Dr. Saad Saad and His Legacy of Medical Fulfillment

Over the course of his 30+ years of service as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has managed to build a legacy comprised of remarkable medical achievements that are considered by many as being exemplary career goals for individuals both within and outside of the medical industry. From having performed over 1000 medical operations, to volunteering service within several medical missions to the Middle East, and even that of having invented a few medical devices, Dr. Saad has done it all and accomplished just about every medical feat imaginable. According to Dr. Saad, he firmly believes that neither the notability nor prosperity he acquired from his acclaimed success would have been made possible if it weren’t for his justifiable upbringing and incorporation of valuable life lessons learned along the way.


Although born in Palestine, Dr. Saad and his seven other siblings were raised in Kuwait as children. With humble beginnings, Dr. Saad had first-hand experience of economic deprivation throughout his childhood. Moreover, in an attempt to shield their children from having to endure financial hardship in the future, Dr. Saad’s parents taught them the importance of pursuing an education. Therefore, as a means of assurance to himself that he wouldn’t have to suffer the disappointment of denied opportunities, he chose to go to medical school. He attended the Cairo University School of Medicine in Egypt where upon completion of his medical education, he graduated with his medical degree with honors. But after receiving his medical degree he had to follow up with an internship and thus traveled to England to accomplish that goal. Then finally, he relocated to the United States where he completed his medical residency, became board-certified to practice pediatric medicine, and was promoted to being the Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital in NJ.


Certainly, in addition to his outstanding career achievement, Dr. Saad is perhaps best known for being a devout humanitarian. His innate passion and concern for the well-being of children drove him to undertake several medical missions to Palestine where he volunteered his service to perform complex surgical operations on medically-deprived children. Nonetheless, in appreciation for his time of service within the country, he was awarded the Gold Medal of Palestine.


Today, Dr. Saad is retired, but as previously mentioned he asserts that none of his goals would have been brought into fruition if he didn’t apply two very valuable life lessons along his journey. The first lesson that everyone should live their lives according to is to never accept anything that is less than what you desire. According to Saad, we only get one life so rather than waste time on things that don’t fulfill us, make the most of your life by going after the things that do. Secondly, Dr. Saad advises everyone to rid themselves of the prohibiting factor of procrastination. Procrastinating only prevents you from prioritizing your goals. Therefore, by developing a daily habit of staying productive and working towards your goals, life has no choice but to reward you with the fruit of your hard work. Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md