George Soros and His Funding to Defeat The Politically Incorrect Joe Arpaio

Ever had an itch to spend some money on doing good for the world? While, that was the case for George Soros when he made the decision to give $2 million in order to fund a group that has been putting all their efforts into beating the Maricopa County Sheriff from Arizona know by the name of Joe Arpaio. Why would George Soros want to do this? He wants to make sure that we only have the best when it comes to law enforcement. Which is why this time is not the only time he has spent a good amount of money on campaigns to do with law enforcement over this past year.

George Soros is a big spender when it comes to protecting all that is good about justice reform measures. However, the spending that he has done when it comes to Arpaio has been the most he has spent during this year when it comes to the local race. His passion for immigration reform and criminal justice reform are the two biggest things that are motivating him with all of the spending he has been doing.

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What are The Big Issues With The Polls?

This politically incorrect Sheriff (Arpaio) has made it known to the public that he is against illegal immigration. What does this mean? It means that he has pushed aside any actual good decisions in order to do things like going against the discriminatory policing practices and has been charged in the matter of doing so. Some of the TV ads that have been produced by the campaign against Arpaio have even spoken out about how while there have been horrifying cases of assault, rape and also child molestation going Apraio has continued to look the other way in order to keep the main focus of his attention on the illegal immigration agenda that has become so personal to him.

However, the campaign against Arpaio is now being attacked by the campaign of people that like him for being a “far-left globalist”. They have said that all George Soros is doing is trying to do is buy the race going on locally and that they are breaking the rules that have been set by the Arizona Republic. However, nobody really cares that they are saying all of this because everyone knows that Arpaio and his campaign are bad people just trying to push their personal agenda onto everybody and in turn are corrupting the systems that have been set in place.

The system needs a change and that change needs to start with making sure that Arpaio never becomes the Sheriff again. George Soros is a great man with many great concepts that are going to make huge head way in the justice system making him a hero to many who have come to know him. With funding from other contributors and the funding from George Soros it looks like they could actually beat Arpaio and in doing so make at least one part of the world a little better again.

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