Clayton Hutson Is A Dedicated Sound Engineer

Clayton Hutson is a music engineer who is known for working with a variety of musical acts over the course of an extensive engineer. Clayton Hutson showed an early interest in music during his college years with him playing in a number of bands, earning a bachelors degree in theater design, and experimenting with sound equipment. He also showed an interest in business with him attending the Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he earned a Master’s Degree in business adminstration.


Clayton Hutson then went onto travel around with the Reverend Billy Graham. This experience gave him experience with setting up sound equipment in a variety of venues with him setting up equipment in venues of all sizes. He also learned how utilize venues that were not designed for optimal sound quality. Clayton Hutson’s experience with the Reverend Billy Graham taught him how to work hard and diligently to accomplish the task of setting up sound equipment quickly with different crews of people.


Clayton Hutson utilized his sound engineering and business experience to found his own company. His company is currently based in Nashville, but he frequently travels around with major touring acts. He currently works with major artists such as Pink, Kid Rock, and Kelly Clarkson.


Clayton Hustson’s credits his strong work ethic to being his key to success, and he bring this work ethic to the beginning process of setting up a sound system. He uses computer aided design to create a sound design for each specific venue. This method allows him to design a sound system that is optimized for the space. This design method has the major advantage of allowing him to make sure that all of the sound components will be able to fit into the venue, and allows him to anticipate problems with preparing the venue for a concert. This design system also allows the crew to understand the sound system design. This helps to cut down on the amount of time it takes to prepare for the concert, reduces the amount of time the crew has to spend planning, and helps to prevent accidents and mistakes. Clayton Hutson is present for the entire process of tuning the system, actively managing the sound system during the actual concert, and taking down the system at the end of the concert. Clayton Hutson is skilled at helping bands for entire tours or for single concerts. Learn more: