Whitney Wolfe founded the Bumble app-an online dating application that allows communication between two individuals that are interested in each other. Women are the only one allowed to commence a conversation with their male matches in heterosexual matches. Bumble app was sent forth in December 2014, and its headquarters are situated in Austin, Texas.

Bumble has set development plans which are underway, and some have been implemented. The plans are to aid Bumble to be at the top of its competitors. The management of app recently moved into a new office in Austin, Texas. The new office has currently employed 40 employees. The company is also planning to release the app which is redesigned in the fall. This will enable users swap between Bumble for dating.

Bumble BFF is a redesigned Bumble app for friendship purposes. It’s where one can meet his/her best friends. This has highly been used by individuals who are new in towns or are in vacation in some new environment. Bumble Bizz is a section of the app that deals with networking. One can make career connection minus any romantic ties. To get the connections, one is only supposed to swipe left or right on potential contacts. Women are still given the priority of reaching out first.

Last week, the CEO of Bumble got hitched to her now husband, Michael Herd in a delightful ceremony held at the Villa Treville. On that special day, the bride wore a prodigious Oscar de la Renta wedding dress. The two got engaged in July 2016 since they had met back in 2014 on Valentine’s Day.

The venue that is located in Positano gave the guests a clear view of the beautiful Italian coast. The event occurred in the open air and lit up with twinkling candles. Despite the wedding being a destination type of a wedding, it was highly attended with family and friends who can to share and celebrate with the couples cherished day.

After the ceremony, the reception of the guests was held in an outdoor venue. The reception was eye-catching held in a charming tree orchard having a lemon-themed décor. The lemon trees canopy lent a dreamy and romantic venue. The couple selected a massive, single-tier wedding cake. The cake was loaded with different types of fruits. After the wedding ceremony, what was to be next was the honeymoon which they planned to spend in France and Italy.

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Reviews are in on Fabletics!

The way we shop has changed and consumers today don’t trust brands like they used to. They don’t always give in to catchy jingles, flashy ads, or the belief that if it costs more then its better. Now its all about the reviews! Consumers look to other people to tell them what they thought of a product or service. If a product has a low review then consumers arent going to waste their money on it if its failed other people. On the other hand, if the reviews are good then they trust that this is something they will like and feel comfortable spending their money on. Nobody wants to waste their time and money on something to end up disappointed, so being able to see the reviews gives you a sense of comfort in your purchase.


Companies who show their reviews and have them available for consumers to see have an increase in business. Kate Hudson’s “Fabletics” brand has done just this. By showing the reviews that people have given, she has been able to grow her company by more than 200% since it launched in 2013. Any one who is skeptical or unsure of the brand can look at the reviews, see the ratings, and read the comments that people have sent in on the brand. By showing that the brand is well priced, the products are good quality, and that others like yourself love it, increases a consumers likelihood to purchase for themselves.


Along with great reviews another reason for the success of the brand is the face behind it, Kate Hudson. She pushed to make a brand that was affordable and accessible to all women with an active lifestyle. She believes in the company and continues to make sure that she is involved in all aspects of the company. She helps with the designs, confirms prices, checks quality, and overall makes sure that everything is up to her standards as a consumer of her own brand. She even upgraded the customer service department because she believed that clear communication is a priority.


Kate Hudson joined with a parent company so that she had the best design and marketing staff to take her brand where she wanted it to go. They rely heavily on technology to help them continue to grow. They use the reviews and the data they collect to figure out which products work and which ones don’t so they can push to give the consumers what they want. Another great service that they off is to match consumers with the perfect outfit. They use their data and personalized information to come up with an outfit that will fit your taste and what you need in your active life. If you’re unsure about if this works, go take their Lifestyle Quiz and see what outfit you get! The quiz must be coming up with great outfit choices because currently Fabletics has 1.2 million members and they continuing to grow.

Kate Hudson Evolves as Fabletics Grows

Kate Hudson knows about a lot of different things. She has written a book within the last couple of years, and she has starred in more than 40 movies during the course of her acting career. What many people that are not into fitness may not know is that she is also a entreprenuer that has started her own clothing line. Fabletics is the company that she has started, and it caters to a specific group of people that are interested in workout clothing. This is a specific market, but Kate Hudson goes even more into a select market by catering only to females. Her brother is responsible for connecting with males that are interested in fitness clothing through a partner company called FL2, but Hudson keeps her focus on the ladies.


This may be one of the most intriguing things about Fabletics. It is a company that is run by a young woman, and it has become well known in the industry because of her name. She knows that this may be the thing that allows her to successfully compete with Amazon. Kate Hudson has done a great job with competing with Amazon, and she continues to pave the way for more physical Fabletics customers to shop offline.


This is the thing that Kate Hudson has been able to realize in the time that she has been in the business. She knows that there is a great online crowd, but she realizes that there is more potential for her to market to a crowd by going offline. Even with the millions of customers that she has so far, Kate knows that there are millions of other customers that she has never been able to get to. This is largely because she has only had a couple of the Fabletics stores in a few states. There are less than a dozen in existence right now. These stores are doing well, but there are millions of people that still have never heard of the brand.


She knows that she has the ability to connect with some of these consumers if they could only find out about this company. She also recognizes that withv any competition with Amazon that it is vital to go and reach crowds offline. She has managed to become quite successful in building her Fabletics brand on the internet, but she knows that a market saturation is coming.


What Hudson realizes is that the internet crowd and internet sales can only go so far when she is competing directly against a company as large as Amazon. Her competitive advantage is to build up a company outside of the Internet. This is what will allow her company to thrive and grow at a rate that she could not do if she only relied on the Internet.


Fabletics is growing at very fast rate, and Kate Hudson has often said that this is because the company has grown along with her. She has evolved from an actress to a businesswoman.

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