Lime Crime Popular On Instagram And Beyond

If you know anything about Doe Deere and her makeup brand Lime Crime, you might already know that they take no prisoners and create their own path. Just follow any social media outlet and start to talk about makeup and it won’t be long before someone brings up Lime Crime. The brand has over two million followers on Instagram and people just can’t get enought of their high quality cosmetics.

Instagram is a great place to showcase Lime Crime’s innovative ecommerce aspects and create an interactive experience for shoppers and makeup enthusiasts. Lime Crime uses Instagram in a unique way too. When other makeup companies are trying to push product, Lime Crime is creating fun and helping the community to become engaged. Fans who use the products love to add hashtags and photos and keep up the positive attitude of this cruelty-free cosmetic company.

Doe Deere and the staff of her company understand and respect the fact that customers are making a choice to do business with Lime Crime. Showing off the photos that fans submit is a great way to show off the many products when they are paired with colors of hair and tones of skin. This form of freedom and self expression is working well for Lime Crime because 2.5 Million social media followers can’t be wrong. People have been asking for more color, cruelty free and vegan cosmetics for years and Lime Crime has answered that call.  They’ve also got plenty of Twitter followers, and the Lime Crime Facebook continues to grow as well.

When it comes to makeup Lime Crime has you covered. They have makeup for the lips, eyes and everywhere else. You can wear the makeup at your nine to five job or at a concert after party, the choice is yours. Velvetines, Perlees and even Unicorn Lipsticks will make your lips pop with that kissable color. You can finish off your eyes with a liquid liner or something from the Palettes. Regardless of how you mix and match the Lime Crime makeup, you will look and feel amazing. When you are ready and feel you are looking and feeling your best, take a photo and show yourself off to the world using the hashtag.