Nathaniel Ru Does Something Amazing for Healthy Eaters

For some people the names Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel Ru do not mean much. For venture capitalists that are interested in the next big thing in the restaurant world, these names are very significant. This is the team that has presented America with Sweetgreen. This may also be the team that takes things even further than America with more than $98 million in venture capitalist money. This is a sweet deal for a sweet expansion that is based on a daring concept that these Georgetown students cooked up.


These restaurants are currently in 10 metropolitan areas, but that is just the beginning of the awesome expansion that is about to take place. People are visiting cities like New York and Los Angeles. They are finding out about Sweetgreen and they are coming back home to tell family and friends about it. This buzz has started to make people curious about this natural of food that is on the market. People have started to praise this company and demand more of these restaurant chains. That is what Nathaniel Ru has to the power to do. He knows how to make people crave something that most people have avoided all of their lives. Nathaniel has made people consider the benefits of healthy food. The ability to keep customers coming back for more is something that Nathaniel has mastered. He knows that this casual restaurant atmosphere is catching the eye of young adults. He knows that the warm bowls are favored by parents that want their children to try healthy foods. Nathaniel has it all figured out, and people want to know what his next move will be.


Right now it is obvious that someone like Nathaniel Ru is planning something big, but he doesn’t do it alone. He lives with partners Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. They put a lot of time into brainstorming at home together. This has made it evident that these co-founders are willing to go the extra mile to take their company to the next level. This is dedication. This is innovation. It is evidence that the growth of Sweetgreen is not an accident. This is a destiny that is fulfilled by innovative buddies that have decided that America needs an alternative. It is a shift in consciousness for the consumers that did not believe that healthy eating could also be satisfying and reasonably priced.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and His Contributions to the Brazilian Legal System

Brazil is a home to many lawyers thanks to the numerous law schools present in the country. As of 2010, the country had 621,885 lawyers. Out of this total, São Paulo had the largest number of lawyers – 222,807 lawyers, followed by Rio de Janeiro – 112,515 lawyers, then Minas Gerais – 63,978 lawyers. In 2007, the country had 1,024 courses of law with 197,664 law students.

Bar examination

The OAB examination takes place nationally in March, August, and December. The bar exam is unified and organized by the OAB. After five years in a law school, students take the Bar examination consisting of 2 sections: the 80 multiple choice test and the written test. For the student to be approved for the next section, they must answer at least 40 questions correctly.

After passing the first part of the exam, the student can choose to specialize in civil law, administrative law, criminal law, constitutional law, corporate law, labor law, or tax law. The Bachelors are required to answer five essay questions as well as a drafting project, scoring not less than 60%. The bar exam is quite complex and requires adequate preparation from the students.

The Order of Attorneys of Brazil(OAB) has some public powers even though it is not a governmental entity. Perhaps one of its notable powers is its ability to take disciplinary action on errant lawyers in the country.

Ricardo Tosto

Mr. Ricardo Tosto (born 11th of March of 1963) is a renowned lawyer in Brazil. He is a co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. For more than 22 years, Mr. Ricardo has dedicated his life to the practice of business law. His main areas of practice are credit recovery, international law, corporate restructuring, M&A, electoral law, banking, commercial and civil litigation.
Mr. Tosto is an alumnus of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and has an extension course in Business Administration (BA) from FAAP. Tosto is a member of the Brazilian Bar Association, International Bar Association, and the Law Firms and Partnerships Research Centre. Ricardo is also an established author and has written several reviews and articles for specialized magazines. He co-authored the O Processo de Tiradentes.

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Helane Morrison is a Remarkable Human Being

Helane Morrison has always been someone I look up to in the business world. She is a true inspiration to anyone aspiring to have a successful career in business despite your age or gender. Quite frankly, to me Helane Morrison is an the living embodiment of the American dream.

Early in her life Helane had a true passion for writing. This passion led to her receiving a B.S. Degree in journalism from Northwestern University. Morrison quickly realized that she didn’t want to be a journalist her whole life and just like each one of us does when were unsure about she changed her mind.

Morrison would later and graduate from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law where she earned her J.D. Though she had plenty of school obligations to tend to, Morrison still found time between her studies to work as editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. I couldn’t imagine juggling that much school work plus serve as the editor-in-chief of of the California Law Review.

In 1984 and 1985 Morrison worked for the Hon. Richard Posen of the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh District after passing the bar. Morrison worked as a law clerk for several more companies until she was promoted to partner while working for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm.

In 2007 Morrison joined the best investment company in the nation in my opinion. Though I might be a tad bias since I’m a woman. With all seriousness, Hall Capital Partners is one of the most revolutionary investment companies in the state of California. On top of that the entire company is run completely by women. Now you see what I meant when I said I might be a tad bias because I’m a woman. As a woman I am extremely proud of how successful the company is.

Helane Morrison is truly a special person. Her unbreakable determination to achieve her goals is something I admire deeply. Additionally, Helane is someone who stands for something. Her pure passion for justice and core set of values make her more than just a top notch businesswoman. They also make her a remarkable human being in my eyes.

Avi Weisfogel Is Helping Others Sleep Better

It is no secret that sleep apnea is a serious condition. Through research out there, it has shown that it can have serious health issues on someone. Nobody wants to have to go through that or suffer. If someone is having trouble sleeping or issues with sleeping, it can really affect their day-to-day life. It also affects their partner sleeping next to them as they can oftentimes have trouble sleeping because of loud snoring. The time was now to do something about it and do something about it as quickly as possible. They always say that it is better to catch something sooner rather than later because then it is possible to fix it and make it better. He has founded Dental Sleep Masters.

This is the same person that was responsible for Operation Smile, which helped raise funds to help children better improve their teeth. He is the kind of doctor that is all about solutions and looking for ways to fix things. As a doctor, he takes it upon his himself to be proactive and help out patients and other people. If there is anyone that knows a thing or two about sleep disorders and ways to fix them, it is Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He is considered an expert in this line of work and with being an expert, it allows him to diagnose the problem and fix it so the person can go back to enjoying their life.

Along with his team at Dental Sleep Matters, they are working around the clock on the issue. They have worked to improve sleep labs and get the best results possible. In addition to that, they are taking a more proactive role as dentists to work with the sleep physicians. By opening up this line of dialogue, everyone can get on the same page, work together, and fix this issue. Avi is very unselfish and is not afraid to seek other opinions. He knows a lot, but he is not going to call himself a know-it-all. He is very humble and willing to look at what others have researched and come up for the betterment of his patients.

Sweetgreen with Nathaniel Ru

Sweetgreen is a healthy-farm-to-table salad chain, which was started by three undergraduates from Georgetown: Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet. The startup is based in Washington, and it was instituted in 2007 as a single shop with enough funding from forty friends and relatives. The firm is currently up to 31 countrywide, and they are projecting to expand to forty over time. The company has made three complete rounds of venture capital funding, which totals to $95 million. The three entrepreneurs have the entrepreneurial blood flowing in their veins, as they are all sons of entrepreneurs.

The idea of the Sweetgreen startup was born out of the realization that they almost graduating from campus and the more it started becoming a reality, they more they did not like the idea. The three friends and businesspersons were into creating an institutional environment, and as such, their desire to start their own business, in their own sustainable way, in addition to finding better food options off campus, led to the building of the Sweetgreen. The three founders are much disciplined, and they still make references to their original business plan, even to date, for directions.

With the knowledge and realization that they were not only selling lettuce leaves, they were right to ensure they sell a set of values all, which are concerned with doing everything the right way and in a sustainable manner. Sweetgreen strives to be sustainable in all its aspects including the food they serve, in their hiring process and how they treat people in their stores, in their community, on the farms they work with and in the way, they build and sustain their business. Nathaniel, Jonathan, and Nicolas all are endowed with the right skill set in cultivating the right investors and people to associate with.

Nathaniel Ru graduated magna cum laude from the McDonough School of Business in 2007 at Georgetown University with a BS in Finance in the year 2007. At the firm he founded with his three friends, Sweetgreen, Inc., Nathaniel Ru serves as the Co-Chief Executive Officer. At the company, Nathaniel also acts as the Director. With his extensive knowledge, Nathaniel Ru, together with his two co-founders, have led the rapid growth of the firm. The firm has grown from just being a one-shop company to being a fully operational chain of restaurants in the District of Columbia, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Information about IAP- The Leading Global Scale Logistics Company in the World

Ingenuity And Purpose Company started as a logistics and procurement company and supplier for generators to the U.S Army in Saudi Arabia and later turned into a partner of the U.S. military in 1990 on IAP has continually won government’s trust and acquired contracts worth $370 million in 2004.

In 2005, IAP Worldwide bought Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc., which was the leading company in operations, maintenance, and management of military bases and other business facilities. IAP also purchased a British engineering company known as G3 that offered support services to their government and international clients. By 2014, IAP had completed all restructuring under new management and their focus firmly on the provision of services.

IAP has more than 2000 employees who work in over 110 locations in more than 25 countries globally. IAP provide creative and innovative services and solutions to the government, private companies and organizations. The workers provide services in the following areas in business including global-scale logistics, management, and maintenance of facilities, construction, base operations, and accounting/finance.

The company covers a broad spectrum; from natural disasters to offering support to the defense agencies in the battlefield. The employees are well-trained, and empowered handle their jobs efficiently and provide a satisfactory customer service.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

IAP mission also focuses on the provision of temporary and permanent power solutions, renewable energy and power plant operations. They work together with manufacturers to design and install renewable energy systems on

They also provide emergency power solutions to Alaska, U.S, Virgin Islands, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. IAP offers Aviation Engineering Solutions to the U.S armed forces; they maintain the aircraft programs, aircraft engineering, and repairs, logistics support as well as upgrading the aircraft hardware and software.

About IT and Communications, IAP uses the latest technology in upgrading networks or creating new ones. They are highly interested in cyber systems security, data and operation centers, security and IT Infrastructure Services among others.

In addition, IAP in partnership with their customers also provide the infrastructure solutions in the field of health and emergency services, power fields, and facilities engineering. They have successfully turned any open space into a community performing various activities.

It is, therefore, evident that IAP Worldwide is the leading international company offering services in the program management with a 100% customer satisfaction. Their headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, FL, with other offices in Washington D.C., Panama City, The United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

AviWeisfogel Sharing His Talents as Well as His Expertise with the Entire World

Born on March 7th, 1972, AviWeisfogel is a New Jersey dentist who has helped thousands of patients through his skills and nonprofit initiatives. Mr.Avi Weisfogel became a Doctor of Dental Science after graduating from the New York University School of Medicine. Despite his soaring career as a dentist, AviWeisfogel has always been interested in helping patients with sleeping disorders which are why he co-founded the Dental Sleep Masters which is based out of South Orange in New Jersey. The company, which was established in 2014, was co-founded by him along with two other dentists with the aim of aiding patients with obstructive sleep apnea. AviWeisfogel is tasked with the role of overseeing the company’s overall business growth at Dental Sleep Masters.
Before starting Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel was the owner of Unlimited Sleep Patient in Old Bridge, New Jersey, where he was also the chief lecturer. At the time his interests were marketing and creating business for the Dentistry industry. While he was successful in marketing rehabs and full mouth rehabs, he had not yet found the right marketing strategy to bring in a constant stream of oral appliance patients. While at Unlimited Sleep Patient, Dr. Weisfogeltaught other dentists how to raise the number of patients by teaching and running sleep programs. He also took on an administration role at Healthy Heart Sleep as managing partner which is also situated in Old Bridge, New Jersey. While at the company he was fortunate to work with numerous physicians with their own sleep labs all around the country.
Dr. Weisfogel, being a virtuous and generous man, is also involved in charity works among which is the Go Fond Me Campaign which raises funds for operation smile. He does this with particular interest of helping children around the world with a variety of health and dental issues. As a family and proud father of six, Dr. Weisfogel believes that children have the right to access the best dental and healthcare that is available.
Also being a man of many talents, Dr. Weisfogel is what you would consider a late addition to the music industry. His highly passionate about the Hip Hop genre of music and he has his talent to show for it with nothing but a cool beat and self-motivation. He has built a base of followers on Soundcloud where he shares his music and also posted videos on Vimeo at .

ConnectUs Automated Forms: A New Filing Solution From Securus Technology

It’s no wonder to many that Securus Technology has received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Originally starting in Texas, Securus Technologies soon spread its influence across the nation through innovative technological solutions that save millions across the country over time. It has always been the goal of Securus to expand their utility and scope. To that end, they’ve become the premier agency when it comes to law enforcement related solutions for incarcerated inmates. One of their newest solutions is called ConnectUs.

ConnectUs Automated Forms makes it possible for thousands of hours in paperwork to be saved every year. It’s a new platform that provides inmates with endless applications. Additionally, this platform is customizable, and completely secure. Administrators of a given facility have complete control over the extent of access privileges an inmate may have on ConnectUs.

One of the primary functions of this new platform is help inmates fill out forms more quickly. Additionally, they now have the option of monitoring a form they’ve filled out; kind of like a support ticket at a technology organization.

Between medical paperwork, processing of new inmates, sign-up sheets, and complaints and grievances forms, there are quite a few areas in a regular correctional facility where paperwork is vital to operations. While surrogating such paperwork may not always be possible, a large portion of it can be eliminated by ConnectUs.

Securus has the intimate inside experience to understand when and where their new platform can best be unveiled; and to that end, they’ve managed to launch it at a number of facilities with great success. Users were very happy with the platform’s ease of use, and practically ecstatic when they realized the time-saving implications. As ConnectUs is unveiled, there will likely be substantial savings in corrective facilities who are savvy enough to launch it.

IAP Worldwide Becomes Even More Global

IAP Worldwide–the global logistics corporation–has recently acquired two new businesses which will allow them to expand both their reach and the services which they can provide to their clients. These companies–DRS Technologies’ Aviations and Logistics and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions–will be folded into a new Aviation & Engineering unit within IAP. According to their press release, this new unit will be mostly focused on IAP’s governmental contract work, allowing them to expand their services offered and strengthen their links to these existing customers.

These acquisitions are a part of IAP Worldwide’s recent strategy “based on organic growth through customer-focused discipline, lean operations, and innovation in our core government services segment, and inorganic growth realized by acquiring and integrating companies that complement our core business.” This acquisition seems to blend the two aspects of their strategy, by both acquiring a new business and using it primarily as a way to service their existing, governmental customers, and it may be a taste of something more to come for the company in light of this mission.

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IAP Worldwide is a massive employer around the globe–with over 2,000 permanent employees–focusing on logistics and community management in tumultuous areas. From natural disaster response to military organization, IAP Worldwide deals with the “unexpected,” and they have been doing so for more than 60 years. From their start designing the launch base at Cape Canaveral to their ongoing support of the military to their international expansion, becoming an employer in over 20 countries, IAP’s mission statement has been to adopt their customers’ missions and work passionately with that in mind.

IAP also works to make sure that their services and strategies are never static, due to the sensitive and important nature of their work on LinkedIn. Being able to be both fast and flexible when working to save homes and lives is one of the most important qualities that IAP strives for. The compartmentalization of their services is one of the factors that allows them to do this, with each of their units having a specialized field that they focus on while still being under the same umbrella, they can communicate and come up with ideas that a company focused on a single area could not.

Given IAP’s focus on humanitarian efforts, services that affect how people live their lives and how lives can be saved or protected, this expansion hopefully points toward more growth in the company’s future, and more opportunities to meet their goals.

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FreedomPop’s Only Gimmick Is Low Prices

Every company has a gimmick or a punch line that they use in order to bring in customers. Some companies lean more towards quality because they know their customers want quality services, so that’s what they promote. Other companies may play on people’s need for lower prices, so they constantly advertise the lowest prices possible. A FreedomPop review shows this company has quality services, but low prices are also a priority as well. Not only are there low prices with this company but free services as well. Free services can be obtained through home Internet, cell phone services, and through a portable hotspot.

Even those that need Wi-Fi service that they can access in millions of locations can get the service for only five dollars from FreedomPop, which is amazing for such a low price and so many access points. Android phones as well as iPhones can download the Wi-Fi application to access the Wi-Fi service, and millions of the Wi-Fi locations are in stores, businesses, restaurants and more. Those looking to connect their cell phone or their other portable devices will enjoy using the Wi-Fi service, especially since it has blazing fast 4G LTE speeds.

Anyone who’s interested in home Internet service from FreedomPop can purchase a hub, which means that they’ll always be provided with Wi-Fi service as well as 4G LTE speeds. With up to eight devices being able to connect to the hub, it’s ideal for a house that is filled with people with many different devices that require Wi-Fi. Those who purchased the hub can obtain one gigabyte of free data every month for the hub, and they can also get a data plan that gives them more data if they need it for their home Internet service. FreedomPop is also offering several mini portable hotspots. Learn more:

The portable hotspots are an excellent choice because it means the user will always have Internet service, and carrying these devices around is easy enough because they fit right in the pocket. The portable hotspots can get up to 4G LTE speeds, and 500 MB of free data is given every month on these devices as long as they are active. Those who also want cell phone service from FreedomPop can pick from the different available plans, but the $20 unlimited plan is the one that most people choose because it includes unlimited phone calls, data, and text messages for its users.

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