Wes Edens Purchases Soccer Club

Last year the Milwaukee Bucks co-owner, Wes Edens, bought a majority stake in the English soccer club, Aston Villa. Wes Edens went into this investment, partnering with the Egyptian billionaire, Naseef Sawiris. Their 55 percent ownership stake cost them $39 million. The purchased it from the former owner, Tony Xia, who will remain with the club as co-chairman. This 55 percent takeover was only the first step of the partners’ intention to eventually take full ownership.

Wes Edens has found much success in his role co-owning the Bucks. At that time he and a partner purchased the team for $550 million. Now he is hoping to meet with the same success with the currently struggling Aston Villa. The club competes in the international revered Premier League and has huge fans all over the world. However, only the top teams are allowed into the Premier League, with only 20 teams allowed in. With its current losing streak, is no longer in the league. It was ousted in 2016 after a particularly bad season.

But they are certain this status is temporary. Aston Villa has met with bad streaks before and has always bounced back so the leadership is confident their standing in the league will soon go in. The last straw for Xia came last May when the team almost won the championship of minor leagues but barely missed out by losing at Wembley Stadium. At this time they just need a little bit more to get back into the Premier League. A win at this English Football League Championship would have done the trick. Edens is presently working with the team in complete restructuring.

Wes Edens and Sawiris have in the past partnered on a number of other successful ventures. The two also currently co-own NSWE. Wes Edens first entered the financial world by obtaining his degree in finance from Oregon State University in 1984.

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Guilherme Paulus- A Successful Business Person

Guilherme Paulus is one of the leading business persons in Brazil. He has the biggest tour company in the country as well as one of the largest accommodation company. He is dominating the tourism sector in Brazil through the initiatives he has started. He is keen on making a difference in the lives of the people by ensuring that he has created an environment where the economy can grow. Through his businesses, he has employed thousands of Brazilians directly and indirectly. He has totally taken over the business and is trying to make Brazil a top tourism destination. His tour company is known as CVC. He recently sold part of the shareholding to another company known as Carlyle Group.

Guilherme Paulus is one of the people who have proved that despite the challenges that business people in Brazil are experiencing, there is still a chance to make the best out of the industry. There is an opportunity to make as much money as possible in the country through business operations. His brilliant ideas have seen country benefit from his businesses. Thousands of tourists are now coming into the country because of the marketing he has done through his company. Paulus has done great job of ensuring that the industry never dies.

Guilherme Paulus is keen his also the founder and chairman of GJP Hotels and Resorts. He started the accommodation business in 2005 when he spotted an opportunity to make tourists feel cosy while in the country. Tourism and good accommodation go hand in hand, and through the hotels business, Guilherme is taking the industry to another level. He has remained focused on the tour industry, and that is why he can spot some excellent opportunities that others cannot. He invested over $200 million in the GJP. Currently, 19 hotels and resorts are belonging to this company that is spreading across the country. Guilherme Paulus is not only promoting international tourism but also domestic tourism. He believes that tourism is not a reserve of foreign visitors.

Guilherme Paulus is passionate about business, and that is why he has managed to be a successful leader. He has done so much for his country through his entrepreneurial ambition. He is proof that anyone can succeed as long as there is commitment. He started CVC aged 24 years. He did not have the money to run the company, but he still managed to succeed.

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Wes Edens’ Moves To The Top

Wes Edens’ Moves to the Top

Wes Edens is a successful businessman whose thirst for success could be seen from the time he was a teenager. While a growing up, he was a perfect skier who was always eager to achieve great things. Edens has a bachelor’s degree in Finance Business Administration he attained from the University of Oregon. After completing his studies, Edens career journey when he was hired by the Lehman Brothers as one of the partners at the same time also playing the role of the managing director. After serving at Lehman Brothers for six years, he moved to BlackRock which is a private equity investment firm where is also played the role of a managing director amongst other roles. He remained in the company until 1997.

Wes Edens’ Career and Business Life

After getting out BlackRock Private Equity Firm, Wes Edens became one of the five principals who joined with four other investors to form Fortress Investment Group. Wes has a unique style of investment which was once described by The Wall Street Journal in one of their articles as inventive financing and contrarian bids. After forming the Fortress Investment Group in the year 1998, it quickly expanded and it started managing various companies and investments like real estate and providing debt securities. After 10 years of operating as the biggest private investment group, Wes Edens and the four principals decided to go public hence becoming the first private investment group to go public in the United States.

Apart from being one of the principals of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens also has a lot of investments like NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks which is a basketball team he co-owns. Wes has also launched Brightline Smart Services which is the first private passengers train in the United States. The train operates from Miami and Fort Lauderdale a distance that is supposed to take 45 minutes. However, the distance between the two locations had been a problem for many residents of Florida since the destination was too far for a drive and also too short to fly. Wes Edens saw this problem and decided to use the opportunity to help the residents of Florida and also make profits.

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Talos Energy Is Now An Empire

Talos Energy is a company that focuses on the exploration, development, and production of gases and oils. It is located in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. It has a team of experienced individuals in management and who are experts in its operation. The group of leadership at Talos Energy has a strong record of accomplishment for many years and has always made the company have positive results.

Key individuals who included Timothy S. Duncan, Michael Harding, John A. Parker, and Stephen E. Heitzman founded it in 2012. Its headquarters are located in the United States of America in Houston, Texas. The president of the company who is also the CEO Timothy S. Duncan started the company with $600 million equity that Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings awarded him.

Talos Energy has provided many job opportunities to various people across the regions it operates. Among the growth opportunities it offers include production, corporate discipline, and exploration. It is well known for providing good and favorable working conditions such as giving top advancement opportunities for its workers. It also promotes flexible working conditions for employees to help them balance life and work.

According to a survey conducted by the top career survey such as Glassdoor, Indeed and LinkedIn, Talos Energy is among the best places to seek employment. Talos Energy Top workplaces include the Zama-1 that is situated in Gulf of Mexico in the shallow waters. It was discovered in July 2017 by Talos Energy in collaboration with Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Oil. About 1.4 billion and 2 billion barrels of light crude oil was discovered in this Gulf of Mexico.

The company has been awarded as being the best top workplace in the region several times. It has been granted in a row from 2013 to 2017. Talos Energy received an award “Discovery of the Year 2017” in a special ceremony that is conducted every June by WoodMackenzie. This special recognition was due to its incredible discovery of the offshore Gulf of Mexico known as Zama-1 in July 2017. According to WoodMackenzie, this was the first exploration that was well conducted by a private firm in Mexico.

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David McDonald From A Farm Boy To The President Of OSI And Contributions To The Iowa Community.

OSI is a diverse conglomerate that has not only reached the global market but also changed the lives of thousands of people. Led by David McDonald, OSI has offered employment opportunities and has stuck on its agenda for sustainability by producing quality meat products. Under David’s leadership, OSI has made several acquisitions including Baho foods, which has contributed significantly to their market growth.

McDonald is the president and Chief Operating Officer at OSI group. His rise to these top positions has been gradual and a sign of brilliance. From a project manager to the president, David has exercised his duties with a lot of dedication.

His journey started in Northeast Iowa, where he was born and raised. David McDonald is more than qualified to run this huge company. From the experience academic background, David has acquired knowledge to take OSI to great heights. David graduated in 1987 with animal science bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University upon which he managed to secure a position at OSI. Since then, he has picked up the skills and knowledge to run the company. David was also recognized for his outstanding achievements at the university and was honored with the Outstanding Senior Award Wallace E. Barron.

As an alumnus of the Iowa State University and part of the Iowa State community, David McDonald has extended a hand to help transform the society. He is actively involved in one of the university’s initiatives, Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. He also supports the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity financially in their scholarship funding. As the president of OSI group, David McDonald has played an essential role in the company’s initiative to offer students with internship opportunities.

Besides being involved with the Iowa State University, David is associated with St. Michael Parish, and The American Meat Institute as well. He is the chairman of the American Meat Institute board of directors. His involvement to make a change to the community has led him to receive ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award, 2004 and Iowa State University Foundation’s Emerging Philanthropist Award, 2014.

David McDonald OSI roles have not barred him from having a family. David and his wife, Malinda have been blessed with six children. Two of them are part of the Iowa State University. McDonald in partnership with other executives has helped OSI group establish its presence in 17 different countries and have been the recipients of several awards. David continues to be involved in Iowa State Community development without compromising his leadership roles.

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Structuring The Fortress Investment To Achieve Results.

When three partners came together to establish the Fortress Investment Group they chose to focus on a number of areas. This focus would evolve into their core competencies that include.


In this kind of investing the Fortress Investment Group uses private equity funds and credit to invest in many areas. They have subdivisions within the group that analysis and make decisions on assets in real estate company, media, transport & infrastructure, capital assets, and other diverse investments. This asset-based investing can be either fully owned, managed or shareholding.

Industry Knowledge

The Fortress investment group has a number of experts in various fields. These are responsible for establishing expertise in specific areas to ensure that the company makes merit-based decisions on any investment they make. Industry knowledge is also important when it comes to distressed assets as they can work out the chances of revival based on the industry the asset falls under. Their professionals are also part of the team that advises other divisions on the relations they have with different firms and companies.

Operations Management

By developing tools for structural, operational and strategic assessment, the Fortress investment group has been able to streamline operations in various assets they manage. This also helps them determine the value that can be extracted from every investment even before its made.

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Fortress is able to work with boards management teams to organize mergers and acquisitions. They ensure that every party can achieve what they set out to get as apart of the deal while executing the deal in a structured and professional manner.

Capital Markets

By securing debt and equity from the capital market, they are able to secure low- cost low-risk financing for investment.

The group today continues to focus on asset management and has grown the portfolio under the following segments Private Equity has 3 billion under management, Permanent Capital Vehicles has 7.5 billion under management, Credit Private Equity this has the biggest portfolio of the four, and it has 17.9 billion dollars in assets under management. Finally, there are Credit Hedge Funds, which constitute 8 billion dollars. The success of Fortress is expected to continue following its recent acquisition by SoftBank for 3.3 billion dollars. They agreed to offer a forty percent premium on share price. This showed their determination to make the acquisition success given they had been trying to do the same for the last two years.

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Stream Energy’s Commitment To Give Back To Its Customers

Stream Energy is one of the largest direct selling energy companies in the world. It was founded in 2005 and has used word of mouth to sell energy. The unique tactic helped to position Stream energy in an already crowded industry. The company provides energy plans such as the Stream Budget Power Plan, which has a standard low payment for the customer all year, the smart 30 thermostat plan that comes with a free Lyric thermostat. The program allows users to control their home temperature remotely using a smartphone or a tablet. Apart from offering options effective for saving cost, Stream energy is also committed to preserving the environment. They provide an opportunity for customers to purchase green and clean services sourced from renewable energy.

Stream Energy takes corporate philanthropy very seriously and has set up a robust corporate social responsibility section. The company recently launched a charity foundation known as Stream Cares to formalize its generosity and make it available countrywide. During the hurricane Harvey disaster, Stream was at the forefront of helping its customers through recovery and easing their financial burden. Their business model helps to build a secure network of customers.

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Through direct selling, they can pay more associates and deliver an array of products to individuals as well as corporates. They earn commission on their sales and also choose a charitable cause, particularly homelessness. The company has kept track of the homelessness rates in Dallas and noted that it is at an increased rate of 24%; this has motivated the company to expand its efforts toward the cause.

Stream Energy has partnered with the Dallas-based Hope Supply Co. to provide a worthwhile experience to homeless children at the annual splash. The event allows homeless children into the water park and allows the employees to involve themselves in this experience as well as providing funding and supplies. The company was also at the forefront in helping the Texas Tornado victims and has also been actively involved in giving moral and financial support to its veterans and their families. The company has committed itself to give back, and it is continuously looking for new and strategic ways to give back especially on causes that combine their efforts with their associates.


Matt Badiali Sheds Some More Light On What Freedom Checks Really Are

The media has been talking a whole lot about what they are calling “Freedom Checks,” for some time now. The man who brought them to the media’s attention is Matt Badiali, and he knows exactly what they have to offer to investors who are interested. While many people have misunderstood what “Freedom Checks” are, they are actually pretty straightforward. Instead of being part of some kind of get-rich-quick scam, they are part of a program that the government implemented many years ago.

Matt Badiali has revealed that “Freedom Checks” are actually Master Limited Partnerships; otherwise known as MLPs. These are business partnerships that work like a publicly traded limited partnership. What this means for investors is that they can enjoy the tax benefits of a partnership, and this also means that the profits from Master Limited Partnerships are only taxed once they are received by investors. MLPs also benefit from the liquidity and flexibility that a public company would normally enjoy. MLPs are traded within the United States, and they work to increase cash flow because they are paid out just like dividends.

In order for a company to qualify for MLPs, over 90% of its revenue must come from the processing, transportation, storage, or creation of oil and gas. MLPs have been around since 1981 but were less regulated back then. While they are more regulated today, Matt Badiali has revealed that they continue to offer investors the same benefits as they always have. Today, there are more than 550 companies who are able to offer “Freedom Checks,” and this is a good thing for investors. Payments are made to investors every three months or every month; depending upon the company, and they can be much larger in some cases than a person’s social security payments.

Matt Badiali is an expert investor who specializes in natural resource investing. He picked up a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences while studying at Penn State and a master’s degree in geology while attending Florida Atlantic University. He is now an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing where he educates his readers about the many possibilities in the world of natural resource investing.

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Shafik Sachedina: Providing The Right Patient Care

Sussex Healthcare established itself as being the largest healthcare network and has given out good quality care to over thousands of mentally challenged, disabled, and elderly patients. Shafik Sachedina is a huge part of that because he is the co-founder and chairman who helped to bring Sussex Healthcare to life.

Between Shaifik Sachedina’s dental background and Shariz Boghani’s knowledge of hotel industry, this company has not only been successful but is still growing and thriving. When it comes to the caregiving industry, not everyone is able to say that. While there are critical shortages elsewhere. Sussex Healthcare is protected from that. They provide the best wellness lifestyle that every patient needs and take no shortcuts in giving them the best care possible. This is how you stay in business. Sussex Healthcare has proven to be a winner.

With Shafik Sachedina’s help, Sussex offers plenty of treatments that most elderly patients and disabled patients would need. Some of those services include therapy that is planned according to their needs, hydrotherapy, personal training, utilizing the gym, physiotherapy, and educational programs. Patients are also able to get a healthy diet plan that provides nutritional value. It is important for the patient’s overall health to be fit. From socializing, to keeping in shape, and eating right every patient has their own customized plan to help them slow down the diseases that plague them.

Shafik Sachedina also looks for the staff to be professional and handle patients with care. That is why Sussex have their training academy. While encouraging the employees to take classes, this sets them up for promotions and raises. When you have staff that is dedicated to making Sussex stand out from other caregiving facilities, you know that this healthcare network is truly wonderful. Also, if an employee has a loved one that needs care, they can get a huge discount for using Sussex.

Shafik Sachedina did a wonderful job with the company for his part. Sussex Healthcare is a great business. The service that is provided there, no other healthcare facility can come close to touching it.

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Better Funding Options: Equities First Holding

Lending Company from Indianapolis that specializes in providing excess capital to businesses. Mainly focusing their services to individuals that demonstrate a high net worth. With many capital solutions this company provides opportunity for additional cash and solve short time liquidity problems. This lending company was formed in 2002. Equities first holdings has a very huge presence in the lending community. EFH has a successful track record with offering additional cash options to businesses that are in need of liquid capital to boost their sales. Equities first holdings only lend too the wealth or businesses with high creditably. Client that choose to receive lending from equity first holdings mostly use the funding for expanding business practice, research and development, or manufacturing products. With this type Financial assistance this company will grow exponentially faster.