Southridge Capital and Corporate Issues

Southridge Capital is a company that deals with diversified holding matters. The organization has its headquarters at the northeastern region of the United States. The company allows its customers to reach all the kinds of financial options and paths. The company posts messages on Twitter since 2010. The topics that the messages deal with are those that are of interest to the company clients. These topics involve financial matters, medical care, local programs, not-for-profit groups, upcoming equity deals, and charity. For the past 20 years or so, the company has been able to fund more than 250 public firms. Due to this, the organization deeply understands sophisticated problems that are common when enlarging businesses. In addition to this, the employees of the company have the knowledge required to advise the customers of all the kinds of corporate issues. Besides, the organization helps such companies that want to become public entities as well as providing tailored financial strategies. Check out Ideamensch for more.

The main areas of expertise for Southridge Capital are efficiency advisory and financial services. The customers depend on the skillful employees at the organization for services like balance sheet improvement, finance evaluations, and restructuring assessments to bankruptcy guidance. Additionally, the workers at the company have proper knowledge regarding mergers and acquisitions. Furthermore, Southridge Capital is famous for providing its clients with the best designed financial help which involves securitization, financing options, and credit strengthening. Stephen M. Hicks is the founder of the company as well as the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Hicks is responsible for all the strategic ideas that take place within the company. Moreover, Mr. Hicks takes care of all the business development issues. Other leaders of the company include Chief Financing Officer and Controller, Nadine Persaud, Henry B. Sargent who is the Chief Operating Officer, and Research Director, Lawrence J. Ditkoff.

Southridge is committed to providing a complete range of innovative financial solutions to meet the different needs of its diverse group of customers. The company just redefined its structure to deliver the products and services better than its customers want. Lately, the company re-energized its brand to show the kind of products and services its able to provide. You can visit their Facebook page.


Randal Nardone Rises To Top With Fortress Investment group

Randy Nardone, he has been in the business of financial services for quite a long time. That is the reason he is famous over the financial sectors; even in the Forbes Billionaire List, he is the 557th very rich person on the planet. Randy went to the prestigious University of Connecticut and the Boston University. From the two universities, he specialized in arts. From school, Nardone joined universe of professions as a work searcher as well as a business pioneer, coach, team leader and organizer of different organizations.The organization he established is Fortress Investment group. Randal Nardone has been filling in as the CEO of Fortress Investment Group since its establishment in 1998.

It is a firm that gives credit assets and private value administrations for different organizations, the administration calls for excellent authority skills that can develop the firm. All things considered, Randal Nardone did his best to grow the skylines of the organization to various extents of its administrations.Aside from working for Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone worked for different organizations in various sectors, including Fortress Credit Corporation where he filled in as the co-founder and principal, Spring leaf Financial Holdings, Fortress investment fund, Fortress investment trust and Newcastle Investment Holdings among others. Randal Nardone was a senior official.

This goes ahead to disclose his devotion to serving in different capacities in various department. Since Nardone has shown to be reliable and respectable of his leadership title, Softbank Group has chosen to hold him in spite of the attainment of Fortress Investment Group. To begin with, he declared early this year (2018), Softbank Group finished its business deal with Fortress Investment Group. , the two have been in talks for quite a while. With this procurement, Fortress Investment Group’s administration will change. That is anything but a bad thing in light of the fact that Randal Nardone and his associates, the principals, will even now be a piece of the new administration. Learn More.

Peter Briger’s Success Trickles to the Society

Besides being a partner with the Goldman Sachs & Co., Peter Briger is also the current President and co-Chairman of the Fortress Investment Group, an investment management firm leading in asset management globally. Peter’s career journey was exciting, having had the privilege to attend the Princeton University to pursue his undergraduate degree. After completion, he joined the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, where he acquired his Master Degree in Business Administration. Immediately after attainment of his Master, he joined Goldman Sachs & Co., an investment banking company where he started his career. There he worked at different levels of functionalities ranging from operations to leadership and management.

During his tenure at the reputable investment bank, Peter Briger engaged indulged himself into learning more about the various investment strategies such as real estate, foreign investment, loans, and trading. He became so proficient in the financial acumen that the same reputable banking company that had hired him decided to partner with him. Later in the year 2002, Peter Briger made a very remarkable move of his life. He left Goldman Sachs and joined Fortress Investment Group as a co-principal. At Fortress, Briger’s expertise was highly needed because the company was young and it had been experiencing slow growth. With the help of the extensive experience and investment knowledge that he had gained during his tenure at Goldman Sachs & Co, Peter was able to impact on the company’s performance and saw it grow its assets under management from a miserable $400 million to a whopping $32 million by 2007.

Under the able leadership of Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group has seen itself in the good books of the public for the better part of its existence period. The good publication has also been complemented by the industry performance-based accolades that Fortress Group has received under the leadership of Briger. For instance, in 2010 and 2011, the Institutional magazine named Fortress the “Hedge Fund of the Year.” In 2014, another publication that is very prominent in the investment industry named the group the “Management Firm of the Year.” This spoke volumes about the spectacular work of Peter Briger as the senior-most manager. One life attribute of Peter the makes him an adorable leader is his belief in education. He believes that education is an essential key to the progress of individuals and the society in general. With this in his mind, he sets funds that he uses to pay for the needy children’s education, all in the quest for liberating the society by alleviating poverty.

Randal Nardone And The Foundation And Growth Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the co-founder and CEO of the investment management firm Fortress Investment Group. Initially focused on private equity, the company now invests in private equity, permanent capital, credit, real estate and more. Nardone started the company in 1998 with Wesley Edens and Robert Kauffman. With its NYSE launch in 2007, Fortress Investment Group became America’s first publicly traded large private equity firm. By 2016 the company had $70.2 billion in assets under management. Before starting Fortress Investment Group, Nardone had worked in financial services for over a decade.A University of Connecticut graduate with degrees in Biology and English, Randal Nardone also attended Boston University School of Law where he earned his juris doctor.

After starting his professional career at the law firm Thatcher Profit and Wood, Nardal decided to focus on financial services instead and accepted a position with Blackrock Financial Management. Nardone then moved to UBS where he was a managing director. The husband and father of one left UBS in 1997 to start Fortress Investment Group. When the company went public, Randal Nardone had a net worth of $1.8 billion and was the world’s 557th wealthiest billionaire according to Forbes. Since founding Fortress Investment Group Randal Nardone has held executive and management positions in a number of its subsidiaries. Some of those companies include Newcastle Investment Holdings, Euro Castle Investment, GAGFAH S.A., Brookdale Senior Living Group Holding Ltd, Fortress Investment Fund IV and V, Springleaf Financial Holdings, Fortress Registered Investment Trust, IMPAC Commercial Holdings, Inc.

OneMain Holdings, Inc., Florida East Coast Holdings Corp. and several others. Under the leadership of Randal Nardone and his co-principals, Fortress Investment Group has played an instrumental role in financing projects in a number of areas including digital marketing, mortgage services and even golf courses. The Japanese company the Sofbank Group, led by Masayoshi Son, were so impressed with the work Nardone and the team at Fortress Investment Group has done, they purchased the company for $3.3 billion and asked Nardone and the leadership group to remain in charge of the company. The New York based investment company will work as an independent entity within Sofbank. Randal Nardone’s vision for what Fortress Investment Group could become has come to fruition. The company has made groundbreaking moves that have significantly impacted the financial services industry. Randal Nardone’s switch from law to financial services has helped to make him into a billionaire.

Richard Dwayne Blair Helps His Clients Achieve Their Financial Goals Through Carefully Crafted Plans:

Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered financial advisor and the owner of Austin, Texas-based Wealth Solutions, Inc. He received his education in financial management services from the University of Houston, Texas. Richard’s mission at Wealth Solutions, Inc. is to provide advice and strategies to investors, who range from families, individuals and business owners, in the areas of wealth protection, retirement and customized investment. His goal is to help his clients achieve their financial goals.

The core of the advice that Richard Dwayne Blair gives to his clients is the need to have a well thought out plan in place in order to achieve one’s goal of financial freedom. In regard to this, he has three main points that he asks his clients to consider in planning for their financial future.

The first point Richard Dwayne Blair espouses to his clients is the need to develop a roadmap of where your goals lie and how you want to get there. Within this goal, Richard seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s needs and concerns. Richard considers it critical that he understand each individual client’s strengths as well as their tolerance for risk. Richards second point of concentration is to develop an investment strategy that will work over the long term.

These strategies are individually tailored to each client and their overall goals. The last point that Richard considers when developing a plan of advice for a client is to move to the stage of implementation. Once a plan has been implemented, it is then critical to continuously monitor the results and make any course corrections where necessary.

These measures that Richard Blair takes in offering financial advice to his clients are designed to help build a comprehensive financial and investment plan for the individual, family or business that he is working with.


Equities First Holdings News: Developing Partnerships with New Companies

Rational thoughts are a thing of the past when it comes to creating news these days. Reporters will only chase after a story that deem terrorizing or sad, or upsetting enough. That is why everyone needs to read news articles like this one. This news on Equities First Holdings will have you being more happy than you have been in awhile. The EFH company, time is important, as well as many other things. However, one of the most important things to them is partnerships and making relationships last. So, the company is hoping that their new partnership with the ETC company will give them the lasting relationship they are looking for.

About EFH

With the Equities First Holdings company you will be able to just throw out any of those fears that have been being stored in the back of your mind about being unimportant in comparison to the rest of the clients. With the EFH company, every client matters.

As CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello inherits a Storied Firm with Pedigree

Prior to its incredible turnaround, led by Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries was a struggling firm with a storied past. The company was founded as one of the first drillers in Alaska’s Prudhoe oil fields. As one of the first companies to extract oil on the North Slope of Alaska, Nabors Industries played a crucial role in the development of that state’s oil resources and the subsequent wealth that they produced for Alaska’s Natives and all of its residents and read full article.

However, by the mid-‘80s, the company had fallen into mismanagement and was leaking money at an astounding rate. Eventually, the company was forced into chapter 11 restructuring and was teetering on the very brink of closure. It was at this time that Tony Petrello was brought on board as the last best hope to save the company from almost certain annihilation.

When the board of directors hired Petrello, they got more than they could possibly have hoped for. Petrello brought to the table a strong vision and formidable ability to realize the full potential of Nabors Industries’ human capital. He immediately change the direction in which the company had been previously headed. Petrello made a conscious decision to focus on the development of new drilling technologies, which would be crucial to the extraction of North American hard oil in the decades to come.

With the discoveries of both the Bakken Shale and the immense tar sands region of Canada, this bet on high technology and more efficient drilling equipment started to pay off in a major way. Nabors Industries quickly became North America’s go to firm for providing state-of-the-art drilling equipment that was needed for the extraction of the difficult-to-reach oil that was deposited within the deep shale reserves of North Dakota and his Facebook.

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Brazilian Investment Adviser Igor Cornelsen Explains Types of Diversification

You might have heard of the value of financial “diversification.” This is a great way for you to handle downturns in the market. If you lose some money, a diversified portfolio will not fall all the way down to zero. Brazilian stock investment businessman Igor Cornelsen explains the various types of diversification.

“Asset Type”

The “Rule of 100” is a common investing tool to help you gauge the balance of stocks and bonds in your wealth portfolio. Basically, you subtract your age to determine the percentage of stocks, you should have in your portfolio.

As you age, you might want more conservative investments, like bonds. Mr. Igor Cornelsen can help you balance the asset types in your portfolio. This can help you handle any severe changes in the economy.

“Risk Tolerance”

Each investor has his own “risk tolerance.” This means the “amount of risk you can handle with an investment.” Certain stocks will have a much more dramatic range of prices when they are trading. If you can handle risk, you might like more energy, bio-technology, Internet and startup firms.

Derivatives also are rated based on their risk characteristics. A mortgage backed security (MBS) will have certain tranches aimed at certain types of investors. Some rental properties might have more irregular revenue streams on You can discuss your risk tolerance with Mr. Cornelsen and find the ideal financial product.

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“Country & Currency”

In the modern investing climate, geographical investment diversity is also quite important. As an expert in Brazilian banking, Mr. Igor Cornelsen can help you find good financial products in the country . This allows you to handle any crises in one particular nation.

A good example is the Brexit vote on Lulu. Before the vote, some Brits were selling their pounds for euros. If you already had some investments in other countries, you would be well-protected.

Asset values go “up-and-down” – diversification smooths over these rough spots. When you find the ideal asset mix, you can prepare for any exigency. You should also work with your wealth adviser Igor Cornelsen to modify the mix each year to better reflect your needs.

Igor Cornelsen’s Advice On Why People Should Zero In On Passive Income

There is the need to have a broad economy that guarantees employment to young people given that many people are graduating from college. However, as the economy grows, most young people have been forced to consider alternative forms of businesses including self-employment.

In recent years, most people have come to realize the benefits of passive income. Based on the inquiries from the internet, it is clear that passive income is a new area that one should consider knowing about. The conversation in different social media and online platforms is a good indicator of the need for the people to consider investing in passive income.

According to Igor Cornelsen, many people are interested in making more money. However, they would like to make such money without the need of direct involvement. People are now investing in activities that have a guaranteed passive or residue income because of its many benefits.

The first benefit is that one does not have to be present him or her to make the income. For one to create active income, he or she should be actively involved in such money-generating venture. This means that when an individual is not directly involved, he or she would not make money. For active income, people will continue working irrespective of being sick, tired of bored. In passive income, one needs to locate a good income-generating activity besides setting up sound strategies. Once these strategies are functioning, such an individual will not be required to check the performance of the activity on a regular basis. This situation allows an individual to zero in on other activities.

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Igor Cornelsen – LinkedIn

The other benefit of passive income is continuous flow of income. With the fast professional life, time is quickly becoming a scarce commodity. People have hardly any time to catch sleep or relax. Individuals are working longer hours. According to Igor, passive income generating activities do not require one to monitor the situation at all times. Through passive income, money can be generated even when one is asleep, sick or out of town.

Igor Cornelsen posits that generation of active income requires an individual to invest some resources at the beginning. More resources are be channeled towards monitoring or tracking the activities. These resources may be expended on an individual employed to oversee the active income activities. However, passive income is a one-off activity. Once the activity is running, an individual will not be needed to add more resources.

Igor asserts that the cost of living has been increasing on a daily basis. People have to spend more money to make ends meet. He continues to say that with the increase in daily pressures, time has seemed to decline. Currently, most people are creating income by zeroing in on activities that are generating passive or residue income. Igor concludes by saying that the best option is for people to start their own online businesses as they can start with any budget and at the comfort their houses.

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