Jason Hope’s Passion for the Technology Industry

Jason Hope is a technology expert, businessman, investor, and futuristic. He is also a philanthropist who offers mentorship, support, and funds to startups. Hope has a vision of developing innovative products that can improve the lives of people. The entrepreneur is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and has done a lot of charity work for the communities in the region. He completed his finance degree at Arizona State University and is also an MBA graduate from the Carey School of Business. Jason is appreciated for the contributions that he has made in Arizona and the United States and what Jason Hope knows.

Hope has currently invested his wealth in unique technological products that are well researched and developed. The areas that he has specialized in include mobile applications, desktop software, gaming software, and a couple of other innovations that simplify life. Jason has been striving to develop top-notch products that can solve various problems that people face. As a futuristic, he has always empowered young innovators who are committed to creating excellent technologies. Jason Hope supports the Internet of Things and has been writing about it on his blog and http://finance.yahoo.com/news/jason-hope-explores-internet-things-090000898.html.

The entrepreneur has invested a lot of resources in supporting individuals who are passionate about the technology industry. He believes that the United States currently has thousands of young people who have creative ideas but they lack sufficient resources to develop them into reality. Mr. Hope is a liberal individual and has offered funds to ensure that senior high school and college students can make their innovations real. According to him, SEO, internet marketing, and social media are fast-growing fields that people should watch. Entrepreneurs who have sufficient skills in the areas can start a business. Jason is always ready to offer resources to anyone who has an innovative idea but lacks the capital to develop it and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

The passion of Jason Hope for the technology sector has enabled him to accumulate a lot of wealth. He has offered significant donations to the Arizona community to ensure that everyone lives a comfortable life. A couple of foundations in the region have benefited from the financial support that is offered by Hope. The businessman also values human life and supports humanitarian groups that are committed to making the future of humankind better. The institutions strive to eliminate various factors that lead to death including aging. He has used his resources and influence to ensure that community projects are successful and his Facebook.

ConnectUs Automated Forms: A New Filing Solution From Securus Technology

It’s no wonder to many that Securus Technology has received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Originally starting in Texas, Securus Technologies soon spread its influence across the nation through innovative technological solutions that save millions across the country over time. It has always been the goal of Securus to expand their utility and scope. To that end, they’ve become the premier agency when it comes to law enforcement related solutions for incarcerated inmates. One of their newest solutions is called ConnectUs.

ConnectUs Automated Forms makes it possible for thousands of hours in paperwork to be saved every year. It’s a new platform that provides inmates with endless applications. Additionally, this platform is customizable, and completely secure. Administrators of a given facility have complete control over the extent of access privileges an inmate may have on ConnectUs.

One of the primary functions of this new platform is help inmates fill out forms more quickly. Additionally, they now have the option of monitoring a form they’ve filled out; kind of like a support ticket at a technology organization.

Between medical paperwork, processing of new inmates, sign-up sheets, and complaints and grievances forms, there are quite a few areas in a regular correctional facility where paperwork is vital to operations. While surrogating such paperwork may not always be possible, a large portion of it can be eliminated by ConnectUs.

Securus has the intimate inside experience to understand when and where their new platform can best be unveiled; and to that end, they’ve managed to launch it at a number of facilities with great success. Users were very happy with the platform’s ease of use, and practically ecstatic when they realized the time-saving implications. As ConnectUs is unveiled, there will likely be substantial savings in corrective facilities who are savvy enough to launch it.