The Historic Career of Lori Senecal

Some professionals have spectacular careers. Lori Senecal is no different. Her career is filled with accommodations, recognitions, awards, and promotions. Some of her greatest achievements happened at CP+B, where she currently serves as Global CEO. When she joined CP+B, they created that position just for her.

Though most people don’t know her name, she’s the greatest worker anyone in the advertising industry could want. She specializes in growing companies on a more global scale. She turned CP+B into an international ad agency with some of the biggest clients. She’s the most valuable team member Chuck Porter, founder and Chairman of CP+B, ever hired.

According to GC Report, Lori Senecal is the greatest partner Porter’s worked with. She changed the company in all the right places while maintaining its family like atmosphere. All of her colleagues love working with her, and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye.

Since she joined the company, she’s landed numerous accounts for CP+B. She even stole American Airlines away from TM Advertising. TM and American Airlines worked together for more than two decades. Yet, Lori Senecal impressed American Airlines enough to snag them for CP+B. She managed to bring a lot of new clients in her first year. Check out to know more.

Senecal plans on leaving more behind than just a huge client list. She’s worked at CP+B for a few years, and she’s planning on retiring at the end of this year. The announcement came as a shock, but she’s working with Porter to ensure a smooth transition.

Their primary focus is developing the next leadership team. To pick the right team leaders, they’re going over every candidate carefully. It’s about more than just filling Lori Senecal’s shoes. It’s about getting the right people who will continue to move the company forward without undoing all the great things that Senecal created.

One name that continues to pop up is Danielle Aldrich. She’s an amazing person who’s earned the respect of Senecal and Porter. She helped Senecal with many of her high-profile accounts.

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Eric Lefkofsky: The Ultimate Mogul of Serial Entrepreneurism

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur who was born and raised in Southfield, Michigan. Eric Lefkofsky’s entrepreneurial ventures started in 1993, and these ventures and the timelines are as follows:

In 1993- Brandon Apparel

  • In 1993- Brandon Apparel- an apparel company that he along with his college friend, Brad Keywell, borrowed funds from relatives to buy.

1n 1999- Starbelly

  • 1n 1999- Starbelly- an early Internet company that he and Keywell created. It specialized in promotional products. Due to it experiencing a quick, pre-bubble Internet growth, it was sold in January 2000 to Halo Industries where Lefkofsky will be the chief operating officer. Over a year later, the organization went bankrupt. Also, Starbelly and Halo were faced with several lawsuits from shareholders in which were all resolved by 2004.

In the fall of 2001- InnerWorkings

  • In the fall of 2001- InnerWorkings- he cofound this company that offered print procurement services for medium sized companies. It became so successful that it became an initial public offering within the US stock market in August 2006. Lefkofsky served on the company until October 2012.

In February 2005- Echo Global Logistics

  • In February 2005- Echo Global Logistics– this is a freight logistics company that was found along with Keywell. In June 2006, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) awarded series D financing to Echo. Also, Echo Global Logistics is now public.

In June 2006- MediaBank

  • In June 2006- MediaBank- found along with Keywell, this is a media buying technology firm. It provides advertising buyers with buying, planning, analysis, and accounting analysis software. New Enterprise Associates also invested in MediaBank in July 2007. Also, Mediaocean was formed when MediaBank and Donovan Data Systems merged upon being approved by the US Justice Department.

In January 2007-

  • In January 2007- this is an online collective action site created by Andrew Mason. Lefkofsky cofound and gave $1,000,000 to fund this company. New Enterprise Associates gave an early stage investment round to this company, and their name changed to in late 2008. New Enterprise Associates and Accel Partners funded $30 million to Groupon in October 2009. $135 million was also invested in April 2010 by Battery Ventures and Digital Sky Technology at a valuation of $1.35 billion. Forbes also reported in August 2010 that Groupon is the history’s fastest growing company. It was reported that Google did offer $6 billion for Groupon, only to be refused possibly due to regulatory and anti-trust scrutiny the deal may face. Furthermore, Groupon’s IPO was the largest from a US web company in November 2011 since Google. At $20 per share, they raised $700 million. Lefkofsky became the CEO of Groupon in August 2013 until November 2015, but he resumed his role as Chairman.

In June 2007- Datatech

  • In June 2007- Datatech- MediaBank acquired Datatech in June 2007. Datatech is a leading media procurement and planning platform in the advertising field.

In February 2010- Lightbank

  • In February 2010- Lightbank- he and Keywell announced this new venture firm that planned on developing new companies in Chicago.

In July 2014- Uptake, LLC

  • In July 2014- Uptake, LLC- this is an analytics company that he cofound.

In 2016, Tempus

  • In 2016, Tempus- this is a technology company that he cofound and serves as its CEO. This technology company enables doctors to deliver personalized cancer care and more information click here.

Information about IAP- The Leading Global Scale Logistics Company in the World

Ingenuity And Purpose Company started as a logistics and procurement company and supplier for generators to the U.S Army in Saudi Arabia and later turned into a partner of the U.S. military in 1990 on IAP has continually won government’s trust and acquired contracts worth $370 million in 2004.

In 2005, IAP Worldwide bought Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc., which was the leading company in operations, maintenance, and management of military bases and other business facilities. IAP also purchased a British engineering company known as G3 that offered support services to their government and international clients. By 2014, IAP had completed all restructuring under new management and their focus firmly on the provision of services.

IAP has more than 2000 employees who work in over 110 locations in more than 25 countries globally. IAP provide creative and innovative services and solutions to the government, private companies and organizations. The workers provide services in the following areas in business including global-scale logistics, management, and maintenance of facilities, construction, base operations, and accounting/finance.

The company covers a broad spectrum; from natural disasters to offering support to the defense agencies in the battlefield. The employees are well-trained, and empowered handle their jobs efficiently and provide a satisfactory customer service.

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IAP mission also focuses on the provision of temporary and permanent power solutions, renewable energy and power plant operations. They work together with manufacturers to design and install renewable energy systems on

They also provide emergency power solutions to Alaska, U.S, Virgin Islands, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. IAP offers Aviation Engineering Solutions to the U.S armed forces; they maintain the aircraft programs, aircraft engineering, and repairs, logistics support as well as upgrading the aircraft hardware and software.

About IT and Communications, IAP uses the latest technology in upgrading networks or creating new ones. They are highly interested in cyber systems security, data and operation centers, security and IT Infrastructure Services among others.

In addition, IAP in partnership with their customers also provide the infrastructure solutions in the field of health and emergency services, power fields, and facilities engineering. They have successfully turned any open space into a community performing various activities.

It is, therefore, evident that IAP Worldwide is the leading international company offering services in the program management with a 100% customer satisfaction. Their headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, FL, with other offices in Washington D.C., Panama City, The United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

IAP Worldwide Becomes Even More Global

IAP Worldwide–the global logistics corporation–has recently acquired two new businesses which will allow them to expand both their reach and the services which they can provide to their clients. These companies–DRS Technologies’ Aviations and Logistics and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions–will be folded into a new Aviation & Engineering unit within IAP. According to their press release, this new unit will be mostly focused on IAP’s governmental contract work, allowing them to expand their services offered and strengthen their links to these existing customers.

These acquisitions are a part of IAP Worldwide’s recent strategy “based on organic growth through customer-focused discipline, lean operations, and innovation in our core government services segment, and inorganic growth realized by acquiring and integrating companies that complement our core business.” This acquisition seems to blend the two aspects of their strategy, by both acquiring a new business and using it primarily as a way to service their existing, governmental customers, and it may be a taste of something more to come for the company in light of this mission.

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IAP Worldwide is a massive employer around the globe–with over 2,000 permanent employees–focusing on logistics and community management in tumultuous areas. From natural disaster response to military organization, IAP Worldwide deals with the “unexpected,” and they have been doing so for more than 60 years. From their start designing the launch base at Cape Canaveral to their ongoing support of the military to their international expansion, becoming an employer in over 20 countries, IAP’s mission statement has been to adopt their customers’ missions and work passionately with that in mind.

IAP also works to make sure that their services and strategies are never static, due to the sensitive and important nature of their work on LinkedIn. Being able to be both fast and flexible when working to save homes and lives is one of the most important qualities that IAP strives for. The compartmentalization of their services is one of the factors that allows them to do this, with each of their units having a specialized field that they focus on while still being under the same umbrella, they can communicate and come up with ideas that a company focused on a single area could not.

Given IAP’s focus on humanitarian efforts, services that affect how people live their lives and how lives can be saved or protected, this expansion hopefully points toward more growth in the company’s future, and more opportunities to meet their goals.

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