Structuring The Fortress Investment To Achieve Results.

When three partners came together to establish the Fortress Investment Group they chose to focus on a number of areas. This focus would evolve into their core competencies that include.


In this kind of investing the Fortress Investment Group uses private equity funds and credit to invest in many areas. They have subdivisions within the group that analysis and make decisions on assets in real estate company, media, transport & infrastructure, capital assets, and other diverse investments. This asset-based investing can be either fully owned, managed or shareholding.

Industry Knowledge

The Fortress investment group has a number of experts in various fields. These are responsible for establishing expertise in specific areas to ensure that the company makes merit-based decisions on any investment they make. Industry knowledge is also important when it comes to distressed assets as they can work out the chances of revival based on the industry the asset falls under. Their professionals are also part of the team that advises other divisions on the relations they have with different firms and companies.

Operations Management

By developing tools for structural, operational and strategic assessment, the Fortress investment group has been able to streamline operations in various assets they manage. This also helps them determine the value that can be extracted from every investment even before its made.

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Fortress is able to work with boards management teams to organize mergers and acquisitions. They ensure that every party can achieve what they set out to get as apart of the deal while executing the deal in a structured and professional manner.

Capital Markets

By securing debt and equity from the capital market, they are able to secure low- cost low-risk financing for investment.

The group today continues to focus on asset management and has grown the portfolio under the following segments Private Equity has 3 billion under management, Permanent Capital Vehicles has 7.5 billion under management, Credit Private Equity this has the biggest portfolio of the four, and it has 17.9 billion dollars in assets under management. Finally, there are Credit Hedge Funds, which constitute 8 billion dollars. The success of Fortress is expected to continue following its recent acquisition by SoftBank for 3.3 billion dollars. They agreed to offer a forty percent premium on share price. This showed their determination to make the acquisition success given they had been trying to do the same for the last two years.

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