Fortress Investment Group: Americas Leading Private Equity Firm

In 2018, the Fortress Investment Group will turn 20 years old, and as a part of their celebrations, the company would go back in time to commemorate the important milestones that they achieved. The private equity firm traces their origin in 1998 after three individuals began to discuss an idea of creating the company. Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman had experiences with the financial industry, and they wanted to build a business that would focus on financial management. They have been working for the BlackRock Financial Management Firm, and they witnessed how the company they are working for started to proliferate because of the demand for this type of companies.

When everything is set into place, the three founders of the Fortress Investment Group started to look for a headquarters where they would set up their office. They chose New York City as their primary headquarters because of the huge number of companies that also holds their main offices in the city. They started to look for potential clients and began to manage millions of dollars in assets. Because of their world-class service and amazing performance in managing their clients’ assets, they started to gain more clients who wanted their assistance. From managing millions worth of assets, they are now managing billions. To earn more profit, the founders of the company thought about introducing the Fortress Investment Group at the New York Stock Exchange, and sell some of their shares to the public.

The private equity firm sold around 8% of the company to the public as shares, and this is equivalent to more than $600 million. The following year, the United States fell into an economic breakdown, and it experienced a massive recession. The Fortress Investment Group was one of those companies who managed to survive the effects of the recession, and it made their clients happy as they experience growth during the troubling years of economic meltdown. The company received a series of recognition the years after the recession because of their impressive performance. Today, the Fortress Investment Group is under the ownership of the Softbank Group, and the company purchased them for $3.3 billion.

Find Out What More Peter Briger Offers besides Wealth Regeneration

When it comes to running any business or becoming a great entrepreneur, reputation and character are a must. If you don’t have these two virtues, you are not likely to succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavor. Peter Briger is a man who has proved to be reputable and of good character when it comes to investment and finance management. He has been a professional in the area of finance for many years. In professionalism and leadership, Peter has made admirable accomplishments. For about 15 years now, Peter has been a reliable partner with Goldman Sach. This is one of the places where Peter attained most of the vast experience and skills in entrepreneurship.Goldman Sachs gave Peter an opportunity to attend certain committees such as the Global Control & Compliance Committee, Japan Executive Committee, and Asian Management Committee.

Peter has been a great leader in other different places where he has proved his worth. For instance, he was a leader in Whole Loan Sales and trading business, Asian Distressed Debt, Asian Real Estate Equity, and Special Opportunities Fund. At Fortress Investment Group, Peter is the current co-founder and Principal of the Directors’ Board. Peter joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002 when he just served as a Management Committee member.While still a member of this management committee, he created Fortress Credit business for this company. He also became an overseer of this department, and proved to be a leader with great skills and expertise. The department has a team of about 300 individuals. Their main role is to check whether the illiquid credit opportunities of the firm are in distress or if they are underrated.

Peter is among the leaders who are keen on how their clients are treated, and what they have to say about the company’s services and products. He believes in keeping the clients happy as a way of making them long-time friends of the company. Besides being a man with a successful career, Briger is a philanthropist whose impact is quite remarkable. Whenever there are charity organizations and events in need of his support, he doesn’t hold it back. His philanthropic spirit is evident in the contributions he makes, especially if any charity work associated with children. He is a leader at Silicon Valley Council, which is an organization that governs children welfare in the country. He serves as a committed member of the Council on Foreign matters, which helps people to comprehend foreign protocols and issues.

The Midas Legacy And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are what a lot of people seek. However, many firms exist to only help people with only one of those. A lot of firms are only here to help people with finances. Fortunately, The Midas Legacy is available to help people with every aspect of their lives. One of the things that The Midas Legacy is able to help people with is finding happiness. For one thing, the experts have experience with helping people find happiness. Another thing is that they are passionate about finding happiness. They have experienced happiness themselves and are willing to help others have that experience.

One thing that The Midas Legacy does in order to help clients achieve happiness is to encourage them to open up and be honest about what means the most to them. One of the ways for people to be happy and fulfilled is for them to address the aspect of life that they value the most. When that is taken care of, then the will have an easier time finding the happiness and fulfillment that they seek. The Midas Legacy also has some pieces of advice that people can follow in order to increase their chances of happiness.

One of the pieces of advice that The Midas Legacy could give is for people to help others. One of the easiest ways for people to be happy is by helping others. For one thing, people are often unhappy because of how they feel about themselves. When they help others, they tend to feel useful. Also, when they realize that they have made a difference in the life of others, they tend to feel better about that knowledge.

The Midas Legacy itself is built on the principle of helping others. One thing that they could encourage their clients to do is spread the type of warm feelings they get from The Midas Legacy. As a result, people will find themselves not only making the world a better place, but also experiencing the deep joy and fulfillment that they have always wanted. It is also helpful to be thankful for what one has.

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Madison Street Capital Overview and 2016 Hedge Fund Forecast

Madison Street Capital reports that 2016 could be a record year for hedge fund M&As and investment banking as a whole. To date, hedge fund assets are reaching record-breaking levels despite the mediocre number of transactions that occurred in 2014 and 2015. Madison reported that a total of 42 hedge fund transactions occurred in 2015 and only 32 transactions occurred in 2014. Despite the low totals, Madison still projects a record-breaking year.


The alternative asset sector is seeing increasing cash inflows from institutional investors. The hope is to match the continued rise in liabilities with an equal disbursement of returns. However, smaller hedge fund managers are taking a big hit in their pursuit of new capital as investors seek alternative assets. The good news for smaller hedge funds is they may see a return of new capital if the alternative investment sector starts to tank in 2016.


Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking company focusing on corporate financial advisory services with a commitment to middle markets. The company and its team are leading experts in mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis and opinions, valuation services and asset management.


Over the past several years, Madison has served hundreds of clients in middle markets to help them achieve their financial goals. The team of experts helps companies navigate through complex transactions in an effort to achieve the best possible results. Whether the goal is to create capitalization structures or arrange financing, Madison Street Capital’s team stays at the table with their clients until the mission is complete.


Emerging markets are the cornerstone of Madison Street Capital’s vision and the vision of their clients and how it will impact global growth. It was recently announced that Madison Street Capital will serve as the exclusive advisor to Pearl Human Care to facilitate the entry of Henry Ford Health System into the Indian market.

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Davos REG Introduces New Mobile App for Investors

Those that work with the David Osio run real estate company, Davos Real Estate Group, will now have an even more streamlined process for deciding which investments to make and which to avoid. This is because Osio and his team have worked to create a new application available to all of the company’s investors. The two executive directors, Gerard Gonzalez and Pablo Bausili, joined Osio to present the new application during a presentation to some of their most valued clients.

The application is called the Davos CAP Calculator. The CAP calculator has a dedicated mission. It is designed to help clients calculate the return on investment on any property that they are looking into making. The smartphone application will be available on both iOS and Android devices. The Davos Real Estate group is one of the most successful real estate groups in South America. This application should streamline the results for people that are looking to estimate the return on investment that they will get for any situation depending on their expenses.

The most important faction of the application is the Mortgage Calculator. The technology will allow clients to calculate their mortgage payments for each month on their potential real estate investment. They can input different variables like how long the mortgage is and how big the down payment will be in order to calculate their exact monthly payment until they own it outright. This looks to be a very effective tool for potential investors. This development in technology also comes during a time of great growth for the company.

David Osio started out his professional career in Venezuela in banking law during the early 1980s. He later moved into a new position as a banking executive for Banco Latino International based in Miami. His knowledge and experience in the field led to him being very successful in that position. He later struck out on his own and created the Davos Financial Group. The Davos Real Estate Group is one of the investment companies that exists under that umbrella. The DRG has been offering legal and investment advice in the real estate market in South America for over 20 years.

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Madison Streets Capital Cofounder Recognized for his proficiency in Business

Anthony Marsala is the of cofounder Madison Streets Capital, LLC and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Marsala is instrumental in managing and leading the company in Europe, Africa and Asia. Marsala also superintends the firm’s analytical team which role is to perform all business valuation work of the firm, corporate financial and M&A clients.


Anthony Marsala was just recently recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) in their 40 under forty recognition program. NACVA recognizes those under forty that have made astonishing advances in financial forensics, business valuation, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting and mergers and acquisitions and related professions. The honors were selected by the Executive staff of NAVCA and CTI.


Both NAVCA and CTI were created on the basis of excellence, superior quality and the vision of young leaders in all spectrum of accounting and financial consulting professions. The recognition does give a voice to the young and upcoming generation of experts and also recognizes their contribution to the profession and their community.


The 40 honorees are selected from a pool of over 125 nominees. The NAVCA and CTI Executive Staff are the ones that chose the nominees that have made an impact in certain fields. They then feature the raising stars in different press releases.


Anthony Marsala expertise is in business valuation, M&A, and corporate finance. He has reviewed a huge number of valuations and transactional engagements over a period of 13 years. All this has been in different industry sectors and company sizes. Specifically, he has focused on early stage ventures and middle market companies. Mr. Marsala engagements have been in the energy sector, medical devices, technology, food and agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, staffing, biotech and pharmaceutical and much more.


Marsala attended the Loyola University of Chicago and where he studied Finance and Information Systems. He also has a Master’s Diploma in Strategy from Said Business School. Mr. Marsala is a member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).


Madison Street Capital standard as an international investment banking firm are of high integrity. They are committed to providing top corporate financial advisory services, financial opinion, mergers and acquisition expertise and valuation services of both public and private held companies. The company operates and has offices in North America, Asia and Africa.


Madison Street Capital analyses each of their clients uniquely give them the best match between buyers and sellers, create capitalization structures and arrange appropriate financing to optimize the client’s potential.

Madison Street Capital’s Founder Receives Professional Award

The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts honored Anthony Marsala, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Every year they recognize 40 Under Forty top professionals in the valuation industry. They look for those in the business who have exhibited extraordinary abilities in business valuations, financial forensics, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting and mergers and acquisitions activities. And who are under the age of 40. The Executive Staff of the NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute chooses the honorees from a pool of 125 nominated.

According to the judges, there were many excellent candidates, so determining the winners was a hard job.

NACVA and CIT were both founded to promote excellence in the accounting and financial consulting industry. They believe in pioneering with all visionary leaders in the profession whether or not their firms are officially affiliated with NACVA and CIT. They designed the 40 Under Forty award to recognize the next generation.

Brien K. Jones, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for NACVA and CIT said they wished to recognize the next generation which will contribute to the profession. They want the best of the best leaders and innovators.

Marsala leads and manages Madison Street Capital’s presence in Asia, Africa and Europe. His duties also include overseeing analytical and due diligence teams in Madison Street. They perform the business valuation work for clients in Corporate Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment banking firm based in Chicago Illinois, with offices on three continents. They perform valuation services for both publicly listed and private companies. They perform these services in the course of helping clients raise capital for their businesses, merge with or acquire other businesses, re-organize their capital structures and pursue bankrupty. They also help calculate the value of goodwill and other intangible assets.

Madison Street Capital has worked with middle-market firms in hundreds of verticals and niche markets. They analyze every client to determine their unique business needs. They work hard to find the best combination of buyers and sellers for every transaction. They arrange appropriate financing.

Marsala graduated from the Loyola campus of the University of Chicago, and also went to the University of Oxford, the Said Business School. He worked for Advisory & Intermediary Services as Director of Strategic Analytical Services and for Houlihan Smith & Company as Senior Managing Director before co-founding Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala, Earned the Emerging Leaders Award Title

Madison Street Capital is delighted to announce the Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Marsala, as a winner of The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. Marsala was selected from a pool of impressive nominees due to his incredible accomplishment and expertise in the industry.

Emerging Leaders Award is a prestigious annual Award that seeks to recognize and honor young leaders who have contributed significantly and achieved notable success in the financial industry. A panel of distinguished business leaders selects winners based on records of performance and contribution in the community.

The Emerging Leaders Award was started in 2010 as the 40Under 40 Award in United State. This year the award went into global platforms and included the United Kingdom and Europe. According to David Fergusson, the M&A Advisory presidents, Award winners will join a global network of young leaders.

On June 10, at prestigious New York Athletic Club in Manhattan, the M&A Advisory will host a black tie Award Gala. The Gala Award will feature an exclusive event where winners will be introduced to the business community. The event will Host the 2016 Emerging Leaders Summit where past and current winners will be paired with other professionals in the industry.

Marsala is the co-founder and COO of Madison Street Capital. He features experience in investment banking that span for 15 years. Marsala is also a CVA through the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst. He has also been chosen as a participant in the 2016 Crain Leadership program. Moreover, Marsala was honored by 2015 40 Under 40 recognition program.

Over the years, Marsala has steered Madison into a leading investment banking firm. Further, he has grown the firm into global platforms, where Madison Street Capital features branches in North America, Asia, and Africa. The company triumph stems from commitments to excellence, leadership, integrity, and services delivery to its clients. The firm has positioned itself as the destination for business owners seeking mergers and acquisitions, financial opinions, valuation, and financial advisory services.

Madison Street Capital continues to build extensive relationships with diverse clientele base. The firm ability to treat each customer as a true business partner has been highlighted as the hallmark of Madison Street Capital success. Each client’s goals are regarded as the firm objectives.

In response to success the company has received over the years, the firm has demonstrated a commitment to supporting various communities’ initiatives and influence positive global change. The Madison Street Capital support communities affected by natural disasters through United Way, an organization that deals with disasters relief programs.

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