FreedomPop’s Only Gimmick Is Low Prices

Every company has a gimmick or a punch line that they use in order to bring in customers. Some companies lean more towards quality because they know their customers want quality services, so that’s what they promote. Other companies may play on people’s need for lower prices, so they constantly advertise the lowest prices possible. A FreedomPop review shows this company has quality services, but low prices are also a priority as well. Not only are there low prices with this company but free services as well. Free services can be obtained through home Internet, cell phone services, and through a portable hotspot.

Even those that need Wi-Fi service that they can access in millions of locations can get the service for only five dollars from FreedomPop, which is amazing for such a low price and so many access points. Android phones as well as iPhones can download the Wi-Fi application to access the Wi-Fi service, and millions of the Wi-Fi locations are in stores, businesses, restaurants and more. Those looking to connect their cell phone or their other portable devices will enjoy using the Wi-Fi service, especially since it has blazing fast 4G LTE speeds.

Anyone who’s interested in home Internet service from FreedomPop can purchase a hub, which means that they’ll always be provided with Wi-Fi service as well as 4G LTE speeds. With up to eight devices being able to connect to the hub, it’s ideal for a house that is filled with people with many different devices that require Wi-Fi. Those who purchased the hub can obtain one gigabyte of free data every month for the hub, and they can also get a data plan that gives them more data if they need it for their home Internet service. FreedomPop is also offering several mini portable hotspots. Learn more:

The portable hotspots are an excellent choice because it means the user will always have Internet service, and carrying these devices around is easy enough because they fit right in the pocket. The portable hotspots can get up to 4G LTE speeds, and 500 MB of free data is given every month on these devices as long as they are active. Those who also want cell phone service from FreedomPop can pick from the different available plans, but the $20 unlimited plan is the one that most people choose because it includes unlimited phone calls, data, and text messages for its users.

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