Wengie Explains the 6 Different Exfoliation Methods

Wengie, an incredibly popular Australian and Chinese beauty blogger and YouTube sensation, has released a new video describing her favorite types of exfoliation methods and products. In the video, she describes her favorites and the difference in exfoliation methods, and makes helpful recommendations as to how to do it properly. Manual exfoliator scrubs, like homemade honey and sugar scrubs, or inexpensive store bought scrubs are best used in the shower and can be done quickly. Wengie recomends chemical scrubs as well, with a warning from her to not use these every day because the ingredients are strong. Aqua gel is a product that many people don’t know much about, but Wengie introduces us to it with a live demonstration. She also introduces a popular peeling mask from Japan that works by pulling off the dirt and skin cells from the surface. Dry buffing with a towel is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to exfoliate your skin. Wengie says this is one her mother’s favorite way to exfoliate. Finally, the Konjac sponge, used to clean and exfoliate the skin without cleanser, is something Wengie highly recommends. Wengie started her YouTube channel after quitting a lucrative position to focus her talents solely on her channel. What started out as a hobby became a full time job and Wengie now has the coveted one million subscribers to show for her hard work. Wengie takes a multi cultural view when it comes to beauty, because of her own multi cultural upbringing, by often reaching out to other countries to try their makeup products. By giving her subscribers valuable, informative and researched information, she has gained a large following of fans. Wengie’s future plans for her YouTube Channel include more collaborations with others in the beauty field, as well as interviews and more of her own inspirational stories.


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