Oncotarget Penetrates High Profile Indexes and Archives

New research findings are released every other day with aim of creating a positive impact in the society. However, for this knowledge to be useful to the humanity, it is necessary to ensure the information is well disseminated. This is an area that Oncotarget has managed to capitalize on. This is basically a journal that focuses on releasing two issues per week in publications. These issues are well researched and also reviewed by peers in the respective fields. This has therefore made Oncotarget a great knowledge base where people can tap from.

The journal is majorly focused on publications of scientific bio-medical research papers. They are very rich in editorial practices which people in the field find very useful. In addition, it also outlines the ethical guidelines that ought to be followed to ensure seamless and uniform operations. Oncotarget has majorly featured articles on oncology inclusive of cardiology, cell biology, and neuroscience, among others.

In a bid to expand its scope, it is now accepting a wide range of articles outside this study. It has proved to be very useful especially to persons working on cancer researches. This is because its contribution is quite rich making it more of a team effort. It is thus very crucial to ensure Oncotarget gets massive support from investigators in this field to keep this great work alive. Follow Oncotarget on Linkedin.

The bio- medical journal has been in operation since 2010. To date, it has released 7 volumes with a total of 324 articles. At the moment, the journal has opened the 8th volume which is anticipated to be quite informatory. Oncotarget makes these articles available for access in various key indexes and archives. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at facebook.com

For instance, you can access the research from PubMed and also Pub Med Central. The most amazing thing is that for the first time, Oncotarget is now able to release these articles for access at PubMed in just a couple of days from the time it’s published online. This has also been made possible by the liaison of National Library Medicine.

The journal is living to its mission to see to it that the bio-medical research is well disseminated to all stakeholders. This is also geared towards fighting the challenges being experienced in the modern world through research work.

Learn more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1558/