Dr. Saad Saad and His Legacy of Medical Fulfillment

Over the course of his 30+ years of service as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has managed to build a legacy comprised of remarkable medical achievements that are considered by many as being exemplary career goals for individuals both within and outside of the medical industry. From having performed over 1000 medical operations, to volunteering service within several medical missions to the Middle East, and even that of having invented a few medical devices, Dr. Saad has done it all and accomplished just about every medical feat imaginable. According to Dr. Saad, he firmly believes that neither the notability nor prosperity he acquired from his acclaimed success would have been made possible if it weren’t for his justifiable upbringing and incorporation of valuable life lessons learned along the way.


Although born in Palestine, Dr. Saad and his seven other siblings were raised in Kuwait as children. With humble beginnings, Dr. Saad had first-hand experience of economic deprivation throughout his childhood. Moreover, in an attempt to shield their children from having to endure financial hardship in the future, Dr. Saad’s parents taught them the importance of pursuing an education. Therefore, as a means of assurance to himself that he wouldn’t have to suffer the disappointment of denied opportunities, he chose to go to medical school. He attended the Cairo University School of Medicine in Egypt where upon completion of his medical education, he graduated with his medical degree with honors. But after receiving his medical degree he had to follow up with an internship and thus traveled to England to accomplish that goal. Then finally, he relocated to the United States where he completed his medical residency, became board-certified to practice pediatric medicine, and was promoted to being the Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital in NJ.


Certainly, in addition to his outstanding career achievement, Dr. Saad is perhaps best known for being a devout humanitarian. His innate passion and concern for the well-being of children drove him to undertake several medical missions to Palestine where he volunteered his service to perform complex surgical operations on medically-deprived children. Nonetheless, in appreciation for his time of service within the country, he was awarded the Gold Medal of Palestine.


Today, Dr. Saad is retired, but as previously mentioned he asserts that none of his goals would have been brought into fruition if he didn’t apply two very valuable life lessons along his journey. The first lesson that everyone should live their lives according to is to never accept anything that is less than what you desire. According to Saad, we only get one life so rather than waste time on things that don’t fulfill us, make the most of your life by going after the things that do. Secondly, Dr. Saad advises everyone to rid themselves of the prohibiting factor of procrastination. Procrastinating only prevents you from prioritizing your goals. Therefore, by developing a daily habit of staying productive and working towards your goals, life has no choice but to reward you with the fruit of your hard work. Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md


How Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Is Going To Save My Knee

“I have been playing sports all my life. I played football when I was younger and I still try to play a lot of basketball. But my knee recently started to hurt quite a bit. The pain just hasn’t stopped.


It’s been getting more and more difficult to walk around, so I finally saw my doctor. After some X-rays, he told me that my knee was shot. Arthritis had taken over and a knee replacement surgery was in my future.


I started to watch videos about knee replacements. They look rather painful. The whole knee is removed. All the tendons and ligaments have to come out, too. The artificial knee is literally hammered into place. Then, get this, the knee only lasts for a few years. I’m told they last 10 years at best. This requires a whole new replacement.


I’m glad I caught an interview with Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum. The doctor has received his education in hip, knee and joint replacement surgeries at the Rothman Institute. He’s also been innovating new ways to make joint repair less painful, and he even narrated an instructional video for doctors performing surgeries.


Anyways, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is saying that 70 percent of those who think they need a knee replacement could simply get a knee resurfacing. There are a few requirements. First, arthritis can’t be too advanced. Second, only one of the three knee capsules can be affected. Third, you can’t be suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.


The doctor explains that the arthritic capsule is shaved and resurfaced with metal and plastic. You get to keep all of your own ligaments, nerves and tendons, too. I’m definitely going to seek out this surgery. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum now practices in White Plains, New York, just north of the New York City area.”

One of our readers from New York.

Gareth Henry: A Reformed Mathematics Geek at Fortress Investment Group

Gareth Henry is the Director in charge of management at the Fortress Investment Group. He primarily heads the investor relations and liquid markets division at the firm. Gareth’s exciting career at Fortress started in 2007. He was assigned the role of spearheading its marketing efforts and relationships with its investors all around the globe. Before this position, he was serving at Fortress in London as the leader of international investor relations. He was actively involved in generating funds and establishing strong relationships with investors and clients in different markets such as Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

At the Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry is committed to establishing sustainable ties between the company and institutions in sovereign wealth funds, insurance firms and pension funds. Gareth shows a lot of effort in his work. He aims at ensuring Fortress has a rich market base in different regions all over the world. Through his hard work, Fortress Investment Group is proud of its extensive global presence.

According to Gareth Henry at the Alpha Hedge Conference held in 2014 in West San Francisco, Brazil presents exceptional investment opportunities. Additionally, the Fortress Investment Group executive also vouched for Japan and Scotland as equally good trading opportunities. His speech at the conference focused on the importance of using global geopolitics and political changes in assessing various investment opportunities available in the market.

However, there is more to Henry’s reign at Fortress Investment Group. He once worked for Schroder as the director of strategic solutions. In this role, Gareth was tasked with offering advice to clients on the available alternative investment opportunities and solutions on liability. Prior to this, he worked as a research manager at Watson Wyatt.

Gareth bases his tremendous career achievements on a stable education background. He prides himself in a Heriot-Watt University first class honors degree. Additionally, Gareth Henry is a renowned Fellow of the U.K-based Institute of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries based in the United States. He studied actuarial mathematics at the Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Gareth Henry is a living proof that even mathematicians can significantly enhance the marketing efforts in an organization.

Matt Badiali The Investment Advisor Guru.

Matt Badiali is a Chief Natural Resource Investment Advisor. An alma mater of Penn State University to which is attributed to his expertise in natural resource where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in science, this is before joining Florida Atlantic University for his Master’s in Geology. While working towards a Doctorate in Philosophy he was introduced to the finance world by a friend. Matt Badiali now offers advice to investors whom have leaped bounds in their investments. In his believe there will be a major change in energy consumption due to depletion of non-renewable power sources. Our main drawback being lack of a strong battery technology that could contain enough electricity supply for a city then a shift to the new technology would be made. Significant returns are now possible through investing in natural resources since they are cyclical with a high degree of speculation.

Matt Badiali pens down articles in Banyan Hill Publishing with one are ‘How to Invest in the Cannabis Industry Wisely’. He elaborates on how established brands in the sin industry mostly beverage makers have found the next big thing. They are jumping into marijuana to rejuvenate the industry. It may not come as a shock since there have been a decline in sales numbers in beers and sodas. They hope to remedy this by selling cannabis spikes beers and wines. Assimilated cannabis is approximated to be worth over twenty billion dollars each year.

In another opinion piece he states that platinum is ready for a huge bounce. Platinum is used to make jewelry and diesel fuel. It is currently cheap and is in low supply which makes no sense. Trade wars between China and US currently experiences are only dampening the situation. If China’s demand goes lower the prices of other metal also go down. When the fears of trade wars die then we expect the underlying to spring back. Expect the prices to rocket once the platinum value start to rise.

Matt Badiali may just be right since the prices of oil are on a high. In his article high prices are coming back he says on a lighter note that he is hedging the risk of fuel costs by owning oil companies.

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Boraie Developer LLC is an urban real estate developer in New Jersey dedicated to creating stunning properties

If luxury apartment living is your forte, then welcome home to The Aspire in New Brunswick, New Jersey! This magnificent high-rise consists of 238 luxurious units that will meet the expectations of anyone with a fine eye for detail and class. Not to mention, uniqueness. Also, The Aspire’s location is in a prime location for commuters. It’s less than five minutes away from the New Brunswick train station. And at that point, you’re only 30-45 minutes away to Penn Station in New York City or 25 minutes away to Newark International Airport. So, if you’re like many of us looking for a sweet spot to call home outside of the city, then look no further as we will explain.


So, now that we’ve uncovered The Aspire’s geographical benefits, which, is something luxurious in its own nature, let’s look further at the development itself. First, the beautiful building has an abundance of amenities available to its residents. Most notably, a rooftop sundeck and Garden! Furthermore, the rooftop experience has an open BBQ pit for all residents to enjoy! Bloomberg says that alone is a prime feature that the developers take much pride in and it’s a stand-alone feature/amenity that you just don’t see showcased every day. How awesome is that? Also, the apartment building includes a fitness center, personal storage space, and a doorman that is available 24/7. This is just the beginning of fine living at The Aspire, check them out online or in person and discover luxury living at its finest.


Since Shaq’s return to Newark, He and major real estate group, Boraie Developer, have come together to restore a jewel city of the East, says Rutgers Magazine.


As we all know, Shaquille O’Neil is an NBA rebound legend! Furthermore, what many people may not know, he is also a hometown rebound legend as well. He has several ongoing projects with New Jersey’s own, Boraie Developer. Not to mention, he made a joint investment with the real estate development company for $7 million to secure the renovation of CityPlex12, a cinema in Newark that Shaq spent a lot of time at in his youth. So the development was personal to Mr. O’Niel, and there is no greater reward than reviving an important place from your childhood. And Shaq and Omar Boraie made that renovation a reality.


For the past few years, the partnership between Mr. O’Niel and Boraie has gotten a lot of attention, and for a lot of good reasons. Not only do they talk about development, they actually do it! And with that said, let’s look at some of their joint investments together and see how beneficial the partnership has been for the Garden State and her residents. First, the real estate developer and Mr. O’Niel are strictly focusing on the downtown urban areas because it’s these areas that have suffered the most throughout the years, and this is where all the attention is at, as needed! With that said, we’ll highlight a few areas of investment the team made together over the years. Most recognized, a $60 million deal that brought Newark it’s first housing tower in over 50 years! Furthermore, the two were involved in several Atlantic City developments. Those include another apartment tower, a new cinema, and a retail complex. And that barely scratches the surface of what’s inside of a very impressive portfolio that Boraie Developers LLC proudly presents.


To conclude, in the last 10 years, the real estate developing company has created over 1 million square feet of residential and retail space in New Jersey alone. Which, most of that was done in New Brunswick! So, if it’s been a while since you’ve been in town, or if you’ve never been to New Brunswick, come and check it out, you won’t leave disappointed that’s for sure!




Matt Badiali Sheds Some More Light On What Freedom Checks Really Are

The media has been talking a whole lot about what they are calling “Freedom Checks,” for some time now. The man who brought them to the media’s attention is Matt Badiali, and he knows exactly what they have to offer to investors who are interested. While many people have misunderstood what “Freedom Checks” are, they are actually pretty straightforward. Instead of being part of some kind of get-rich-quick scam, they are part of a program that the government implemented many years ago.

Matt Badiali has revealed that “Freedom Checks” are actually Master Limited Partnerships; otherwise known as MLPs. These are business partnerships that work like a publicly traded limited partnership. What this means for investors is that they can enjoy the tax benefits of a partnership, and this also means that the profits from Master Limited Partnerships are only taxed once they are received by investors. MLPs also benefit from the liquidity and flexibility that a public company would normally enjoy. MLPs are traded within the United States, and they work to increase cash flow because they are paid out just like dividends.

In order for a company to qualify for MLPs, over 90% of its revenue must come from the processing, transportation, storage, or creation of oil and gas. MLPs have been around since 1981 but were less regulated back then. While they are more regulated today, Matt Badiali has revealed that they continue to offer investors the same benefits as they always have. Today, there are more than 550 companies who are able to offer “Freedom Checks,” and this is a good thing for investors. Payments are made to investors every three months or every month; depending upon the company, and they can be much larger in some cases than a person’s social security payments.

Matt Badiali is an expert investor who specializes in natural resource investing. He picked up a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences while studying at Penn State and a master’s degree in geology while attending Florida Atlantic University. He is now an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing where he educates his readers about the many possibilities in the world of natural resource investing.

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Robert Ivy Honored With A Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is an architect and a leader of the largest organizations of architects in the United States. He is the executive vice president and CEO of American Institute of Architects. This body was formed in 1857 to take care of the welfare of the architects. The organization under the leadership of Ivy has lived up to the expectations of the people. They have made it possible for architects to be respected.

Robert Ivy is an experienced architect who has spent a few decades in architecture. He understands the field so well that he is considered one of the most impactful architects in history. He is now ranked among the most successful architects in history after earning the title of “Master Architect.”

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Ivy has made it possible for architects to explore the opportunities available by showing them the direction as well as protecting their interests. He has used his position to bring architecture close to the people by making them realize that there are many applications that the skills of architects can be used to resolve.

The architect has been talking about the possibility of architects working together with architects to create an environment that promotes healthy living. In the design of cities and medical centers, architects can use their knowledge to create structures that will make the people exercise even when they might not be really interested in doing so.

When you access a building that has only the stairway as a means of going up and down, you will unknowingly be exercising. Such are the kind of opportunities that Robert Ivy wants architects to explore. They should not limit themselves to the building and construction authority.

The Polk Award

Robert Ivy is the winner of the latest edition of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award goes to the people who have made exceptional contributions in promoting arts. The award is given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL).

The CEO of AIA is now the first architect to receive this award which has previously been won by artists such as Walter Anderson and Morgan Freeman. He received the joy and appreciation for the recognition.

Check more about Robert Ivy: https://archinect.com/robertivy

The success of David McDonald in the management of OSI Group

David McDonald has been working for OSI Group for the last thirty years. He comes from Iowa, and he is educated having attended the Iowa State University. Here David worked hard and graduated with an animal science degree. After his university education, he was ready to start working and launched his career. David McDonald began working at the North American Meat Institute, and because of his discipline and dedication at work, he was promoted to become the chairman of the institution. When he went to OSI Group, his impact was felt, and he was respected for his work. Working hard has enabled him to rise through the ranks, and he is now working as the president of the company.

The accomplishment of David McDonald

He has been serving the company for many years, and through all these years he has delivered his best at the company. OSI Group is a company that specializes in supplying of food products, and its main offices are in Illinois. But the company has since expanded and established offices in other countries. Its focus is to offer outstanding services both local and international market. It has already achieved most of its goals because it has expanded to different countries and started plants in these countries. David McDonald has been one of the greatest leaders and has enabled the company to grow.

Having worked for the company for the last thirty years, he knows the best way to manage it. He has acquired a lot of knowledge and experience to enable him to run the company. Working in the food industry for many years has enabled him to become one of the most experienced employees at the OSI Group. He has been able to work for those years because he is passionate about his work. He has a lot of passion for running the affairs of the company.

David McDonald is helped by other leaders like Sheldon Lavin who is the Chief Executive Officer. They work together to ensure the company excels and achieves its best.


Shafik Sachedina: Providing The Right Patient Care

Sussex Healthcare established itself as being the largest healthcare network and has given out good quality care to over thousands of mentally challenged, disabled, and elderly patients. Shafik Sachedina is a huge part of that because he is the co-founder and chairman who helped to bring Sussex Healthcare to life.

Between Shaifik Sachedina’s dental background and Shariz Boghani’s knowledge of hotel industry, this company has not only been successful but is still growing and thriving. When it comes to the caregiving industry, not everyone is able to say that. While there are critical shortages elsewhere. Sussex Healthcare is protected from that. They provide the best wellness lifestyle that every patient needs and take no shortcuts in giving them the best care possible. This is how you stay in business. Sussex Healthcare has proven to be a winner.

With Shafik Sachedina’s help, Sussex offers plenty of treatments that most elderly patients and disabled patients would need. Some of those services include therapy that is planned according to their needs, hydrotherapy, personal training, utilizing the gym, physiotherapy, and educational programs. Patients are also able to get a healthy diet plan that provides nutritional value. It is important for the patient’s overall health to be fit. From socializing, to keeping in shape, and eating right every patient has their own customized plan to help them slow down the diseases that plague them.

Shafik Sachedina also looks for the staff to be professional and handle patients with care. That is why Sussex have their training academy. While encouraging the employees to take classes, this sets them up for promotions and raises. When you have staff that is dedicated to making Sussex stand out from other caregiving facilities, you know that this healthcare network is truly wonderful. Also, if an employee has a loved one that needs care, they can get a huge discount for using Sussex.

Shafik Sachedina did a wonderful job with the company for his part. Sussex Healthcare is a great business. The service that is provided there, no other healthcare facility can come close to touching it.

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Fortress Investment Group: Americas Leading Private Equity Firm

In 2018, the Fortress Investment Group will turn 20 years old, and as a part of their celebrations, the company would go back in time to commemorate the important milestones that they achieved. The private equity firm traces their origin in 1998 after three individuals began to discuss an idea of creating the company. Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman had experiences with the financial industry, and they wanted to build a business that would focus on financial management. They have been working for the BlackRock Financial Management Firm, and they witnessed how the company they are working for started to proliferate because of the demand for this type of companies.

When everything is set into place, the three founders of the Fortress Investment Group started to look for a headquarters where they would set up their office. They chose New York City as their primary headquarters because of the huge number of companies that also holds their main offices in the city. They started to look for potential clients and began to manage millions of dollars in assets. Because of their world-class service and amazing performance in managing their clients’ assets, they started to gain more clients who wanted their assistance. From managing millions worth of assets, they are now managing billions. To earn more profit, the founders of the company thought about introducing the Fortress Investment Group at the New York Stock Exchange, and sell some of their shares to the public.

The private equity firm sold around 8% of the company to the public as shares, and this is equivalent to more than $600 million. The following year, the United States fell into an economic breakdown, and it experienced a massive recession. The Fortress Investment Group was one of those companies who managed to survive the effects of the recession, and it made their clients happy as they experience growth during the troubling years of economic meltdown. The company received a series of recognition the years after the recession because of their impressive performance. Today, the Fortress Investment Group is under the ownership of the Softbank Group, and the company purchased them for $3.3 billion.