How Greg Secker Teaches People The Strategy For Trading

Greg Secker plays many roles in life. He is a business owner and expert at trading. He is also a motivational speaker and a philanthropist. He lives in London, England, and owns Knowledge to Action Group, a company he formed in 2003. Through this company and its subsidiaries he supplies the information and digital tools people need to make money using Forex Markets.

When he founded Knowledge to Action Group, Greg Secker says that he did so for two reasons. The first was that he saw an opportunity where people wanted to trade currencies on Forex Markets but they didn’t know how. Secondly, he says it was also partially out of boredom. He had made enough money that he didn’t need to work anymore but sitting around at home trading currencies on his own was getting a bit dull.

Greg Secker created the first United Kingdom company that taught people how trade coaching company. His workshops are two-day long affairs where people learn how to use Forex markets and what the best strategy is to make money. The people who take his courses are far more prepared to trade successfully than those who attempt to do so on their own.

Greg Secker has made millions through trading. He already had several million before hitting age 30. For several years he had worked on Wall Street in the United States. While in the U.S. he was a top executive at Mellon Financial Corporation. After he retired from Wall Street having made a fortune he returned home to the UK.

The Greg Secker Foundation helps people both in the UK and internationally. Among the charities in the UK he has financially given to are The Christmas Basket Brigade and Barnardo’s UK. In Africa he has given to the Ubuntu Education Fund and a youth mentoring program in South Africa. After a hurricane hit the Philippines he had traveled to that country to help out. while there he started a project that reinforces people’s homes so that they can better withstand typhoon-force wind and rain.