Lime Crime’s New Products

The company Lime crime offers a lot of different products. They have a lot of new products currently available on their site too. All of these products can be purchased now and are brand new. Here are some of the brand new products that are available, and some information about them.

One of the new products that is avaiable is the Venus XL eye shadow palette. This palette has eighteen different eye shadows in it. The colors include purple, pink, peach, and brown. This palette is $56 dollars.

Another new product on their website is the Hot Stuff Brush set. This brush set comes with three different makeup brushes that are hot pink n the end, and have glittery handles. This set includes a powder brush, a contour brush, and a blush brush. These brushes are made very well and it does not shed fibers.

The Feelins Bundle is another new product. This is a set of three different lip glosses. They are red, pink, and purple. These lipsticks stay on your lips for a long time.

Lastly, they have three new matte lipsticks in three different colors. One of the colors is Passion Fruit, which is a purple color. Another color is called Feelins and it’s a red color. The last color is called Cherub and it’s a pink color. These lip sticks go on liquid and have a bold color.

Lime Crime is a great company to buy your makeup from. They have a wide array of different, new products to choose from. If you are looking for a vegan and cruelty free makeup then Lime Crime is the right company for you. They really care about animals and how they are treated. They also care about producing high quality products that their customers love. So try out some of these great new products that they have on their website today. You will be so happy that you picked their makeup to buy.