Newswatch TV Continually Pleases Clients While Maintaining Award Winning Quality

Newswatch TV was officially established in March of 1990 and has aired moer than 1200 episodes to date. The Newswatch episodes are about thirty minutes long and feature a wide variety of topics that people may be interested in hearing about. Discussed topics include tech savvy segments, breaking news in regards to the political and medical fields, top apps to watch and news about functions of new apps, celebrity gossip, consumer and electronic reviews and many other topics that people would expect to see in a newscast.

Newswatch won several awards in 2017; these awards include the gold and platinum Marcon Award and the National Videographer Award for Excellence and in 2016 Newswatch won the 2016 Silver Telly Award. In 1990 when Newswatch started airing episodes they focused primarily on thirty minute segments that addressed financial concerns. As time went on they shifted their focus and became a newscast that was similar to a TV magazine. This allowed for Newswatch to cover a broader spectrum of topics for their devoted viewers.

Companies that do business with Newswatch are primarily happy with how they depict the news and relay important information to the viewers. In one interview Tim Rush who is a Marketing and PR representative for Saygus goes on to explain how Newswatch effectively works with consumer brands and delivers the right message in the right way. He recommends Newswatch and views them as an organized business that listens to their customers’ needs and relays that information properly to their audience. Effectively informing viewers in a professional and well versed manner is what keeps companies coming back to continually do business with Newswatch.