William Saito’s Journey to Success as an Entrepreneur

Over the years, technological advancements have been on the rise. Since necessity is the mother of all inventions, people have always tried to exploit the necessity that has always come about regarding technology and the human needs in today’s world. Regarding technology, this context will revolve around William Saito.

Background Data

William Saito is an entrepreneur who has majored in cybersecurity. As for Saito, his passion for technology came about at a young age. While at age 10, William Saito had the privilege of being an intern at a computer programming firm. While in college, William Saito was able to launch his software firm. The software firm prospered and later became I/O Software. The firm was able to produce forms of technology such as fingerprint recognition software while working hand in hand with Sony. Later on, Microsoft decided to acquire I/O Software in 2002.

About William Saito

William Saito was brought up in Walnut, CA. Walnut, CA is near Silicon Valley. With that said, the world of technology was booming during the 1970s and 1980s, and William Saito had showcased a significant interest in technology. As a result, William Saito’s teacher recognized his passion towards technology. With that as the case, William Saito’s teacher saw it fit to advise his parents to get him a personal computer that would come in handy while he tried to develop his math and science skills. Nevertheless, since William Saito was born in America whereas his parents were Japanese while growing up, he had a hard time trying to grasp the English language.

Although his mastery of the English language was somewhat poor, that did not keep him from exploiting his passion towards engineering. As an engineering enthusiast, William Saito quotes that he always had a passion for disassembling things with the sole aim of knowing how they operated internally. Also, while in fifth grade, he also attempted copy-protection software. All this happened during the 1980s. With time, he developed a passion for software and programming and that is how his first company came into existence.


William Saito is currently a successful entrepreneur who was able to make it against all the odds. By sticking to his passion of disassembling things, he eventually became the founder of I/O Software in 1991 while still in college. Saito’s journey to success is a clear indicator that if you follow your passion, good things will always come your way.