On A Medical Aesthetics Quest to Do More: Dr. Jennifer Walden

For 2018, the Aesthetic Meeting announced that Dr. Jennifer Walden will be elected to serve on the Society’s Elected Committee. This is very big news because she will be the first female doctor to serve at this affluent position. By serving on the committee, she will be providing a leadership role on the Board of Directors. For the aesthetic society, this means that she’ll be overseeing all of the communications-related activities. Dr. Walden is more than qualified for the tasks at hand. Though being rather young in age, she is a well-educated and nationally recognized figure in cosmetic surgery.

Medical aesthetics is the name of the game and few plastic surgeons can do it better than Walden. She has provided work for hundreds of individuals of various ethnic groups, and she’s very cognizant of her patients’ needs. Located in Austin, Texas, is the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Center. This fine facility was founded by Dr. Walden, and it has a team of female clinicians. Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Center offers a wide array of cosmetic services such as chemical peel, facelift, cheek implant, breast reduction, breast augmentation, brow tinting, hair restoration, fat grafting, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, acne treatments, wrinkle reduction by injection and many more. To know more about her click here.

Dr. Walden is very accomplished, and she has worked alongside of the industry’s best. She is a former-graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. This is the place to where she would earn a B.A. in Biology. She was also noted to have graduated with honors. After being waitlisted for quite some time, Dr. Walden would attend the University of Texas Medical Branch as she completed her residency training. Some of her career highlights are:

  • Worked with the Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami
  • Obtained her fellowship from the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital
  • Named one of Texas’ Super Doctors
  • And many more