Krishen Iyer – The CEO of Managed Benefit Services

Krishen Iyer is a prominent online partner with Quick Link Marketing currently known as Managed Benefits. He has acquired a professional reputation due to his unique skills in various critical areas of professions. This includes client interfacing, technical development, online marketing among others. Mr. Iyer graduated from the University of San Diego State. He mainly engages himself in business ventures that includes various services of a firm that are aimed at introducing and promoting connections to firms seeking a particular form of marketing solutions and lead-generation firms.


Due to acknowledgment by his peers for his great achievements toward his professional responsibilities and loves nature, Krishen has an exceptional divergent efficient skillset. He has manifested an exclusive capability for administering his ability according to demands of the specific circumstance. His knowledge in client coordinating has been certified to be crucial in the success of Managed Benefits Services. His co-worker alleges Kristen’s massive communication ability. His communication skills have played a big deal in establishing a collaborative environment that the team is usually in search of.


Kristen Iyer started applying these frequently acknowledged skills about him even before his current position as an online partner and also during his studies at Grossmont College and San Diego State University where he eventually attained a bachelor’s degree in public administration and urban development. Krishen Iyer learned the value of pursuing varied concerns during his professional career. This motivated him to engage in local community service efforts that include the beautification of Woodward Parks and worldwide focused endeavors that includes offering support to Haiti ongoing relief effort.


When he was interviewed, Krishen noted that Managed Benefit Services is an exclusive Company and endeavors towards strengthening connections between firms that are after best marketing solutions and lead-generation firms. Kristen feels that his professional skill set is exclusively suited for the success and responsibilities necessary for an online partner with the firm.