The Chainsmokers and Halsey Remember and Send Love to Avicii

The late and beloved Swedish DJ Avicii was remembered during the Billboard Music Awards by the Chainsmokers and Halsey. While presenting the top 100 songs of 2018 to Luis Fonsi for Despacito, they spoke of Avicii and his music. The Chainsmokers spoke of how inspiring Avicii was to so many in the EDM and pop music genres. The singer Halsey said that the loss was made harder by Avicii being a joy to work with and to be around. She added that his death should remind us all to support our family and friends struggling with mental illness.


Later in the evening The Chainsmokers dedicated their award for the top dance/electronic act of 2018 to Avicii. In their acceptance speech the duo said that the late DJ inspired their music and pop music/EDM in general. The two men added that Avicii would be missed and that they hope he has found peace.

DJ Avicii -whose real name is Tim Bergling- committed suicide on April 20, 2018. His family announced his cause of death. The artist has also long struggled with health issues related to alcoholism. He was only 28 years old at the time of his death. The dis former record company Geffen Records announced some unreleased Avicii music may be made available in the future.

Another painful and notable moment of the Billboard music show brought attention to the school shooting in Sante Fe, Texas. Singer and Billboard Music Awards host Kelly Clarkson said she was supposed to tell the audience to have a moment of silence for the shooting victims. She declared instead that she was sick of the moments of silence. Kelly Clarkson asked for the audience to have a “moment of change” by actively thinking of ways to change the problem of gun violence in this country.

Meet the Investor Wes Edens

Meet the Investor Wes Edens

Wesley Robert Edens, popularly known as Wes Edens is a successful businessman in the United States. He is as well an investor and owns a basketball team. Wesley o also famous for co-founding Fortress Investment Group. The alumnus of Oregon State University has a degree in Business Administration.Wes began his career in business over three decades ago. He started by working at the Lehman Brothers. He served the company as a managing director. He also made partner in this firm. From Lehman, Wes Edens joined BlackRock Asset Investors and worked with the firm for four years. Here he held the same positions as in Lehman Brothers.

From BlackRock, Wes proceeded to Fortress Investment Group. He became a part of the five founders that established the firm. He, together with the other principals, created the company a year after leaving his job at BlackRock Asset Investors. Fortress Investment Group has grown to be one of the most successful investments firm in the country. The co-founders of this firm decided to make the company public in 2007. They opened up investment opportunities for the public. People could from then buy shares of the firm. As of now, the company has traded approximately 10% of its shares to the public. These shares gave earned the firm hundreds of millions of dollars. Fortress Investment Group has a lot of assets in its name. The company owns both the private and public equities. It also has equity funds as well a number of hedge funds.

The company has also explored the real estate business and owns a couple of vehicles. Wes and his other partners gained a lot of wealth when a Chinese- based company bought a portion of their firm. The firm acquired 155 of Fortress Investment Group for over 800 million dollars.Two years after the establishment of Fortress Investment Group, We Edens was made the Co-Chairman. Through this position, Eden has steered the company to greater financial achievements. In his administration, Fortress came up with an application called eSports. This application provides video gaming platforms. It is also during his reign that the company acquired Springleaf Financial Services, which was formerly known as AIG. This acquisition improved Fortress’ financial status. Fortress bought 80% of Springleaf’s shares. After that, Wes was elected the Chairman of Springleaf Financial Services. Far from Fortress, Wes Chairs a company called Nationstar Mortgage. This is an asset mortgage firm. The company was purchased by Fortress Investment Group over a decade ago.

Richard Dwayne Blair Helps His Clients Achieve Their Financial Goals Through Carefully Crafted Plans:

Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered financial advisor and the owner of Austin, Texas-based Wealth Solutions, Inc. He received his education in financial management services from the University of Houston, Texas. Richard’s mission at Wealth Solutions, Inc. is to provide advice and strategies to investors, who range from families, individuals and business owners, in the areas of wealth protection, retirement and customized investment. His goal is to help his clients achieve their financial goals.

The core of the advice that Richard Dwayne Blair gives to his clients is the need to have a well thought out plan in place in order to achieve one’s goal of financial freedom. In regard to this, he has three main points that he asks his clients to consider in planning for their financial future.

The first point Richard Dwayne Blair espouses to his clients is the need to develop a roadmap of where your goals lie and how you want to get there. Within this goal, Richard seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s needs and concerns. Richard considers it critical that he understand each individual client’s strengths as well as their tolerance for risk. Richards second point of concentration is to develop an investment strategy that will work over the long term.

These strategies are individually tailored to each client and their overall goals. The last point that Richard considers when developing a plan of advice for a client is to move to the stage of implementation. Once a plan has been implemented, it is then critical to continuously monitor the results and make any course corrections where necessary.

These measures that Richard Blair takes in offering financial advice to his clients are designed to help build a comprehensive financial and investment plan for the individual, family or business that he is working with.


Malcolm CasSelle Says WAX is the Future of Digital Currency

Ever since the success of Bitcoin, many have speculated that the gaming industry would take cryptocurrency to the mainstream. The world is populated by millions of gamers, and they have been dealing in digital assets for a while now. In game purchases, gaming currency, and digital transactions are not new to them. So far thought currency purchased in game can only be used for that game.

Same thing for digital assets. But what if they could be traded for other currency? What if the special laser blaster you bought of shooting game 1 could be sold for a profit? This is what Malcolm CasSelle is trying to do with Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX is a P2P network that allows the sale and acquisitions of digital assets between gamers. Presently it operates between a series of games, but it gives players a return of investment. If major game giants took part in such a network, the influx of gamers using digital currency for an actual monetary trade medium, would skyrocket cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

WAX operates in a decentralized market place using blockchains to create smart lists. This allows for transaction to take place free of fraud and fragmentation. CasSelle who is the president of WAX, as well as the CIO of OPSkins, has stated that WAX is the future for cryptocurrency. A graduate of Stanford with a degree in computer sciences CasSelle has been a part of the digital world for decades. He became involved in online gaming in 2012, when he became the CEO for Xfire. As the CIO of OPSkins CasSelle has been instrumental in leading the company to become a top seller of digital assets. CasSelle was also an early investor in Bitcoin. His involvement with cryptocurrency led OPSkins to become the biggest Bitcoin merchant on Earth.


The Successful Career of Peter Briger, Philanthropic Work & Role at Fortress

Background and Education

For his education, Peter Briger obtained a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Princetown University. Over the years in his career, Peter has specialized in finance as well as in investment.

Work Experience

Peter Briger has extensive experience in the investment sector. He has had many accomplishments and risen to top management. Due to his diligence and professionalism, Briger rose to partner level during his work time at Goldman, Sachs, and Co. The company promoted Peter to partner level in the year 1996. He spent more than 15 years at the company. During his reign at Goldman, he was responsible for management of business operations as well as ensuring teamwork at the company. He assisted in departmental management. He had a hand in Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities Fund in Asia as well as the involvement of Goldman in business in distressed debt for the Asian region. He was head of trading business in the company.

Role at Fortress

Peter Briger serves as co-principal as well co-chief executive officer at Fortress. He also acts as member to board of directors of the investment firm since the year 2006. Additionally, he has benne serving as management committee member since the year 2002. At Fortress, Peter Briger leads the Credit business of the firm. He is based in San Fransisco. The firm has headquarters in the city of New York. Peter is also experienced in leadership, management as well as financial issues. Peter leads a team of over 300 professionals in credit business. The team specialize in analyzing undervalued assets, as well as distressed or illiquid credit assets. Fortress Investment Group is a global investment as well as fund manager offering clients alternative portfolio investments. The company manages over $43 billion for hundreds of clients internationally.

Philanthropic Work

In addition to the passion for investment and finance, he also contributes generously to numerous causes. He supports many institutions and programs such as Hospital for Special Surgery, which is a hospital in New York providing orthopedic surgery. He also contributes to Global Fund for Children which is a charity focusing on initiatives that assist needy children around the globe. He also contributes to Tipping Point, which is an institution promoting social justice. Caliber Schools are other institutions where he contributes. He also contributes to the Central Park Conservancy, which aims to protect the Central Park in New York.

Meet One Of The Global Leaders in Food Industry: OSI Group

David McDonald who is the COO and the President of OSI Group is one of the executives who is taking pride in the growth and the overall performance of his Company. Having risen to be the world leader in providing quality products and custom solutions for the food industry, the Group has become the choice of many people in the regions and countries where it is based. It has spread to over 17 countries with over 65 facilities and more than 20,000 employees. This has made it one of the largest private companies in America without any paralleled competitor.

Most of the retail outlets and restaurants that have a vision of expanding and offering their customers quality value-added products can always get access to this Group to leverage their services. The beauty of OSI Group supplying your business with its products is the reduced preparation time you will have, their superior-global products will suit perfectly the needs of the customers and definitely, the safety of your food will be guaranteed. Besides their great tasty foods will leave customers always wanting to come back.

Since its establishment, OSI Group has refused to be sole and has expanded its operations by entering into joint ventures and making various acquisitions globally. In addition to its operational bases in North America, the Company has taken steps to becoming the premier world food supplier that David wants to see it, by having various openings in Europe, Australia, China, India, and the Philippines. Spending over $17 million to expand their industry in Toledo, Spain, the Group increased the production capacity of poultry products from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. Besides, the total production of Toledo has since then reached 45,000 tons including the production of beef and pork products. Consequently, the number of employees increased from 140 to 160.

OSI Group has been on the forefront of ensuring compliance with laws and regulations that govern the environment and health in every place they are establishing their outlet. They have met the standards of Environmental Standard ISO 14001, the EMAS and the Food Safety Standards. Between 2016 and 2017, the Group acquired 4 facilities like Dutch manufacturer called Baho which deals with snacks, meats and fast foods, Tyson Food plant based in Chicago, Flagship Europe which they renamed Creative Foods Europe and a joint venture with GenOSI based in the Philippines.
The experienced professionals at the company can always come up with a menu suitable for your breakfast, lunch, snacking, specific deliveries, dinner, and specific menus for individuals with dietary problems, and many more. That’s OSI Group for you.

About OSI Group:

OSI Industries is Expanding Around the World and in its Native Illinois

OSI Industries is a global provider of food and food products. The company has operations in the United States, Canada, China, India, and several countries in Europe. OSI Industries has even expanded to Australian soil, with two bases of operation in the land down under.

OSI has the financial backing, resources, and operations needed to supply hundreds of millions of individuals with meals of all kinds. OSI Industries also offers innovative solutions for the food industry.

OSI was awarded the Globe of Honour in 2016, an award given to them for outstanding management and business strategies. For a company to even be considered for the Globe of Honour they must first exhibit five stars with the British Safety Council, the group that distributes the award. OSI Industries was honored specifically for their management teams, from boardroom to factory floor. Their entire operation is managed in an ideal way, according to the British Safety Council.

OSI, in recent years, has went through a period of growth, acquiring several smaller food processing plants.

Baho, which has five subsidiaries under its name, was recently acquired by OSI. With this purchase comes Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, and Vital Convenience to the OSI banner. Baho was based out of Germany and served 18 European countries.

Flagship Europe was another recent acquisition of OSI. Flagship Europe specialized in frozen chicken and pies. The company also provided mayonnaise and other condiments to the food service industry. Flagship Europe is now a part of the OSI Europe brand.

A former Tyson plant was purchased by OSI Industries in 2016. This factory is located in Chicago, just a short drive from the OSI Headquarters in Aurora. The plant is conveniently located near other OSI buildings, assisting greatly in the expansion of the company.

Contact OSI Industries :

ClassDojo Seeks To Improve School’s Communication

When it comes to our children and their education, it is all about delivering the best possible results. And the folks at ClassDojo are doing just that with their new application (utilized by school districts all across the country) that makes keeping up with your child’s progress in school seamless and easy. To put it succinctly, ClassDojo makes the traditional parent-teacher meetings obsolete by allowing parents, teachers, student sand administrators to communicate easily over their application. By doing this, even the most hard-working parents (who often have trouble getting time off work) can monitor the progress of their beloved children. Truly, it feels as if ClassDojo is working to democratize the way we conduct education in our country — a much needed change that can help parents and teachers rest easy at night knowing they are doing their very best.

The thing that separates ClassDojo from other educational startups is that they created their application only after listening carefully to what exactly it is that teachers and administrators want. So many of these other educational applications merely increase the workload on already over-worked teachers, but ClassDojo was careful to create an app that fits seamlessly into the job teachers are already doing. Edtech is a notoriously difficult field to break into, so the fact that ClassDojo is being used in somewhere near 90% of all K-8 schools in the United States should tell you all you need to know — this is a company you can trust to deliver the absolutely best results.

As stated earlier, when it comes to our kid’s education we don’t want them to miss out on anything — and as parents, we certainly don’t want to miss out on any of their achievements or areas where they need extra time. ClassDojo can help to eliminate the nagging worry of not knowing what’s going on by allowing teachers and parents to communicate in real time. Reliable educational technology is truly the way of the future, and it would be refreshing to see more companies follow the lead of ClassDojo and including the opinions of all of the stakeholders in our children’s educational journey.

Learn more about ClassDojo:

Wes Edens Complex Roles In Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is an American investor who is very popular in the finance department. Wes Edens gained his popularity decades ago after he founded an investment company that is called Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens had been working in the finance department for some time before he could start his company, and this is why he knew most of the problems people were dealing with when looking for financial advisory services. Wes Edens wanted to help people from America and other areas of the globe, and the only way he could be successful was starting an alternative investment company. Just like all the other people in the American market, this businessman knew that dealing with the consumers was a difficult activity. When Wes Edens conceived the idea of founding an alternative investment company, he was fortunate to get other leaders who had the potential and experience required.

Wes Edens and his partners worked hand in hand to start the company, and they have been growing it from one point to the other.Customers who need more than just the ordinary advisory services in the international market are confident when coming to Fortress Investment Group because they understand that all their needs will be met in the right time, and without spending a fortune. As a global company that has been operational for a long time, the Fortress Investment Group understands that the different consumers from all regions are governed by various regulations. Wes Edens and the other leaders who founded the company have been doing everything possible so that these regulations are met. The institution has a great team of legal experts who have been trained concerning international finance laws, and they have been assisting with all the compliance activities that are needed.

Wes Edens is among the people who have made these simple dreams a reality for most of the consumers using the services of the large organization.Due to the amount of work he has put in the large finance company, Wes Edens has been getting a great compensation. According to several news platforms, Wes Edens currently represents one of the wealthy people who are living in the US. The businessman has also been sponsoring many sporting activities that take place in the large nation. Wes Edens has also spoken about his great passion for numerous activities in sports, and this is why he has been using his wealth to make sure that teams who share his passion get to the heights they want.

Jose Hawilla: What It Takes To Become A Successful Entrepreneurs



Are you searching for information on how to become a successful entrepreneur? Do you want to know what to do to reach your goal of financial success? If you want to go into business for yourself and achieve your dream, then read about Jose Hawilla and his business success.


Jose Hawilla is a leading entrepreneur in Brazil and he has a great reputation in the industry. Jose Hawilla has been in business for years and is well known around the world. Numerous entrepreneurs turn to Jose Hawilla for proper guidance and advice on a wide variety of issues.


Clearly, not everyone has what it takes to become an entrepreneur. But you can take the time to educate yourself and learn how others have done it. You should start by reading on about Jose Hawilla and others who have been running successful enterprises for many years. Success stories are always inspiring and will motivate you to action. You will learn how to evaluate ideas, and what it takes to implement your ideas successfully.


Before you go about starting your own business, or investing a project, it is imperative to study others who have achieved success in your field. Learning from successful people is a great way to improve your chances of taking the right steps toward success.


Jose Hawilla advises entrepreneurs to take the time to learn their business, and follow a proven path. By knowing how others have achieved success, you will know what works and what to avoid as you pursue entrepreneurship.


Jose Hawilla encourages entrepreneurs, including business owners and investors, to be passionate about their chosen field and keep focused on their goal. Jose Hawilla remind entrepreneurs that one should never allow discouragement or naysayers to get in their way.


As someone who has been through tough times and overcame obstacles, Jose Hawilla likes to remind his associates and other entrepreneurs to surround themselves with positive people and steer clear of people who do not motivate them. It is crucial to have confidence in your ability to reach your goal.