Sawyer Howitt – Millennial Entrepreneur Gives Advice To Others

A young entrepreneur who has years of experience in the finance industry is making headlines with his knowledge and expertise. His name is Sawyer Howitt.

Sawyer Hewitt is a high school student from Lincoln High School who has worked for his father’s company, David Howitt for many years. He has learned the business structure of the company and has applied his knowledge to many business transactions. His recent focus has been concentrating on the overall reputation of young entrepreneurs. Now more than ever, entrepreneurs in their mid twenties are starting businesses and becoming quite successful. However, if you were to ask a baby boomer CEO about their thoughts of a millennial, you may find them making statements about them being lazy or entitled. Howitt speaks up in regards to the younger generation of entrepreneurs, and want’s people to realize that there are hard working people with some great ideas.


Sawyer Howitt has summarized five different ways that young entrepreneurs can stand up to the older generation of CEO’s and help fight the stereotypical assumptions. First and foremost he believes that you should prove your value. Many employees with experience fight to stay relevant within a company and millennials have the power to make positive moves. Although you might be young, and age may be a factor, you can come onto the scene with experience and accomplishments that stand out. Howitt mentions the fact that you should also have the ability to market yourself according to If you know you’re doing a great job in your business than make yourself heard. Don’t stand back in the crowd and be silent. The third value that is definitely the most important is to be honest. Honesty is one of the most valuable assets to have when you’re in the working world, and it will get you more farther in life than anything. If you have fresh ideas, make sure that you don’t give up on them. Make sure they’re executed and be sure to demonstrate the value of your ideas. The fifth value is to turn your age into a point of advantage. You may have the ability to work some overtime for the company while others may not be able to.

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