Southridge Capital: A Source of Innovative Financial Solutions

Southridge Capital provides structured finance and advisory services to public companies. Its objective is to fully assist clients to meet their needs through the provision of a complete spectrum of advanced financial solutions. The company’s core executive team have a deep understanding of the marketplace, thus causing them to work tirelessly as they execute proper financial plans for their clients. Since 1996, Southridge Capital has managed to direct invest $1.8 billion into the growth of different companies. They are well aware of the challenges that a growing company faces, thus have financed and developed more than 250 public corporations. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Southridge Capital provides a wide variety of services that are necessary for the growth of a company. One of these services is the restructuring analysis. Through this method, they assist firms to take the necessary directives that will bring about excellent restructuring outcomes. Their Legal Settlement services focus on providing a precise definition of all the legal requirements of a company, as well as reducing the time and expenses that clients incur. The company’s services on balance sheet optimization are based on assisting firms to maintain the necessary balance between equity and debt as well as to access mechanisms that will bring about the desired results easily. Southridge also provides bankruptcy advice which involves the development of structures and negotiations to assist the affected company to emerge from being in a bankrupt state. Regarding financial analysis, Southridge Capital designs adequately projected and detailed statements that coincide with operational and economic assumptions. Their services regarding mergers and acquisition processes involve the access to merger candidates who have their business models adequately aligned with a portfolio client.


About Southridge Capital


The Southridge Capital management team is made up of five people. Stephen M. Hicks is the chief executive officer and founder of the company, while Narine Persaud serves as the CFO and controller. Henry B. Sargent serves as the COO and general counsel, Laurence J. Ditkoff is the director of research, and Linda Carlsen is part of the portfolio management team.


The structured finance services of Southridge entail the provision of financing solutions, credit enhancement, and securitization. The service providers at Southridge are well aware that the majority of companies fail to take full advantage of the available opportunities. Therefore, they also provide Equity Purchase Agreement which allows companies to attain capital based on their desires, regardless of the conditions of the market. You can visit their Facebook page.



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Fortress Investment Group Principal Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a longtime executive in the financial services industry. Today, he is the principal and co chief executive officer of the financial services firm known as Fortress Investment Group. Prior to being a member of the firm, he spent a number of years at Goldman Sachs which is another leading firm in the financial services industry. Over the years, Peter has established himself as a valuable leader in the industry by holding high level positions. During his career, Peter has helped manage the credit securities division of financial services firms as well as helping it establish a presence in international markets. Briger is also quite active in his community as he has participated in philanthropic activities as well as community events. His educational background is quite impressive. Peter attended Princeton University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. He would also move on to attend business school and receive a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

For over a decade, Peter Briger worked at the firm Goldman Sachs. While working at this firm, Peter would gain significant experience in leadership as well as expanding the firm. During his time working at Goldman Sachs, Peter was assigned to oversee the firm’s activities in the Asian region. He would regularly manage the firm’s business in the Asian markets. Peter Briger was a member of numerous committees that specialized in establishing business in the Asian markets. With Peter managing the Asian market operations, Goldman Sachs was able to successfully establish an important presence in the region. Within a few years, Peter would become a partner of the firm in the year 1996. While this position was quite an achievement for Peter, he looked to move on and pursue other opportunities. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

After working at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger would move on to join a new up and coming firm known as Fortress Investment Group. Within a few short years, Peter became part of the management committee at this firm. As a member of this group, he would become the principal and co chief executive officer. This position provided Peter with yet another opportunity to exhibit his leadership skills and expertise. Briger would again manage the credit division of the firm by managing over 300 employees who specialize in this department of the firm. With Peter’s contributions, he would help Fortress Investment Group get more clients and establish itself as one of the top investment firms in the world. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s approach to Lip Augmentation

If you are in the Dallas area and are considering lip augmentation surgery, you might not think of a better practitioner than Dr. Rod Rohrich who brings an abundance of knowledge and expertise to the field. This surgery is known to rejuvenate your old aging lips and remove any form of asymmetries in the area. Even though it is more popular among women, number of men have also started considering it. Dr. Rohrich strongly recommends everyone who wants to undergo the surgery to inform him about their expectations for him to evaluate your case in a much effective way to give you the results you wish.

Age and lifestyle factors like smoking could have a profound impact on the way your lips wrinkle and have a decline in their fullness. Heredity is another factor that supports the above theory. But with lip augmentation, you could experience some really positive accentuation on the lips and there are also many varieties of hyaluronic acid fillers that could help you get natural lips. Most often this type of surgery is performed alongside with other rejuvenation surgeries for the face as it helps to improve the overall balance on the face and avoid any kind of distortions. So without hesitation, contact Dr. Rohrich to get started.

During your initial examination, he is likely to ask you questions related to the appearance of your lips and associated elements. Depending on your case, he will make you understand the overall procedure and any risks, if involved, while listening to and addressing your concerns. Once you are done with the consultation, you are likely to meet with the photographer who would take some pictures for medical records and then with the administrative team to discuss the fees and costs associated with the surgery. Since this surgery could be performed the same day as your initial visit, it is generally considered a pain-free form of beautification. Dr. Rohrich will also study your overall medical conditions to see if the surgery could have any minor or major impacts on your body. With so much attention to detail, you could leave all your worries to rest.

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Randal Nardone And The Foundation And Growth Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the co-founder and CEO of the investment management firm Fortress Investment Group. Initially focused on private equity, the company now invests in private equity, permanent capital, credit, real estate and more. Nardone started the company in 1998 with Wesley Edens and Robert Kauffman. With its NYSE launch in 2007, Fortress Investment Group became America’s first publicly traded large private equity firm. By 2016 the company had $70.2 billion in assets under management. Before starting Fortress Investment Group, Nardone had worked in financial services for over a decade.A University of Connecticut graduate with degrees in Biology and English, Randal Nardone also attended Boston University School of Law where he earned his juris doctor.

After starting his professional career at the law firm Thatcher Profit and Wood, Nardal decided to focus on financial services instead and accepted a position with Blackrock Financial Management. Nardone then moved to UBS where he was a managing director. The husband and father of one left UBS in 1997 to start Fortress Investment Group. When the company went public, Randal Nardone had a net worth of $1.8 billion and was the world’s 557th wealthiest billionaire according to Forbes. Since founding Fortress Investment Group Randal Nardone has held executive and management positions in a number of its subsidiaries. Some of those companies include Newcastle Investment Holdings, Euro Castle Investment, GAGFAH S.A., Brookdale Senior Living Group Holding Ltd, Fortress Investment Fund IV and V, Springleaf Financial Holdings, Fortress Registered Investment Trust, IMPAC Commercial Holdings, Inc.

OneMain Holdings, Inc., Florida East Coast Holdings Corp. and several others. Under the leadership of Randal Nardone and his co-principals, Fortress Investment Group has played an instrumental role in financing projects in a number of areas including digital marketing, mortgage services and even golf courses. The Japanese company the Sofbank Group, led by Masayoshi Son, were so impressed with the work Nardone and the team at Fortress Investment Group has done, they purchased the company for $3.3 billion and asked Nardone and the leadership group to remain in charge of the company. The New York based investment company will work as an independent entity within Sofbank. Randal Nardone’s vision for what Fortress Investment Group could become has come to fruition. The company has made groundbreaking moves that have significantly impacted the financial services industry. Randal Nardone’s switch from law to financial services has helped to make him into a billionaire.

What Will Equities First Holdings Do Next?

You don’t need to look very far to see obvious examples of what the work of Equities First Holdings has done to the world of finance. They’ve created one of the best business models out there for giving people loans. By using securities as collateral, Equities First has managed to make itself a pioneer in the lending industry. No longer do clients worry about whether their credit is good enough to obtain a loan. They can now find the lending they need on their own terms. The Equities First business model has become so successful that the company is now looking at ways to open up branches in Australia as well.

This new branch would focus primarily on finding ways to give Australians access to loans through their securities. Securities are not normally associated with the world of lending. Most lenders expect their clients to rely on their credit to obtain loans, but for a large number of people it simply isn’t possible. This is why securities make such good collateral on loans. They are something that most people interested in starting their own business are going to have. All Equities First Holdings needs to do is make sure they control it.

PSI Pay Has Revolutionized the Banking Industry

PSI Pay has revolutionized the banking industry with their contactless payments technology. Once the merchant has entered the transaction amount, you place your card with PSI Pay technology on the payment terminal. If the merchant has a compatible payment terminal (with a contactless logo on it), you swipe your card close to the register or place it on the register to validate the transaction. A contactless card is easily identified by the presence of a pictogram with stylized radio waves.

A combination of technologies allows your payment method to identify itself and then carry out the transaction on the merchant’s electronic payment terminal. This revolution in banking will therefore make your life easier. Contactless payment uses radio identification, RFID and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which is now present in the majority of our bank cards. In the event it is that triggered by the payment station, the bank card utilizes a step to produce a legitimate cryptographic passcode, and that passcode is routed right back to the payment station.

A contactless PSI Pay card is a classic bank card to which contactless technology has been added: a dual card. In contrast to older versions of charge cards that employ magnetic bands, these new cards utilize a chip that not only safeguards the user’s data but also performs cryptographic computing to protect the connection with the payment station and the computer network. Also, you can contact your bank to find out whether a contactless option is available or not.

Once the transaction is validated, the register prints one ticket for the merchant and another for the customer. Today, contactless payment is more and more present in our daily lives. Finally, in the event of a theft, the sums deducted without being authorized are fully reimbursed by the bank.

Because these new cards are practically tamper-proof and impossible to reproduce, these new cards are also a great deal less susceptible to counterfeiting than cards that utilize magnetic bands. Remember, a bank card, with or without this technology, is a very secure payment instrument. The only thing you need to do is put your bank card near the terminal.

Once the merchant on his terminal has entered the amount to pay, the customer only has to position his card above the terminal. Also, other technologies are now available, like the Kerv ring from PSI Pay which you may use like a contactless bank card. Furthermore, safety measures are being put in place, regardless of the banking institution, to prevent fraud.

William Saito’s Journey to Success as an Entrepreneur

Over the years, technological advancements have been on the rise. Since necessity is the mother of all inventions, people have always tried to exploit the necessity that has always come about regarding technology and the human needs in today’s world. Regarding technology, this context will revolve around William Saito.

Background Data

William Saito is an entrepreneur who has majored in cybersecurity. As for Saito, his passion for technology came about at a young age. While at age 10, William Saito had the privilege of being an intern at a computer programming firm. While in college, William Saito was able to launch his software firm. The software firm prospered and later became I/O Software. The firm was able to produce forms of technology such as fingerprint recognition software while working hand in hand with Sony. Later on, Microsoft decided to acquire I/O Software in 2002.

About William Saito

William Saito was brought up in Walnut, CA. Walnut, CA is near Silicon Valley. With that said, the world of technology was booming during the 1970s and 1980s, and William Saito had showcased a significant interest in technology. As a result, William Saito’s teacher recognized his passion towards technology. With that as the case, William Saito’s teacher saw it fit to advise his parents to get him a personal computer that would come in handy while he tried to develop his math and science skills. Nevertheless, since William Saito was born in America whereas his parents were Japanese while growing up, he had a hard time trying to grasp the English language.

Although his mastery of the English language was somewhat poor, that did not keep him from exploiting his passion towards engineering. As an engineering enthusiast, William Saito quotes that he always had a passion for disassembling things with the sole aim of knowing how they operated internally. Also, while in fifth grade, he also attempted copy-protection software. All this happened during the 1980s. With time, he developed a passion for software and programming and that is how his first company came into existence.


William Saito is currently a successful entrepreneur who was able to make it against all the odds. By sticking to his passion of disassembling things, he eventually became the founder of I/O Software in 1991 while still in college. Saito’s journey to success is a clear indicator that if you follow your passion, good things will always come your way.

Sheldon Lavin- CEO of OSI Group

OSI Group is a leading food company in the world. The company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the companies with a very long history. Started in the early 1900s, OSI Group has lived for over 100 years now and continues to expand business operations to different locations all over the world. It is one of the companies of the 20th century that shows the history of the American economy. The company was started by a German immigrant in the United States known as Otto Kolschowsky. It started as a butcher shop before developing into a leading firm in the world.

OSI Group made its biggest gain when the McDonald’s was started. The company entered into an agreement with McDonald to supply beef in one of its branches in Illinois. This was the first branch that operated the franchise business model that we McDonald’s of. As McDonald’s expanded, the demand for beef went up. This put pressure on OSDI group to also increase their production of meat. Otto and his two sons started what would become a global food manufacturer riding on the success of McDonald’s. At the time, OSI Group was known as Otto &Sons. The name OSI Group would come later.

As McDonald’s expanded to all corners of the United States, the pressure was on Otto& Sons to supply affordable, consistent and consumer-driven food products. The company needed to manufacture products which could move long distances to the far-flung McDonald’s restaurants. Luckily for Otto& Sons, technology advanced at the same time, and freezing gadgets were introduced.

As McDonald’s consolidated its supply food supply business, it chose four suppliers who would supply them with the food products they needed. Otto & Sons was one of them owing to the good relationship they had from the beginning.

Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. He joined the company in the 1970s after the business operations of the company had expanded so much that the owners felt that they needed to add a professional who would assist with, management of the company. Sheldon Lavin joined the firm from the banking sector. Sheldon Lavin has seen the company grow for the last five decades. Even at a time when the sons of Otto left the company, he stayed on and became the overall manager of the company. Sheldon Lavin is currently 87 years old and still in charge of this business.

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Mutual Growth: The Story of McDonalds and OSI Industries

This is a story about the rise of OSI Industries and McDonald’s. OSI and McDonalds have shared a mutual bond since inception; it all goes back to one handshake.

OSI Industries started as Otto & Sons, a small butcher shop in Western Chicago. Otto & Sons catered to restaurants and community members in a small community in Chicago. The butcher shop/wholesale business was the brainchild of Otto Kolschowsky (the Otto in Otto & Sons.) He started it fresh off the boat as a German immigrant that came over in the Great German Migration. In 1909, a mere two years after arrival, he started a butcher shop. Eventually, his sons became older and their names were added to Ottos.

The butcher shop stayed local for years and years. It operated with Chicago clientele in mind, and Otto had no plans of expansion beyond his local butcher shop. His sons, however, had bigger plans in mind. In 1955 Kroc was about to open his first McDonalds franchise. He met with young Harry and Arthur — the two Sons of Otto & Sons — and made a handshake deal. This deal was that Otto & Sons would become the exclusive beef provider for his franchise McDonald’s.

Two years later Kroc bought out the McDonalds brothers and expanded McDonald’s across the globe. Soon McDonald’s were popping up in communities reaching to California to New York and back. Keeping true to his word, Kroc only purchased his beef from Otto & Sons. To meet the demand that McDonald’s had, which was enormous, Otto & Sons had to expand. They started propping up factories across America in an effort to meet the growing demand for fast-food.

Once McDonald’s went global, Otto & Sons realized that they would have to do the same. The name was shed. A reminder of the past and the future, the butcher shop turned wholesaler dropped its family name and adopted the name OSI Industries to signify its rapid growth.

Today OSI Industries stands firm. The private company has $6.1 billion in sales and provides McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Papa Johns, Starbucks, and many other food service restaurants their food products. It all goes back to a handshake deal between Ray Kroc and the two sons. One German immigrant’s business exploded into a massive multi-national corporation with factories spanning the globe and an employee force to match. Two companies pushed each-other to the limits and both came out richer, bigger, and more powerful than ever.

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An Academy of Art University Degree

Earning a liberal arts degree from the Academy of Art University is one of the best ways you can get your education. The school has been in operation since 1929 and has graduated many professionals as well as many famous people. They offer students entertainment and fine arts degrees as well. The Academy of Arts University is located in California and its base is in San Francisco. They offer online classes as well.

Recently, a number of the students who attend Academy of Art University came up with an App that is going to be used in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. This area is known for its high crime rate and is considered to be one of the most undesirable places to visit or live. Using Augmented Reality, the App will be gathering information for area residents on how they feel while being there. The emotions will then be gathered together in order for local officials to see what is happening around them.

The government feels that this can help them to increase the areas positive aspects. The Tenderloin district has a unique culture and officials would like to promote this in order to increase visitors to the area. The first line of defense would be to rid it of its current negative mood. Tenderfeels is the App that will be used in order to put this into action.

Academy of Art University faculty is encouraging the use of this App as it will help them to promote the Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality programs. In augmented reality, users are taken to the actual place of their investigation and they are able to see exactly what is going on there. This allows law enforcement to act upon any potential problems quickly and easily. It is a new concept for them.