‘Beyond the Darkness’ to be Launched on Norman Pattiz’ Podcast One

PodcastOne is ready with its new paranormal show, ‘Beyond the Darkness’. The announcement was made by Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz. The show will be featured on WWE star Chris Jericho’s podcast network which is part of the PodcastOne. The show will have engaging speakers and real-life paranormal researchers who will not just speak about their experiences with the other world but challenge the mysteries, myths, and reality behind ghosts, aliens, angels, and demons. The show will be hosted by famous author and radio host Dave Schrader along with radio producer Tim Dennis.



During the launch, Norman Pattiz praised Chris and called him a jewel of the company. Norman added that he trusts Chris to deliver something great again after he started the Jericho Network collection. Chris too was thrilled to add Beyond the Darkness podcast to The Jericho Network and to have Dave and Tim host it. He expects the new show to add a large audience to its already massive fan base.



Norman Pattiz laid the foundation for Westwood One and had made PodcastOne the biggest radio network in the broadcast industry. Currently, it hosts more than 200 podcasts in the country, the most famous of them being Steve Austin, Dr. Drew, Penn Jilette and many more. Pattiz serves as the chairman of the Courtside Entertainment Group of which he is also the founder. He is among the few people who have been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. He was an appointment, not once but twice to the Broadcasting Board of Governors by two of the Presidents, President Bush and then President Clinton. He was also the member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Policy.



Norman Pattiz serves as the member of the Board of Governors of Los Alamos National Security that is responsible for the operation of two top laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. He also the inventor of Alhurra, a US government sponsored satellite TV channel broadcasted in over 22 countries. Norman has won many awards like Distinguished Education Serve Award, the Freedom of Speech Award and many more awards for his major offerings to the betterment of the radio industry. He is a pioneer in the radio industry and has changed the face of the sector which was once on the brink of extinction.



New episodes of ‘Beyond the Darkness’ will be released every Monday.

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Media-Shark is the leading in Provision of Digital Solutions

For companies to be able to grow quickly and establish themselves, it is important to build an online presence so that customers can identify the group and seek the services that it provides. With the advancement in technology, now many people are going to the internet and find services they want. Many firms have established themselves on the web so that they can market their businesses. However, if you conclude that you have not set your business on the online platform, it is important that you look for a company that has the professionals that will help you establish an online presence.


Different companies are offering these services, but there is one company that has been on the top of the game that is helping other businesses market themselves and establishes them. White Shark Media is a corporation that has emerged successful in the provision of the digital solution, and by now many customers are happy with the services that it provides. It helps all sizes of organizations to succeed in establishing an online presence. It is an organization that is among other twenty-nine companies that are incorporated as a Google AdWords Premier Partner. It has stayed in the market for just five years, but many customers have been happy with the services it offers.


The Corporation provides a range of services to different companies. With its services, it is a guarantee that your organization will be found on web crawlers and it will help you in picking the right watchwords and ensure that your online network is properly handled and other many benefits you will have to enjoy once you seek the services of this company. Regarding marketing, these are the things that are most important, and they are required by any organization if it wants to succeed. Many customers have given positive reviews on the company such as Nancy who is from Marion, Indian. She says that if it were not for Media Shark, then her company would not be where it is right now.

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Josh Verne And The Entrepreneurial Journey

It can be very hard for people to find their own desires and succeed at it. However, there are people who have gone forward and are willing able to bring forth advice to others that are willing to step out into the unknown. Josh Verne has experienced a lot of success and he is willing to present his ideas to people that are willing to listen. He has gone on many different podcasts and have talked to people a lot about his experiences and what he has learned as a business owner and entrepreneur. Therefore, he has been fulfilled with his experiences.


One thing that many people seem to think is that the journey ends with success. As a matter of fact, success is where the story really begins. While one phase of the journey, it gives way to another phase of the journey which is often more challenging. Josh Verne has learned a lot about business. He has also learned a lot about himself. This has brought him a lot of humility. Therefore, he has brought a lot of valuable lessons to his interviews. He is able to teach people how to run their business so that both the customers and the employees are satisfied.


One thing that Josh Verne realizes is that while the job of the manager is challenging, the employee doesn’t have it much easier. For one thing, it is common for an employee to feel insecure about his job. Therefore, it is important for the manager or business owner to let the employee know how well he is doing. One thing that Josh says is very important for the job is knowledge. One has to know what is expected of him. He also has to know how well he is meeting those expectations. This would help workers bring out the best performance.


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Sujit Choudhry; Excellence in Comparative Law.

The simplest description of comparative law is the comparison between the legal systems across different cultures. This comparison, however, includes the description as well as the analysis of foreign legal systems even without undertaking explicit comparison. There are various legal systems in the world, and they include the Islamic law, Common law, Canon law, Hindu law, Socialist law, Civil law, Jewish law and the Chinese law. Comparative law cannot, however, be termed as a distinct body of law. There are two types of comparative law, micro-comparison; deals with particular institutions or issues, and macro-comparison; which deals with the entire legal system.

Comparative law is not limited just to the comparison of legal systems; it also entails the understanding of other legal systems. In the modern world of globalization, internationalism, and democratization, the importance of comparative law cannot be over emphasized. It has implications on virtually all spheres including healthcare, business, and education, just to mention a few.

One of the leading authorities in comparative law is Sujit Choudhry. The I. Michael Heyman professor and the former dean of Berkeley Law has created a name for himself in comparative law. He is reputed for combining comprehensive research agenda with an excellent field experience in giving advice to constitution building processes in countries such as Egypt, Libya, Nepal, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Tunisia. Check this http://www.law.nyu.edu/news/choudhry_award

Professor Choudhry’s research addresses the fundamental methodological issues in comparative constitutional law. This is how constitutional design can be used as a tool for managing the transition of regimes from violent to peaceful democratic politics. He is more focused on ethnically divided societies and constitutional design in the situation of changes from dictatorial to democratic rules. Click here for his Instagram.com page.

His contribution in the comparative law sector is quite notable; he has published numerous articles, working papers, book chapters and reports. Among his edited collection include Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation, The Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitutional Law, Constitution Making and The Migration of Constitutional Ideas. These publications are available populously on online markets.
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Sujit Choudhry is the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. This an organization that creates and brings together knowledge to support constitutional building. To this end, they assemble and lead an international network of experts with the aim of completing thematic research projects that provide practitioners with evidence-based policy options. This organization partners with a worldwide portfolio of multilateral organizations, NGOs, universities as well as think tanks. Sujit is also a member of the United Nations Meditation Roster and has served as a consultant to the World Bank as well as the United Nations Development Program. Read related articles in his Linkedin.com page

Jason Hope From AZ Believes In The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is an ardent believer in the potential of the Internet of Things. Jason built a name for himself as a writer on the latest technology trends and as an entrepreneur.

Hope’s recent articles in publications such Tech.co have called the Internet of Things the most promising advancement and innovation to emerge in the tech industry. Jason Hope’s articles are viewed authoritatively on the subject matter of Internet of Things.

The Internet of things refers to technology that adds internet connectivity and data processors to everyday devices. Devices that are used in Internet of Things encompass everyday devices such as cars, kitchen appliances, street lights, thermostats and various electronic devices. The main aim of giving devices these capabilities is to ensure that energy is being used as efficiently as possible.

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Hope believes that the Internet of Things is the next big thing and the corporations that invest in it will reap huge rewards in the future. As more businesses embrace the value brought by the Internet of things Hope predicts that nearly every device on earth will be connected to each other.

While smart devices, which have Internet of Things capabilities, are a convenience right now, Hope believes it will be a necessity within the next decade. The general population associates internet connectivity with smartphones and computers. Hope believes that this scenario will change and everyone will embrace connectivity to include mundane activities such as making coffee and turning of lights when one is not in a room.

Hope states that the Internet of Things has the potential to improve the lives of everyone no matter where they live. Urban residents are already receiving the benefits in areas such as public transport where Internet of Things devices are used in monitoring and providing real time mapping of events as they occur. IN rural areas GPS is being used to make emergency responses and tracking of accidents more accurate. Hope’s optimism about Internet of Things appears to be well grounded.

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Oncotarget Reports Incredible Prostate Cancer News

Prostate cancer affects millions of men every year and is one of the deadliest if not caught quickly. Thankfully, it can be easily treated if it is caught quickly enough, but what baffles many researchers is why this cancer recurs after it has been treated.

A new study by Roswell Park, as reported by Oncotarget, indicates new hope in helping those who suffer from this problem. So if you or a loved one is suffering from prostate cancer and needs a little hope in a difficult time, read on to find out how treatment may be affected.

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The Standard Treatment Method

Before discussing the Roswell Park study, it is a good idea to understand the way prostate cancer is typically treated. Generally, it is treated by blocking androgen production in men. This male sex hormone is the main cause of prostate cancer and blocking it typically stops it from recurring after the treatment method is over.

However, it is possible for prostate cancer to recur even with this treatment method. Thankfully, it doesn’t occur regularly enough to be a major threat to the health of most men. But it occurs in enough to make it important to find a way to stop it. And Roswell Park may have taken the first step in the right direction.

Their Findings

The incredible breakthroughs reported by Roswell Park found that there is actually an 11-gene signature in recurring cancer tumors that is not prevalent in non-recurring prostate cancer. This major breakthrough makes it possible to test these tumors ahead of time to get a feel for the chance of recurring tumors.

This finding also helps support the idea that it is possible to combine various forms of treatment to combat this problem. Being able to identify potentially recurring tumors earlier in the process will make it possible to use this therapy method earlier and eliminate the chance of rampant recurring tumors.

The importance of this finding cannot be overstated. It could potentially change the way prostate cancer is treated and could even work as a potential cure. Read all about it in the latest issue of Oncotarget to get an idea of what to expect.

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Mike Baur Advances Support To Startups Through The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur, since 2014, has been working with startups in the IT industry by offering them the needed support to advance to achieve their potential. His initiative that is fueled through the Swiss Startup Factory has helped many startups that held great potential to manifest themselves in the right manner. He launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 and has been working through a three months incubation program that allows selected startups to enjoy mentorship and funding that is meant to usher them into the complex world of business.


He quit being a banker to venture into business and entrepreneurship and it seems his ideas have worked in favor of his expectations. The success Mike Baur has earned all along is as a result of the great support he has received from other successful professionals in the industry.


Business development

Although many entrepreneurs come with smart ideas, they lack special skills that can help them to develop their ideas into sustainable businesses. Many of those who fail to get the support of experts fail just few months into inception. These are some of the things the Swiss Startup Factory is working to eliminate by availing experts to support the young entrepreneurs through advice and guidance. To enhance the effectiveness of the program, the Swiss Startup Factory has also partnered with universities across the country to ensure there is sufficient supply of the needed materials. The business development support is handled in the accelerator phase of the incubation program.


Access to funding

Once the idea is verified to be unique and capable of expanding to offer great results, those who lack the funds to push the business to the next level are presented before investors, who also happen to be professionals capable of offering advice about the management of the business. The entrepreneur pitches and if the idea is selected, they are offered funding to run the business through its inception. The Swiss Startup Factory is availing many tools and openings for young entrepreneurs to make their ideas a reality.


Post accelerator support

The post accelerator support is offered after the three months incubation period elapses. This is necessary to ensure all the ideas that were shared during the incubation phase are included in the running of the company. Additionally, the entrepreneur may not be in a position to implement a perfect strategy, so professional support is needed to correct some mistakes before they escalate to disaster.

PodcastOne Debuts Exhilarating Show that Shines a Light on Paranormal Mysteries

Exploring the paranormal has always been a bone of contention to many. However, leading podcast network, PodcastOne, announced a new show called “Beyond the Darkness” that is poised to identify truths from lies. The show will be hosted on WWE Superstar Chris Jericho’s podcast network. Beyond the Darkness explores supernatural mysteries and will feature stimulating conversations with prominent researchers in the field and testimonies from people who have experienced real life encounters.


The podcast will not only enlighten and entertain but also challenge viewers’ perception on matters concerning ghouls, demons, monsters, aliens, angels, and ghosts. Dave Schrader, radio host and author, alongside radio producer Tim Dennis, will host the show. New episodes are set to be released via PodcastOne.com, i-Tunes, and the PodcastOne phone application every Monday.


During the announcement, Mr. Pattiz, Founder of PodcastOne, stated that Chris Jericho had stood out during his time at PodcastOne Network. He added that when Chris started The Jericho Network Collection, he had high hopes that it would grow beyond wrestling.


Speaking about the podcast, Chris Jericho expressed his excitement and slight chills towards the show, set to air on The Jericho Network (an affiliate of PodcastOne). He added that the hosts; Tim and Dave, already enjoy a huge following and will be instrumental in helping the show attract a huge fan base.


PodcastOne’s Profile


Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne after leaving Westwood One. Under his leadership, the podcast grew to become a highly respected podcast network in America. The network hosts over 200 popular podcasts such as Dr. Drew, The Forbes on PodcastOne Network, Steve Austin, Dan Patrick, Eddie Trunk, Adam Corolla, Penn Jillette, Jay Mohr, Ross Mathews, Shaquille O’Neal, Gabrielle Reece, Rich Eisen, TheCHIVE, Chris Webber, and Neil Strauss.


Norman Pattiz


Mr. Pattiz established Westwood One, which is now the largest American radio network and distributor of entertainment, sports, news, and traffic programming. He later launched PodcastOne, which encompassed a variety of shows, and PodcastOne Sales, which focuses on marketing and sales to raise revenue. After his appointment in 2002 by President Bill Clinton, Mr. Pattiz joined the Broadcasting Board of Governors and was reappointed in 2002 by President Bush.


Mr. Pattiz is a proud National Radio Hall of Famer. The Library of American Broadcasting also awarded him with the Giants of Broadcasting Award. He Chairs the Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Security Laboratories and serves as a University of California Regent.

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JeanMarie Guenot And Amphivena Therapeutics: Chasing The Cure For Cancer


It has been an exciting year for Amphivena Threrapeutics. The company developed several promising advances in cancer immunotherapies. One of the most notable of these is AMV564, the company’s proprietary T-cell redirecting bispecific CD33/CD3 antibody. The United States Fod and Drug Administration accepted the investigational drug and it will began to be given to Leukemia patients.


While AMV564 is only in phase one of the investigational process, Jeanmarie Guenot, Ph.D., the president and chief executive officer of Amphivena Therapeutics (http://amphivena.com/amphivena_leaders/jeanmarie-guenot-ph-d/), is positive that it will bring promising news to the pharmaceutical industry. She believes that this first phase will open several new treatment options for medical professionals and cancer patients.


“Our preclinical program demonstrated impressive cytotoxic activity in AML patient samples and animal models that was both potent and selective,” Guenot explained. “This is suggesting the potential for a robust therapeutic response with minimal off-target safety concerns.”


Guenot looks forward to beginning the clinical phase of testing and is optimistic about the future of Amphivena Therapeutics. The company believes that this therapy treatment has huge potential to change the way cancer is approached.


JeanMarie Guenot further explains on her personal Facebook, that AMV564 aims to eliminate cancer cells in the body, including the bine, marrow and blood. If phase one goes as plan, AMV564 could be headed to clinical trials very soon.


Guenot is no stranger to this industry. In fact, she has more than twenty years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Her leadership of the San Francisco based, Amphivena Therapeutics has been a highlight of her career. With such promising advancement being made, Guenot and Amphivena Therapeutics have been featured by several major news outlets, such as BusinessWire.


The future looks extremely bright for this successful oncology startup company whose mission is to eliminate the presence of blood cancers and provided a cure to those it has affected.  Jeanmarie Guenot and Amphivena announced a partnership with Takeda to continue their medical work.


The Story of SweetGreen

The story of Sweetgreen begins with Nathaniel Ru and his friends having trouble finding healthy places to eat while in college. In addition to healthy they were looking for restaurants that were “fun and easy”. To this end they took particular interest in a nearby tavern which they transformed into the founding location of the Sweetgreen chain of restaurants.

Six years later, they had rebuilt the tavern, located in Washington D.C., into a 21-store-farm-to-table restaurant. The landlord of the building that the tavern was located in had doubts about their plans, but eventually they were able to convince her to lease the location to them. From that one location Sweetgreen has now expanded to restaurants across the nation including the states of New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and the greater Washington D.C. area.

The food that the company uses mostly comes from local farmers around each restaurant location. In addition to offering food, Sweetgreen’s Head of Digital Marketing Theresa Dold has stated that the company was started with a “deeper purpose”. This purpose was for Sweetgreen to answer the question of “why”. She went on to say that they want to be local, smart, sexy, and social and by the way we sell a great line of juices and have a music festival every year.

Nathaniel Ru has stated that every restaurant they open has to live up to their five core values which includes serving the local community around it. The core values include “win, win, win” where everyone has a stake, sustainability, “keeping it real” where everything is authentic, “sweet” which means creating meaningful connections between farmers, Sweetgreen, and customers, and making a positive impact.

As the company wants to connect food and music, they came up with a food & musical festival that they called Sweetlife. Sweetlife has evolved into the areas largest music and food festival, with as many as 20,000 attendees.

Ru graduated with a degree in Finance at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business in 2007. He and two other co-Founded Sweetgreen, and he serves as one of the company’s Co-Chief Executive Officer’s. Ru has stated the the signature moment of Sweetgreen came about when they opened a location in Dupont Circle near Washington D.C. and no one showed up for the first two weeks of business. He and the others came up with the idea of playing music outside the store on the weekends which finally garnered the customers they needed.