Championing the Rights of Others: Thor Havlorssen

There is a statement that says that when you keep quiet as the other minorities and people who are disadvantaged are being oppressed, soon the oppressor will come for you, and you will have no one to speak on your behalf. Well, Thor Havlorssen is not the man to keep quiet and watch as things go wrong with humanity. He has been an activist for as long as he can remember, and his achievements, especially judging from his age, speak volumes about his commitment to the cause of making world a better place for all humans.

Perhaps it is in his genes to be the advocate that he has been for his rights. Perhaps it is the experiences that he went through as a child that molded him into the vocal person that he is. well, judging from the fact that when he was a freshman in college, his father had been arrested, detained and was being tortured by corrupt government regimes and he was the one leading the match to free him, we can say that it is a mixture of both. Thor of Facebook, His mother also got shot while participating in a peaceful demonstration and both his parents came from generations of strong community leaders.

Thor Havlorssen is of Venezuelan and Norwegian descent. He has already established an organization that matches for the rights of the oppressed. The Human Rights Movement, which has its headquarters in New York, has been holding several events every year to create awareness about their goals and mission. The event has been dubbed as the Davos Conference of human rights and related issues.

Thor has also been involved in a number of cases himself. For instance, there was a time he and his crew f camera and newsmen narrowly escaped from a Vietnamese hostage situation. He however states that being hurt does not deter him or break his spirit. He reiterates that he does not care where a person comes from or what they do and that as long as a person cares deeply for the rights of others, they are speaking the same language and they can work together for the greater good and learn more about Thor.

How To Care For Your Hair Like A Celebrity

Most women are not celebrities, yet we dream of having that celebrity hair. We all want that youthful, smooth, silky, and envious hair and we deserve it. Great hair can make you look younger and more beautiful. Celebrities love their hair and it shows through the way they care for their hair. Great hair uses great products. You don’t have to make a celebrity salary to afford great hair. Great hair products can be affordable as well.

A popular, affordable hair product is WEN by Chaz. Chaz Dean is popular amongst the celebs. He is a well-known, celebrity hair stylist. He has years of expertise working with numerous of celebrities in Hollywood.

Most of today’s shampoos are too strong and damaging. They strip off the natural moisture and nutrients from your hair. Celebrity hair stylist, Chaz Dean, noticed the problem with the hair products on the market and created a solution. He introduced WEN by Chaz Dean to the world. WEN by Chaz is not just another shampoo. It’s a cleansing conditioner that puts the nutrients back into your hair to make it softer and smoother. WEN products are for all hair types and is all natural. With Wen Hair, your hair will live up to its potential. WEN will give you that gorgeous hair like a celebrity.

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Bob Reina Returns to MarTech

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, is on his way back to MarTech Advisor’s with a new piece on video advertising trends of the coming year. Listen to about Bob Reina.


Zeroing in on evolving marketing trends, and placing special emphasis on the internet, Reina highlighted some trends that could define 2017. MarTech placed his piece, “Video Advertising Tends of 2017” on its top 10 must-read articles, putting his analysis front and center to be read by more than 1.1 million subscribers.


Reina credits his insight largely to the work Talk Fusion does daily. Video marketing has been an area of focus for the company, making use of analysis concerning consumer habits and competitor trends allowed them to better identify how the ubiquity of video was being tracked by viewers and how that was affected by emerging technologies.


Focusing on marketing, and as a result developing the sills to make sense of how it develops, has made Talk Fusion an invaluable source to the advertising community. It makes Reina an ideal fit for MarTech’s list of writers to follow.


Reina’s writing has been featured by MarTech in the past, focusing on the need for customer satisfaction through comprehensive service. He’s also been featured on the Huffington Post, commenting on tech and marketing concerns before they’re mainstream news.


About Bob Reina:


Bob Reina is an American businessman and philanthropist. In 2007 he founded Talk Fusion, a tech solutions company dedicated to analyzing trends in video and digital marketing in an effort to limit client expense and risk through innovation. By doing so, Talk Fusion has been able to rise to the level of trusted experts within their industry. This has been reinforced by Independent Associates, giving Talk Fusion a fixed presence in more than 140 countries around the world.


In addition to being a leader in tech solutions, Talk Fusion has also become known for its philanthropic endeavors and company-wide charitable functions. Talk Fusion has been known to take part in events and donate to organizations dedicated to addressing family needs and tend to the welfare of animals, both internationally in within their immediate community.


EOS Shows That There is Always Room For Improvement

When people have a product, one thing that is important to understand is that there is always room for improvement. The same can be said for lip balm. As technology improves and experts make new discoveries, people will find ways to make their lips healthier. One thing about lips is that they are very vulnerable. Therefore, it is important to make sure that they are cared for. Lips that are neglected are going to suffer a lot of issues. One thing that should be understood is that even lips that are treated with Chapstick lip balm could be neglected because Chapstick requires a lot of usage before it starts to work.

Fortunately, there is a company that designs products for deeper care and more efficient use. This company is called Evolution of Smooth. This company deals with all of the issues that people with dry lips go through. One good thing about EOS lip balm is that it takes some of the natural ingredients and puts them together in lip balm. It also adds flavor to the products so that women could enjoy the taste of the products while they are applying it to their lips. Their lips experience deeper moisture than with other products.

According to a study by, one of the reasons that EOS is better than Chapstick is that it uses natural ingredients. Chapstick was made in a time when it was considered a good thing to use artificial products. This was before people started to understand the benefits of having something natural. When people have natural products, then their bodies will be better nurtured. It does not matter what part of the body that it is applied to. EOS is one thing that shows that nature is better than artificial products. It also shows that natural products ( can taste as good if not better than artificial products.

For more product information, please visit the EOS Facebook page.

Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen is a world-renowned human rights activist. A native of Venezuela, Halvorssen’s own family dealt with human rights abuses when his father was arrested and tortured for investigating the Medellín cartel. Young Thor, a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania at the time, led the campaign for his father’s release.

Even after his father’s ordeal came to an end, Thor Halvorssen continued to advocate for human rights. He formed The Human Rights Foundation in New York in 2005. Halvorssen has a gift for reaching people from all walks of life. He has addressed Britain’s parliament, and he founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. In 2009, he took over as Patron for The Children’s Peace Movement. The previous patron was Vaclav Havel.

In recent years, Thor Halvorssen has also entered into the world of film production. Along with Hollywood heavyweight Bryan Singer, he is producing an adaptation of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Past projects have included The Singing Revolution and The Sugar Babies. Many of Halvorssen’s projects deal with themes related to human rights.

He is interested in resistance in all of its forms. This can be seen in his 2006 film Hammer & Tickle explored the ways people in the USSR used humor to cope and speak the truth. This film was awarded Best New Documentary Film at the Zurich Film Festival.

Thor Halvorssen is still remarkably young to have accomplished all of these feats. The world is waiting to see what he will do in the coming years. He has been fearless in addressing powerful, corrupt forces, and it will be interesting to see what he shines a light on next.

Kate Hudson Evolves as Fabletics Grows

Kate Hudson knows about a lot of different things. She has written a book within the last couple of years, and she has starred in more than 40 movies during the course of her acting career. What many people that are not into fitness may not know is that she is also a entreprenuer that has started her own clothing line. Fabletics is the company that she has started, and it caters to a specific group of people that are interested in workout clothing. This is a specific market, but Kate Hudson goes even more into a select market by catering only to females. Her brother is responsible for connecting with males that are interested in fitness clothing through a partner company called FL2, but Hudson keeps her focus on the ladies.


This may be one of the most intriguing things about Fabletics. It is a company that is run by a young woman, and it has become well known in the industry because of her name. She knows that this may be the thing that allows her to successfully compete with Amazon. Kate Hudson has done a great job with competing with Amazon, and she continues to pave the way for more physical Fabletics customers to shop offline.


This is the thing that Kate Hudson has been able to realize in the time that she has been in the business. She knows that there is a great online crowd, but she realizes that there is more potential for her to market to a crowd by going offline. Even with the millions of customers that she has so far, Kate knows that there are millions of other customers that she has never been able to get to. This is largely because she has only had a couple of the Fabletics stores in a few states. There are less than a dozen in existence right now. These stores are doing well, but there are millions of people that still have never heard of the brand.


She knows that she has the ability to connect with some of these consumers if they could only find out about this company. She also recognizes that withv any competition with Amazon that it is vital to go and reach crowds offline. She has managed to become quite successful in building her Fabletics brand on the internet, but she knows that a market saturation is coming.


What Hudson realizes is that the internet crowd and internet sales can only go so far when she is competing directly against a company as large as Amazon. Her competitive advantage is to build up a company outside of the Internet. This is what will allow her company to thrive and grow at a rate that she could not do if she only relied on the Internet.


Fabletics is growing at very fast rate, and Kate Hudson has often said that this is because the company has grown along with her. She has evolved from an actress to a businesswoman.

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Chris Burch Invests in Wearable Tech

The fashion and technology industries have been two of the most robust and successful industries over the past decade. While these two industries have historically operated on a standalone basis, the industries are continuing to merge together through the use of wearable technology. Some of the most common forms of wearable technology today include smart watches and a variety of wearable fitness products. While these products have been very successful, there are several new products coming online in the next few years that are sure to be just as popular with users.

One of the most anticipated products that will be entering the marketplace in the next few years is a smart necklace, which will be used by those that either ride a bike or motorcycle. Bike and motorcycle riders have been wearing helmets to protect their heads for decades. While this has helped to save countless lives, there still has not been a product released that will protect the neck. The new smart necklace could be just as popular in coming years as it will act like an airbag that will stabilize the neck during any collision.

Those that work as either firefighters or first responders will also benefit from wearable technology. A new product that is coming online in the next year is a smart fire glove. This glove, which will have the same physical protective benefits, will also be able to act as a smart device by providing valuable information to firefighters. Prior to entering a building on fire, the user will be able gain access about the fire including temperature, areas of concern, and information about smoke. Further, the glove will have a built-in GPS, which will allow team members to find each other.

One of the largest investors in wearable technology has been Chris Burch. Chris Burch is best known for being the founder and CEO of Tory Burch, a popular line of fashion products and accessories. Burch has also founded Burch Creative Capital, which is a company that invests in small businesses that are developing smart and wearable technology. Burch has already seen several of his investments come to fruition and will likely see many more hit the marketplace in the coming years.


Brian Bonar Strides of Sure Success

Success in the world of finance and business is not easy to accomplish. However, one man has demonstrated that although it is a tricky path, it is possible to become an internationally recognized business mogul. For over 30 years, he has been in business working with different professionals in different ranks.

One of his major areas of specialization is to help clients to manage their assets. He has also remained an exceptional professional in designing solutions on how to protect assets. This has made him an exceptional leader who makes a company stabilize in the midst of business economic storms.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar has been recognized in the Executive of the Year Finance as an accomplished professional. He has thus been listed in the ‘who is who’ list making him a sure hero and mogul in the business world.

The world of business has also recognized the efforts of Brian Bonar in customizing different services. This makes him a highly sought after solution provider who is able to cascade down a major solution to exactly what clients require.

He has been appreciated for his immense contribution in offering business solutions to clients in the insurance sector, finance and business process. This is because he has a unique ingenuity that makes him see solutions where others cannot. His tremendous experience also gives him a notch ahead of many other people.

Background of Brian Bonar

Brian attended the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where he acquired a degree. In the United Kingdom, he also attended the Stafford University where he acquired a doctorate. His immense passion for education has given him the required skills to thrust him to an advantageous position.

After his graduation, he worked with a company called Technology Sales as the director. Right from his first job, Brian Bonar demonstrated the ability to provide custom solutions. He thus rose through the ranks, a clear sign he has a special ability that different companies lack when they are serving companies.

Later in 1994, he worked for a company called Dalrada. In Dalrad he worked in the Sales and Marketing department as the vice president. In 1997, he rose to become the president and also the person in charge of operations.

In the following year, he became the Chief Executive Officer. In the end, in 1999, Bonar was still being promoted due to his exceptional service and leadership. He finally became the chairman of the board. Today, the Brian Bonar who was energetic right after graduation is still making massive strides in the business world.

Bloomberg has it that Brian Bonar works as the chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of a company by the name Trucept Inc. Bonar specializes in mergers and acquisitions making him a highly sought after specialist by a number of companies.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Ultimate Mogul of Serial Entrepreneurism

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur who was born and raised in Southfield, Michigan. Eric Lefkofsky’s entrepreneurial ventures started in 1993, and these ventures and the timelines are as follows:

In 1993- Brandon Apparel

  • In 1993- Brandon Apparel- an apparel company that he along with his college friend, Brad Keywell, borrowed funds from relatives to buy.

1n 1999- Starbelly

  • 1n 1999- Starbelly- an early Internet company that he and Keywell created. It specialized in promotional products. Due to it experiencing a quick, pre-bubble Internet growth, it was sold in January 2000 to Halo Industries where Lefkofsky will be the chief operating officer. Over a year later, the organization went bankrupt. Also, Starbelly and Halo were faced with several lawsuits from shareholders in which were all resolved by 2004.

In the fall of 2001- InnerWorkings

  • In the fall of 2001- InnerWorkings- he cofound this company that offered print procurement services for medium sized companies. It became so successful that it became an initial public offering within the US stock market in August 2006. Lefkofsky served on the company until October 2012.

In February 2005- Echo Global Logistics

  • In February 2005- Echo Global Logistics– this is a freight logistics company that was found along with Keywell. In June 2006, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) awarded series D financing to Echo. Also, Echo Global Logistics is now public.

In June 2006- MediaBank

  • In June 2006- MediaBank- found along with Keywell, this is a media buying technology firm. It provides advertising buyers with buying, planning, analysis, and accounting analysis software. New Enterprise Associates also invested in MediaBank in July 2007. Also, Mediaocean was formed when MediaBank and Donovan Data Systems merged upon being approved by the US Justice Department.

In January 2007-

  • In January 2007- this is an online collective action site created by Andrew Mason. Lefkofsky cofound and gave $1,000,000 to fund this company. New Enterprise Associates gave an early stage investment round to this company, and their name changed to in late 2008. New Enterprise Associates and Accel Partners funded $30 million to Groupon in October 2009. $135 million was also invested in April 2010 by Battery Ventures and Digital Sky Technology at a valuation of $1.35 billion. Forbes also reported in August 2010 that Groupon is the history’s fastest growing company. It was reported that Google did offer $6 billion for Groupon, only to be refused possibly due to regulatory and anti-trust scrutiny the deal may face. Furthermore, Groupon’s IPO was the largest from a US web company in November 2011 since Google. At $20 per share, they raised $700 million. Lefkofsky became the CEO of Groupon in August 2013 until November 2015, but he resumed his role as Chairman.

In June 2007- Datatech

  • In June 2007- Datatech- MediaBank acquired Datatech in June 2007. Datatech is a leading media procurement and planning platform in the advertising field.

In February 2010- Lightbank

  • In February 2010- Lightbank- he and Keywell announced this new venture firm that planned on developing new companies in Chicago.

In July 2014- Uptake, LLC

  • In July 2014- Uptake, LLC- this is an analytics company that he cofound.

In 2016, Tempus

  • In 2016, Tempus- this is a technology company that he cofound and serves as its CEO. This technology company enables doctors to deliver personalized cancer care and more information click here.

How EOS Came To Be

Back in the day chapstick always had a nasty smell and always melted away when it was hot out. In comes EOS,, to save the day and change the way chapsticks work. The little spheres made their way to small convenient stores like Walgreens, then moved its way up to Walmart and Target. Now the Essence of Smooth brand is being talked about by Allure and Cosmo while being seen whipped out by big celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus.

The 250 million company comes in as the second best selling lip balm right behind Burt’s Bees. They sell over a million of these little balls a week and are projected to reach two billion by 2020. The three founders Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky all focused on making a good product and how they could give it to people. Craig Dubitsky left before they made EOS though, as he went his own route into the oral care industry. They did research and found that chapstick was used more by women than men even though it’s a unisex product. Not only that, a lot of women complained that the tubes of wet paste were easy to lose and they didn’t like squeezing it onto their hands and getting their fingers all nasty. That’s when EOS lip balm got a clay artist who molded different shapes until they decided on the one that’s came to be. They then hired a sales representative to get their foot into the doors of Winn Dixie and Walgreens and invested all of their earnings back into the product. Now their products are all over magazines and fashion blogs on the internet.