benefited from Goodgame’s marketing experience when he worked as the director. He led initiatives targeted at improving the company’s international presence.

True Value Hardware Corporation

Located in Chicago, IL, True Value Hardware Corporation recorded an increase in their profits when Kenneth Goodgame worked at the company from 2013 to 2015. Goodgame handled an international purchasing effort worth $2.2B for True Value. He also managed an active inventory valued at $320M that covered 85,000 SKU. As the senior vice president, Goodgame headed cross-functional teams in the creation and implementation of True Value’s 5-year strategic plan.

True Value is an established member-owned company. Goodgame’s dedication and creative thinking have been instrumental in the expansion of the company. True Value’s mission is to appreciate passion driven individuals and support those with entrepreneurial thinking spirit. As a senior executive, Goodgame fostered workplace teamwork in the company. He worked with other senior executives and junior staff based on True Value’s mission. He also ensured that the company’s worldwide presence was enhanced by devising effective merchandising strategies. The company has 2,500 associates, and 4,000 retails in 58 nations.

Goodgame’s Blog

Kenneth Goodgame also educates business owners on sales and retail merchandising issues. He usually posts educative articles on his blog. Goodgame once wrote about how end caps are essential in retail merchandising. According to him, caps are not absolute. He advises manufacturers that end caps are governed by certain general rules. As Goodgame worked for Home Depot, he learned that end caps should be prompt, local, and relevant. Throughout his 15 years career working with established companies, he learned that end caps should always be tied to the manufacturer’s advertising efforts. Goodgame uses his blog to motivate young entrepreneurs using his informative business-oriented articles.

John Goullet; Principal of Diversant

Many highly successful ventures in the IT sector could be unheard of today if it were not for the infamous entrepreneur John Goullet. John was the principle of Diversant LLC. He started his career as an IT consultant before he finally decided to venture into IT staffing in 1994.

John Goullet has served many enterprises in many capacities. He served Computer Sciences Corp in early 80’s, The Constell Group from 1983 to 1986, 3rd Info services from 1986 to 1987, Tsr Consultants from 1987 to 1990, and Cap Gemini America from 1990 to 1994. He is a grandaunt of Ursinus College.

John was aware of the emerging trends in the IT world. He founded a company called Info Technology. The primary role of the company was to provide IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

The company was already recognized as one of the fastest growing enterprises in a span of only five years. It acquired the 8th spot on Inc. Magazine. The magazine highlights top 500 fastest growing privately owned businesses in the US. Info Technologies had risen to $30M by this time.

It was until the year 2010 when John Goullet and Gene C. Waddy negotiated to merge Info Technology and Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC. Mr. John is the principal of the company. He continues with his passion for developing new ways to arrest the ever-evolving challenges in the IT world. Mr. Gene C. Waddy holds the position of chief executive officer and owner of Diversant LLC.

Diversant LLC is charged with IT solutions and staffing services for Fortune 500 and other mid-market companies around the US today. You stand to benefit from a full range of IT services when you engage this company. The services range from IT staffing augmentation, temporary, contingent and short-term hire solutions for enterprises, user experience design services, veteran programs, minority business enterprise programs, and much more.

Job seekers also benefit hugely from this company by getting opportunities such as applications and mobile technology development, database and network administrators, IT auditors, project managers, and system analysts.

Many sectors are enjoying the services of Diversant LLC. The services include banking, financial services, Energy Sector, Government, Insurance and reinsurance, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical and biotechnology, manufacturing, telecommunication, and healthcare industries.

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Capitol Anesthesiologists Associates Make Surgery Bearable For Kids

When Mark Stratton, 12, started having mild abdominal pains after meals, his mother, Julie, wanted to give it a while to see if it would resolve on its own. Julie was worried that another trip to the doctor’s office could mean huge medical bills that she couldn’t pay. But after the pain persisted for two weeks, it was clear they needed to see a doctor.

They were directed to Dell Children’s Medical Center. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the doctor emerged with the news no parent wants to hear – Mark had a rare form of pancreatic cancer called islet cell carcinoma. “At first I was devastated”, she said. “But the doctor quickly reassured us that this was a highly treatable form of cancer”. But Mark would need to undergo a major operation, referred to as the Whipple procedure. “The thing I worried most about was the pain. They had to open him up, god I didn’t want to think about that”, she says, holding back tears.

Luckily, Julie was connected with a team of anesthesiologists from the Capitol Anesthesiologist Association. They assured her that with a professional team carefully administering the agent Propofol, that Mark would be unaware of anything during the operation.

The operation was a huge success.

“I was really scared”, said Mark. But when asked if he was in a lot of pain, he said, “yeah, but mostly when I got home and didn’t take my pain meds”.

Today Mark is cancer free and both he and Julie are grateful for the expert services of the Capitol Anesthesia Association.

Finding the Right Smart Lighting

There are a lot of homeowners who would like to have better control over all of the electric that is in their home so that they can reduce the cost of their bill each and every month. One way that you can accomplish this is by making the switch to something known as Gooee smart lighting. Smart lighting is totally different from anything you have probably used in the past because of the fact that it actually gives you greater control over all of the lights that are found in your house no matter which room they happen to be located in. This is a great option for people who are truly choosing this for their household needs.

One of the most important things that you need to consider is switching to Smart Lighting in order to save money. A lot of people who are making the switch to Gooee smart lighting ( are realizing that they can actually save a lot more money than they have ever realized was possible. It is great to know that you can save a ton of money just by making the switch to a more energy-efficient lighting option that is also going to give you greater control over the electric that is found all over your house. You can turn light on or even off by using your smartphone and the lights will turn themselves off if they sense that the room is already very well lit to save even more money for that homeowner.